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Great stuff from Ninjaman on the state of Scottish football and the national side…


The Scottish Football Association’s decision to give Gordon Strachan the proverbial unanimous vote of confidence came as no surprise to many of us. Their incompetence and ineptitude has been commonplace for decades. This decision epitomises all that’s wrong with our game.

My concern regarding this seal of approval is one of “We’ve been here before.” It therefore begs the question: “Is he doing a good enough job?”

The SFA considered that and returned an overwhelming “Yes he is.”

I’ve always considered him to be a fairly decent manager. One that gets the best from his players. He’s also had a pretty good track record over the years in club management.

He started at Coventry City, where he kept an average sized club in The Premiership, maintaining mid table respectability for four seasons until ultimately some poor decisions in the transfer market led to the club being relegated. He was sacked…

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