Events, Dear Boy

Regular readers of this blog will be aware of my fervent support for Donald Trump and my endorsement of the Conservatives for the forthcoming General Election.

That support for Trump has waned to nigh on zero, following on from his morphing into George Bush on steroids and his Nuke Em All approach to foreign policy. For me, The Donald is not the man I thought he was and could well end up being King of the Neocons by the time he is finished.

My support for the Tories has not changed, though it is tempered with suspicion about the whole matter of Brexit. Exulting in Theresa May’s deft neutralisation of Nicola Sturgeon has not made my eyes glaze over – for me, the Prime Minister and her party have yet to deliver on Brexit. And in the meantime, they bear a close watching.

Other aspects cause me to question whether or not the call for a snap election was a masterstroke of strategy or a chink in the impregnable Tory tank that is trampling all and sundry. Smashing Labour into nigh-on oblivion and giving the YeSNP a bloody nose in the process may seem like commendable objectives but the problem with crushing political wipeouts is that they leave you with only one place to go – and that is always downward. The SNP are present moment proof of that.

The smart move would always be for the Tories to keep Corbyn in power i.e. don’t do anything to cause him to be removed. This election is in danger of unseating the one man that is a guarantee to Conservative Party success in any General Election – and that is Jeremy Corbyn.

Strategists should surely have foreseen that this election could pave the way for a David Miliband return and if ever there was a politician that could regalvanise the Labour Party and mount a challenge that is seriously capable of hurting the Tory hegemony, it is Miliband.

Barring the catastrophic, May is on course to be given the biggest mandate in the modern political era. But as history has proven time and again, the seeds of decline may be taking root beneath the feet of the victors.

History also proves that fervent enthusiasm can often sour and become disappointment, distaste and disgust. I am no longer a Trump man and for all my endorsement, I am not a dyed-in-the-wool Tory. However, the reality is that the Tories are the one hope we have politically speaking to deliver on extricating us from EU Babylon and also in preserving and strengthening the Union of our island countries.

Events have tempered my gung ho approach to Trump and I am wary of the Tories’ desire to see Brexit executed in the way it should be. Talk of “deals” with the EU is totally at odds with the rationale for leaving in the first place.

So I will wait and see.

2017 is proving to be a year when events really could mess up best laid plans. The North Korea situation is a throwback to the Cold War era with the threat of nuclear obliteration hanging over us all. Even if it is just a staged pantomime, the chest-beating antics of Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un are providing cause for concern. If these two panto proganists do kick something off, we are all minutes away from wipeout.

Daily Mail readers will be aware that Planet X, the notorious and mysterious Nibiru, is apparently hurtling toward us and in the autumn will smash into earth, probably killing all lifeforms.

As if all that wasn’t bad enough, a seething volcano near Naples is apparently set to erupt and, depending on how severe the eruption is, it could make vast parts of Europe uninhabitable for years. Bad news if you have Champions League package on BT.

Speaking of football, there is one aspect of these potential world-destroying events that should brighten the day for all bluenoses out there.

If any of them happen, there will be no 10 in a row.

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