Events, Dear Boy

Regular readers of this blog will be aware of my fervent support for Donald Trump and my endorsement of the Conservatives for the forthcoming General Election.

That support for Trump has waned to nigh on zero, following on from his morphing into George Bush on steroids and his Nuke Em All approach to foreign policy. For me, The Donald is not the man I thought he was and could well end up being King of the Neocons by the time he is finished.

My support for the Tories has not changed, though it is tempered with suspicion about the whole matter of Brexit. Exulting in Theresa May’s deft neutralisation of Nicola Sturgeon has not made my eyes glaze over – for me, the Prime Minister and her party have yet to deliver on Brexit. And in the meantime, they bear a close watching.

Other aspects cause me to question whether or not the call for a snap election was a masterstroke of strategy or a chink in the impregnable Tory tank that is trampling all and sundry. Smashing Labour into nigh-on oblivion and giving the YeSNP a bloody nose in the process may seem like commendable objectives but the problem with crushing political wipeouts is that they leave you with only one place to go – and that is always downward. The SNP are present moment proof of that.

The smart move would always be for the Tories to keep Corbyn in power i.e. don’t do anything to cause him to be removed. This election is in danger of unseating the one man that is a guarantee to Conservative Party success in any General Election – and that is Jeremy Corbyn.

Strategists should surely have foreseen that this election could pave the way for a David Miliband return and if ever there was a politician that could regalvanise the Labour Party and mount a challenge that is seriously capable of hurting the Tory hegemony, it is Miliband.

Barring the catastrophic, May is on course to be given the biggest mandate in the modern political era. But as history has proven time and again, the seeds of decline may be taking root beneath the feet of the victors.

History also proves that fervent enthusiasm can often sour and become disappointment, distaste and disgust. I am no longer a Trump man and for all my endorsement, I am not a dyed-in-the-wool Tory. However, the reality is that the Tories are the one hope we have politically speaking to deliver on extricating us from EU Babylon and also in preserving and strengthening the Union of our island countries.

Events have tempered my gung ho approach to Trump and I am wary of the Tories’ desire to see Brexit executed in the way it should be. Talk of “deals” with the EU is totally at odds with the rationale for leaving in the first place.

So I will wait and see.

2017 is proving to be a year when events really could mess up best laid plans. The North Korea situation is a throwback to the Cold War era with the threat of nuclear obliteration hanging over us all. Even if it is just a staged pantomime, the chest-beating antics of Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un are providing cause for concern. If these two panto proganists do kick something off, we are all minutes away from wipeout.

Daily Mail readers will be aware that Planet X, the notorious and mysterious Nibiru, is apparently hurtling toward us and in the autumn will smash into earth, probably killing all lifeforms.

As if all that wasn’t bad enough, a seething volcano near Naples is apparently set to erupt and, depending on how severe the eruption is, it could make vast parts of Europe uninhabitable for years. Bad news if you have Champions League package on BT.

Speaking of football, there is one aspect of these potential world-destroying events that should brighten the day for all bluenoses out there.

If any of them happen, there will be no 10 in a row.

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7 thoughts on “Events, Dear Boy

  1. i know this is a few days later than you’re post,but the trump speech in saudi was terrific.

  2. William Russell May 17, 2017 — 6:38 pm

    ๐Ÿ˜Ž๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘ very good read ๐Ÿ‘

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  3. When Trump was voted into the White House, I too was full of optimism, I thought, this guy could be the ‘real deal’ to rid the world of globalisation, that is spearheaded by America. It appears I was wrong, after the recent spate of military action, and now the antagonism against North Korea.

    But wait. We have seen how Trump has found it difficult to initiate an executive order, because judges, whom were appointed in the Bush/Clinton/Obama era have deemed his orders illegal. This is very disturbing. What is the purpose of having a President if a judge can undermine his actions?

    Same in the UK, who is yielding the power, the courts, or the representatives of the people’s democratically elected choice? If Farage had been Prime Minister, he would have activated article 50 immediately, before all this rubbish about parliament and Courts being consulted. The EU is rearing its real ugly fascist head, with threats of huge bills to leave, and other conditions. Make no mistake, Theresa May is a fraud regarding Brexit. She is doing what the globalists want; appearing to give Brexit, but at the same time nothing is happening. This will drag on for years, and the end result will be a diabolical deal, with another referendum to the public: do you want to vote for this damaging deal, or be safe and remain in the EU? In the meantime we will be funding this gravy train, and the muslims will be flocking into the country in droves, never mind everyone else. The influx of migrants in Northern Ireland will see Sinn Fein become the majority party, and more instability to the UK will follow.

