Now Is The Time

Theresa May’s call for a snap General Election looks on the surface to be a political masterstroke.

With one bold move she could deliver a crushing death blow to a crippled Labour Party, give Nicola Sturgeon a dunt in the ribs or worse and eliminate the dwindling residue of anti-Brexit remoaners. Arguably right now is the optimum moment for May to put all her eggs in the mandate basket.

ca518bf183c339c376b4bdc5c275df01_XLThe strategy, of course, is not without risks. By calling for an election, she risks the anti-Brexit constituency uniting in a lobby which could seriously hamper, if not stave off, any Brexit progress. On her side is that she has not given much time for such a lobby to form. Also, she will be keenly aware that Jeremy Corbyn’s toxicity to voters will attach itself to any coalition he would join on an anti-Brexit ticket. Besides, Corbyn hasn’t the intestinal fortitude nor the desire even if he had, to campaign on such a platform.

The Conservatives’ dominance is helped by the lack of any credible opposition but they cannot be blamed for that; nor can the Prime Minister be criticised for taking advantage of the disarray her opponents are in. Even in Scotland, where both Labour and the SNP have played the Tory bogey card for years, Conservative support seems to be surging as voters who are pro-Union recognise that they are the only party who can and will defend the Union with vigour and competence.

I realise this sounds like an advert for the Tory Party but we live in times where there can be no room for faffing about. Right now the aspirations of pro-Brexiteers and Unionists are best served by the Conservative Party. For this reason, I am supporting the Tories in the forthcoming elections. No other party can deliver what is needed to take us out of the EU and also preserve the United Kingdom by politically defeating enemies of the Union.

Lessons must be learned from Northern Ireland, where the fracturing and division of the Unionist vote has allowed nationalists and republicans to capitalise on the splinter effect. The coming General Election will be about bigger matters than voting your favourite party into power; it will be about saving our nation from division from within and oppression from without. It will be a chance to take back Britain from those who would abuse it, break it up and spit on it.

Britain can be great again – and Scotland can be at the forefront of this. This will happen not through jingoistic patriotism or attempting to rehash old imperial dreams. It certainly will not happen if successive Westminster governments continue to play the same old geopolitical chess games that leave soul-sucked people in burnt-out shells of countries where we have chosen to “intervene” in the pretence of showing humanitarian care and concern. Like Iraq. And Afganistan.

Brexit – and hopefully the demise of a demented drive for independence in Scotland – can be the start of a new chapter in the history of these islands. Although these things are vital, perhaps even more important is the much-needed reformation of our political system. We need to stop living according to the whims and wishes of those in the privileged elite and have justice and prosperity for all.

One thing that is required is that we recapture a pride in being British again. This includes the Scots, Welsh and Irish. The perception that Britishness is the property and prerogative only of those in the south of England is one that must be eradicated and replaced with an inclusive British identity involving all of the peoples in these isles.

One very possible drawback to this election is that we are in danger of being over-democratised. The people have a voice but, as we have seen with the recent referendums, that voice can be sought too much and too often. If politicians don’t really have a clue how to run things, what chance has the ordinary punter? Another thing to consider is the “Events, dear boy” Factor. If a week is a long time in politics, seven weeks is an eternity. We can likely expect interference from those in the EU who would love to scupper Brexit.

Those who know me know that I have no time for politicians and even less time for politics itself. But where we are as a nation necessitates that the political cudgels must be taken up in order to fight for our national destiny. Regardless of the many faults and imperfections in our society, solutions which require the breakup of Great Britain or its continued subjugation by a corrupt European Union are no solutions at all.

What is absolutely vital is that we face the future united as one kingdom, one nation and one BRITISH people.

Now is the time for any threat to this unity to be dealt with at the ballot box. A cross in the right place can deal with many enemies to our national integrity at one stroke.

Vote Conservative if for no other reason than there is no viable or credible alternative.


9 thoughts on “Now Is The Time

  1. Hi Bill

    Haven’t been in for a while but nice to see your traditions and your good judgement is still as strong as ever. Hope you and the regular posters are all well, in this most interesting of times both politically and football wise, its always good to see some common sense in what is a very turbulent time for us.
    I agree 100% that this time round Tory is the only way to go, there is too much at stake just now and voting for any of the rabble and omnishambles of opposition parties is nothing more than a protest vote. This time round people should unite for a common good, irrespective how you voted in the EU ref, this is now cast to history, we are leaving the EU, that has been decided and can not be changed, despite some people’s endeavours to cause nothing but trouble.

    Park the ill feelings and divisive EU ref, this is the now and the future and it is important in a number of ways which may not become too evident right now, but will become clearer as we unravel the mess that has woven us into the EU under subsequent governments, this will never be easy to extract us from, and it will take a much stronger person than Corbyn to make sure we get as good a deal as possible and do not cave in at the first sign of trouble or give up what we as a nation voted for.

    Sturgeon in her quest for ‘Brigadoon’ will split and divide Scotland again, her blind destruction of Scotland will I hope come to a shuddering halt for everyone’s sakes. I see nothing to make me believe Scotland can and will be better on the outside looking in, both in the UK and Europe as despite her best efforts to talk it up, Europe does not want a rogue nation carrying a massive yearly budget deficit (approx. £15bn per anum) ….a ‘Greece without the sun’ is what it was described as, so hopefully the sensible people will turn out and vote against the ‘rent a rabble’ ….I for one have never been an out and out Tory in many of my thoughts but I do find myself far more aligned with their stance on a number of things, so like you Bill, I will be voting for the ONLY true Unionist party, red, white & blue all the way for me….


