Now Is The Time

Theresa May’s call for a snap General Election looks on the surface to be a political masterstroke.

With one bold move she could deliver a crushing death blow to a crippled Labour Party, give Nicola Sturgeon a dunt in the ribs or worse and eliminate the dwindling residue of anti-Brexit remoaners. Arguably right now is the optimum moment for May to put all her eggs in the mandate basket.

ca518bf183c339c376b4bdc5c275df01_XLThe strategy, of course, is not without risks. By calling for an election, she risks the anti-Brexit constituency uniting in a lobby which could seriously hamper, if not stave off, any Brexit progress. On her side is that she has not given much time for such a lobby to form. Also, she will be keenly aware that Jeremy Corbyn’s toxicity to voters will attach itself to any coalition he would join on an anti-Brexit ticket. Besides, Corbyn hasn’t the intestinal fortitude nor the desire even if he had, to campaign on such a platform.

The Conservatives’ dominance is helped by the lack of any credible opposition but they cannot be blamed for that; nor can the Prime Minister be criticised for taking advantage of the disarray her opponents are in. Even in Scotland, where both Labour and the SNP have played the Tory bogey card for years, Conservative support seems to be surging as voters who are pro-Union recognise that they are the only party who can and will defend the Union with vigour and competence.

I realise this sounds like an advert for the Tory Party but we live in times where there can be no room for faffing about. Right now the aspirations of pro-Brexiteers and Unionists are best served by the Conservative Party. For this reason, I am supporting the Tories in the forthcoming elections. No other party can deliver what is needed to take us out of the EU and also preserve the United Kingdom by politically defeating enemies of the Union.

Lessons must be learned from Northern Ireland, where the fracturing and division of the Unionist vote has allowed nationalists and republicans to capitalise on the splinter effect. The coming General Election will be about bigger matters than voting your favourite party into power; it will be about saving our nation from division from within and oppression from without. It will be a chance to take back Britain from those who would abuse it, break it up and spit on it.

Britain can be great again – and Scotland can be at the forefront of this. This will happen not through jingoistic patriotism or attempting to rehash old imperial dreams. It certainly will not happen if successive Westminster governments continue to play the same old geopolitical chess games that leave soul-sucked people in burnt-out shells of countries where we have chosen to “intervene” in the pretence of showing humanitarian care and concern. Like Iraq. And Afganistan.

Brexit – and hopefully the demise of a demented drive for independence in Scotland – can be the start of a new chapter in the history of these islands. Although these things are vital, perhaps even more important is the much-needed reformation of our political system. We need to stop living according to the whims and wishes of those in the privileged elite and have justice and prosperity for all.

One thing that is required is that we recapture a pride in being British again. This includes the Scots, Welsh and Irish. The perception that Britishness is the property and prerogative only of those in the south of England is one that must be eradicated and replaced with an inclusive British identity involving all of the peoples in these isles.

One very possible drawback to this election is that we are in danger of being over-democratised. The people have a voice but, as we have seen with the recent referendums, that voice can be sought too much and too often. If politicians don’t really have a clue how to run things, what chance has the ordinary punter? Another thing to consider is the “Events, dear boy” Factor. If a week is a long time in politics, seven weeks is an eternity. We can likely expect interference from those in the EU who would love to scupper Brexit.

Those who know me know that I have no time for politicians and even less time for politics itself. But where we are as a nation necessitates that the political cudgels must be taken up in order to fight for our national destiny. Regardless of the many faults and imperfections in our society, solutions which require the breakup of Great Britain or its continued subjugation by a corrupt European Union are no solutions at all.

What is absolutely vital is that we face the future united as one kingdom, one nation and one BRITISH people.

Now is the time for any threat to this unity to be dealt with at the ballot box. A cross in the right place can deal with many enemies to our national integrity at one stroke.

Vote Conservative if for no other reason than there is no viable or credible alternative.