    Trump may have realised that to stop the corruption that has been endemic in US politics since at least 1917 (when the federal reserve bank was hijacked by the multinationals) is a mountain too big even for his capabilities. I would not be surprised if he hasn’t had a direct threat to himself an/or his family. The war industry is the biggest money spinner out of all their dastardly dealings – worth trillions, never mind the land and resources they will gain once a country has been flattened.

    When Farage spearheaded a referendum, the globalists did not think they would lose for one minute; what with the media almost entirely on their side. Look how biased the BBC is regarding Brexit and Trump. The BBC a national disgrace, who received 2.9 million from the EU last year, are typical of the stream of brainwashing the public are fed. But the public through the internet, have wakened up. There is a tide turning. If Brexit does not come off, then people will vote for UKIP; but we then face election rigging, as what happened In France. Le Penn postal votes amounting to 60% were deliberately destroyed rendering them void. Do you honestly believe the French, who have been subjected to wave after wave of terrorism in their cities, would vote for an unknown Rothschild funded faggot who openly wants to increase Islam immigration to France? It would be like asking someone who has assaulted you to do it again.

    Farage gave the UK a lifeboat to get out of the EU, but just now we are only on the lifeboat. There is a lot of choppy water ahead before we can become a free and sovereign nation again. The good news in Scotland is that the SNP are showing signs of desperation as people are seeing through their only agenda – separation at any cost. Scotland, already a divided country through religion, is being ripped apart by the division of Neverendums. We have a chance to weaken the SNP in June by voting Tory, and send the SNP a clear message. If Ferguslie Park and Shettleston can do it, then the rest of Scotland can too. In the future we need an alternative to the Conservatives, just now it is UKIP. The best Prime Minister this country has never had is Mr Nigel Farage. He is the man to lead us out and onwards to FREEDOM. Arise Sir Nigel

  4. Hi Bill. I don’t like saying this ‘but I told you so’ about Trump. He is a blowhard who bullied and lied his way to the Presidency. The good news from my American contacts is that he will not be there much longer as he has no support within the Republican Party and they will gladly see him impeached and removed from office to be replaced by Mike Pence. As to the UK, I also told you so. There was no need for an election. If, as the Brexiteers kept saying, the referendum vote was clear than Theresa May had all the backing she needed to go into negotiations with the EU. The real reason for the election is that she knows the deal will be bad news for the U.K. and a big majority of Tory yes-men will sustain her in government for longer than might have been the case. On one thing you are correct, however. Were David Milliband to return to U.K. Politics and gain the leadership of the Labour Party the current situation would be completely changed.
    As to the football, things can only get better, I hope.

    1. NASALSINATRA: I can understand why everyone is jumping on Trump, and that is mainly to do with the biased media. I found a gem on You Tube, that has a clip of the BBC interviewing ex CIA Michael Scheur on this Trump Commey fiasco, and the BBC got a surprise when Michael Scheur gave them answers not to their liking, more like the truth. Here is the link.

      I think Trump is taking on a huge task trying to restore democracy to America. The people who own the multinationals and Banks are into the trillions of dollars worldwide, and have control of the world’s resources. They have CIA like intelligence in most countries. It will take more than Trump to break down the corruption. If they can’t discredit him successfully, they will assassinate him.

      1. Unfortunately he is his own worst enemy.

  5. Hi Bill,
    Funny you should say that about Trump because although I was sure he would do the things he said he would do,now I’m starting too get worried about how he’s reacting towards North Korea.All we need is for two nutcases to start pressing buttons firing nuclear weapons and the games a bogey for rest of World. I will be glad once this election is over as totally sick of the way its being pushed on TV and media 100% of the time but I will still be voting Tory. We can only hope that then we can go forward with Brexit and the quicker the better too.We said we’re leaving so no need for deals as that’s against leaving.
    I will be glad when new football season starts as by that time we will know what players we have still here and any new ones and would think as there is no money likely be loans again.
    Saying that I think it’s someone like these Chinese we need when you read this sort of money getting spent.>>>>>
    Borussia Dortmund star Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang has reportedly been offered โ‚ฌ50million (ยฃ42.8m) a season too move to China.It would equate to ยฃ824,615-per-week for that one player.๐Ÿ˜Š

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