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  1. Bill I dont seem to be able to view any comments from your page yesterday, in fact i couldnt see the usual to add a comment box. Just wondering if its my a glitch on my side or yours

  2. You’re doing fine work with this blog Bill.
    I know and played football most weeks with your dad mate and thought that it WAS him that had this blog (seeing it linked on Rangers Media a good number of times).
    Tell your old man maybe that ‘Parky’ is now reading your blog (if you would), he’ll remember if you say Parky and Vinny from playing down Mount Vernon weekly with he and his friend Frank…. great times and some great games too.
    Did you ever play there along with us Bill (jnr) ?

    Anyway, keep this cracking blog going as it is always a right decent read and so truthful as well.

  3. Bill im new to your blog, having been deflected here by accident from a link on a Light blues Page on facebook lol .I have to say im shocked at the level of sectarianism and bigotry that surrounds the beautiful game in your native Scotland and the depths some people will go to try and wrestle the upper hand !!! Having grown up with it my entire life in Northern Ireland im afraid there’s no quick fix or indeed a miracle cure !!! I would like to commend you on your sterling work exposing those that try to persecute Scotlands biggest club and so look forward to reading your blog daily !!! All the best keep u the good work , Cheers Joey !!!

  4. Hello Bill,
    I posted a reply yesterday relative to a comment sent to you by another poster and later found that much to my disappointment my reply was not posted.
    Was this some sort of over site on your behalf or do you operate some form of censorship on your blog?

      1. Thanks for your reply Bill.
        My response is now showing in the article in question.
        It was probably down to a wee glitch in the electronic ether.

  5. Bill, the Celtic supporter who sectarianly abused andy goram is the same bigot who had the “ira banner” at ibrox a few years back

  6. Bill, I have read your comments daily and, along with those of David Leggatt (Leggoland) and others it has become obvious that there are those in powerful positions whose sole purpose in life would appear to be the destruction of our football club. The hatred of these people knows no bounds and it is only through your articles that these people are being exposed. Power to your elbow. Keep up the good work.

  7. I enjoy your blog Bill, and look forward to it each morning. Must admit I was not so happy with your m.fullerton point of view, but, after some thought you made clear that it is best to look who actually created the problems at RFC, and without question that was our infamous mr murray.

    A gratefully received inheritance, and a lifelong member of the best club and support in Scotland – it is my privilege to be associated to our majestic club. Keep up the great work.

  8. Iam enjoying the blogs Bill , Keep screaming the truth from the rooftops , eventually the world will realise that an horrendous injustice has been done to Rangers Football Club , its supporters and Scottish Football generally.

  9. Hi Bill,

    I read with interest your latest blog. The part that stood out for me was asking Rangers supporters to contact their MP and MSP to initiate a discussion towards an enquiry asking about the suitability of the people who currently run the SFA and SPL. I have contacted my MP who is asking questions of the SFA, SPL and SFL. My MSP on the other hand ran a mile from my point of view.

    Any advice or direction on this would be most welcome. Something to kick start this process and some insight into how this can be forced by the will of the voter would be interesting to read.

    Please feel free to email me direct. 3rd Oct

  10. Bill, from a Rangers Supporter viewpoint, your “bloggs & comments” are very much appreciated … credibile and accurate. Keep up the great work Bill.

  11. Well done Bill its about time we started to speak back ,you are so right it is about pettiness that is why we are in the mess we are in.. we need people to be inquisitive about everything anti rangers .THE FIGHT BACK STARTS NOW.

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