    1. Good to hear from you, Gordo

  2. Nothing on earth would ever entice me to vote Tory. Don’t any of you know how they have persecuted the sick and disabled, many of whom are now reliant on foodbanks for their very existence and many of whom have seen no way out but to take their own lives. The death toll reads like one long roll call. The late Michael Meacher MP took up their plight, so has John McDonnell MP, a good and decent man who doesn’t deserve the bad press he gets. Just google DPAC to see how he has got alongside sick people without limbs and with other serious medical conditions whom the Tories have stopped the little income they get from the ILF, DLA/PIP etc., and Calum’s List because a lot of tragedies have been kept out of the public eye.
    Such as father and son Keith & Keenan Mitchell who lost their home as they couldn’t afford bedroom taxand spent the winter in a tent, the son had his toes amputated due to frostbite.
    Stephanie Bottrill a 53 year old lady who threw herself in front of a lorry, another bedroom tax loss of life.
    Ex-soldier & diabetes sufferer David Clapson died from lack of insulin, he couldn’t afford the electricity for his fridge, 18 days after his Jobseeker’s Allowance was sanctioned in July 2014. His sister, Gill Thompson, said more than 211,000 people signed her petition calling for an inquiry.
    My own cousin, aged only 39 died from a heart attack just three weeks after being passed fit for work, but not before Tory austerity cuts made her life a living hell.
    Will I vote Tory? A resounding NO. NEVER.
    And do not forget that the Labour Party was started in 1900 by Keir Hardie and other Christians who prayed for a political party to represent the working classes, they carried Bibles around with them under their arms. Their prayers were answered and it would be a sad day to see the demise of something that began with Christian roots. Forget the Blair/Mandelson years, do not let a hostile media shape your views. One day, what the Tories have done will affect you as everyone succumbs to a medical condition as they age and die and tens of thousands have found that George Osborne took their safety net away. It was their money as they paid NI, not his.
    Michael Meacher 1939-2015, a good and upright Christian, RIP.

    1. I do not see much evidence of the Christian influence these days.

  3. Good read, Bill.

    Smart move from May. The Tories will win this election by a landslide giving them the mandate required to manoeuvre the UK through this negotiation process.

    I would worry for The Labour Party though, with Corbyn unfit to lead & the entire Party in chaos they’ll lose at least 50 or 60 seats. Where they go from there is anybodies guess.

    If the Unionist vote in Scotland aligns itself strategically then we should see The Tories under Ruth Davidson eat into the SNP lead. At the last poll I seen the SNP had 46% with The Tories sitting at 30%, if that could be transferred into seats then Nationilsts agenda will be neutered, the problem is they’ll use this as a referendum for iRef2 while in England it’ll be an election based on the arguments on how Brexit is to be created.

    On the face of it it looks like a smart move from May but in Scotland the reality is it’ll polarise us. We’re a nation divided already & I can’t see this uniting us in any way.

    It might shut the Nationalists up right enough so I totally agree with you, vote Tory if you want to quieten those that wish to break up the Union. It’s the only way to wipe that arrogant stance that Sturgeon, Salmond & Robertson have taken. They’re attempting to make England the enemy, quite blatantly too.

    Davidson should make this election (along with Dugdale) about education, jobs, the NHS & the SNP’s inability to actually govern for the people of this nation. That & the fact that people do not want another referendum on independence. As a nation must stand up & tell the Nationalists their divisive tactics are failing.

    If the Unionist vote colludes to disarm her then that Unionist voice in Scotland won’t be ignored, as it is at this juncture. Their minority government must be reduced even further, the Tories won’t win this election in Scotland but if Unionists unite & vote tactically then we can put this country in a better place.

  4. Always have voted Conservative and always will.Labour under Corbyn,a friend of the ira, are going nowhere,the Lib Dems will always be a minority so not worthy of a vote.However,the toxic SNP backed by their lackies in the Greens are dangerous only to the fact they have one agenda and are able to brainwash the tartan trannies which is not good for Scotland never mind the UK as a whole.
    So hopefully the local elections go well and we can get rid of the SNP at that level and send the message out to helmet heid…you are not wanted.

  5. William Russell April 18, 2017 — 10:33 pm

    👏👏👏 meant to reply earlier. Excellent, concise article 👍🇬🇧

    Sent from my iPhone

  6. Some excellent points Bill but don’t underestimate the strength of feelings that pro European voters who voted remain. They may be disorganised at the moment but, as you say 7 weeks is a long time in politics. Many Remain voters could vote tactically to get a lot of Lin Dem MPs elected, especially in England.

    Sturgeon will have to play the Indy 2 card to appease the 64% of Scottish voters who voted to remain. In England there are many constituencies that voted remain and these will be targeted by the remoaners. I would not believe the polls as this election will be all about Brexit and the single market

  7. Hi Bill,
    Your spot on with voting conservatives and I will be doing the same and hopefully people who voted for natzi lot last time see sense and do likewise.Listening too the people on News being asked about it a lot said they were “scunnered” We can only hope people vote same as us or at least any party except Elsie and her gang of thugs and layabouts.

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