We The People

We The People have spoken. Or so it would seem over in the States. Donald Trump’s blistering victory in the Presidential Elections is a gigantic seismic shock that will bring down the Elites from power and hand sovereignty back to the common man. That is the premise, anyway.

Conspiracy theorists tell us that this is all smoke and mirrors and that The Donald is actually the Elite’s chosen one – in a massive psi-op set up to convince us we are getting an anti-Establishment champion. I don’t see it that way but admit that it is because I don’t want to. I am trusting The Donald to be The Real Deal. There is a sense in which it makes no difference either way. The hidden hand of the shadow government behind the scenes did not disappear with Trump’s electoral success. If he is their genuine foe, we await to see how he will dismantle their tentacled control of the global economy and media. If not, the fact they have to create a populist leader is proof of their fear of a real people’s movement.

Joe Punter waking up to his indentured slavery is the nightcrawling terror of the Elites who seek to control us.

Trump’s early moves have fed into the conspirators’ rhetoric. Fudging on Obamacare and praising an opponent he built a campaign on promising to imprison looks like The Donald is capitulating already. But you could write that off as being magnanimous in victory.

The point of the Trump victory is not so much the man himself but the lessons we learn from it and the direction it takes us.

The US Election highlights once more the crying need for authentic leadership on our planet. To think of the power wielded by the US President, it is deeply concerning to see the two contenders for the Oval Office engaging in bickering you would expect from two old ladies at the whist drive. When you look at someone like Vladimir Putin, who projects strength, leadership and command, you have to say the Trump-Clinton face off was a gift to the Russians – or anybody who wants to dig Uncle Sam in the ribs.

Not that leadership is all about macho projection. In Putin’s case, he clearly has the substance behind the image. But it is about more than just strength. We need leaders who genuinely care for the people. We need fathers, not bosses. Fathering leadership (or mothering) is authentic leadership.

The great delusion we have bought into is that systems can give us the leaders we desire. That is evidently not so. America is a Republic because it shrinks away from the so-called horrors of monarchy. This is supposed to avoid one man or woman ruling. Yet its Presidents take to themselves almost godlike powers and the American people imbue them with Messianic virtues. Here in the UK, we abandoned our constitutional monarchy, which gave ultimate – though not absolute -power to the reigning monarch for a figurehead monarchy. This has seen power consistently and disastrously ceded to the Prime Minister. Just as in the UK, the elected leader cannot resist the temptation to grab more power.

In other words, we invented systems to avoid one person ruling with too much power to get… one person ruling with too much power.

The truth is, the system does matter. Millions of Americans, who love to lecture us all on the wonders of democracy, have this week seen that democracy can be a cruel old bitch. Democracy is worshiped as a god in the US. It is remarkable that American Christians, who make up an extremely powerful constituency, place so much faith in a system which is blatantly anti-Christian. Heaven is neither a republic nor a democracy. It is a Kingdom. Yet the rejection of a kingdom model is at the very heart of American society. American Christians preach about the Kingdom of God where they will have an unelected King yet demand the right to elect their own national leaders in this life! This double-minded schizo approach is the great crack in the Liberty Bell.

All the systems are prone to corruption. And, unsurprisingly, all the systems end up with one man or woman at the top of the pyramid. No matter how good the checks and balances – and they should definitely be there – many nations end up with a person capable of despotic rule in terms of the powers they have at their disposal. Some of those executive powers, it could be argued, are necessary, especially in times of emergency.

Democracy is easily manipulated and used as a tool of the Elites to divide people. A divided people is a conquered people. The people united is a frightening concept to those who rule over us. Unless they can control and direct that unified force, of course, as in staged wars.

The reality is that democracy is a far easier system than monarchy for shadow governments to control the masses. The ability to make changes through elections is a myth. You might change the puppets but unless you remove the puppet masters, nothing really changes.

In the UK, we have an anointed monarch and a succession-based monarchy. This might seem limiting but it means a leader cannot be manufactured and foisted upon us to “elect” by bankers and big business. It provides stability because a comfortable and settled monarchy is arguably the best seedbed for the fathering leadership our nation needs. Too many leaders are politicians on the make, seeking to improve their financial lot and make a name for themselves. Kings and queens have no such drives or distractions. They are already famous and funded, leaving them free to concentrate on the business of kingcraft.

Yes, I am a monarchist. But so are all of us who prop up systems of governance which give us one man or woman at the top. It is how things are meant to be. That we attempt to lie to ourselves by creating republics and democracies is indicative not of how progressive we are but of how childish and even asinine. “Who rules?” is the burning question in politics, sport, commerce, religion and society. It is the fundamental aspect of the organisation. From ancient times, mankind has grouped itself in kingdoms.

A king is nothing without a people and people are nothing without a king.

The truth is that the most important aspect of leadership is the character of the leader. Be they kings, emperors, presidents or prime ministers, what matters is integrity in any leader. National leaders should have great powers but that is not what is important. What IS important is strength of character and integrity of purpose. Leaders should be strong but humble, regal in bearing but magnanimous in conduct and dealing with others.

Americans like the word “presidential” but the truth is, God has no presidents. He does have kings.

Worth a thought…


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3 thoughts on “We The People

  1. I have thought the same Bill – will Donald come up Trumps or is he just blowing his trumpet. For me, he will be the ‘real deal’ if he does the following:

    Disband the CIA. The CIA only works for the agenda of the Multi-Nationals and Banks.

    Disband the Federal Reserve Bank. This is another tool of the Multi-Nationals and Banks, who print money and control the money supply without the consent of the Senate. Trump needs to bring back the Gold/Silver Standard, where money is backed by the gold reserves in supply, and the US Government have control of the money supply. Thus stopping perpetual debt to the country.

    Make America a secular country. America is almost owned entirely by the Vatican and has too much power in the USA.

    Take away amendment 16 of the Constitution, which will allow wealth to prosper for the working class, as being taxed directly on your income was never in the constitution, and amendment 16 was never ratified legally anyway.

    Take profit out of war. (then there is no need to have them, as they are only instigated for mainly that purpose), just ask Smedley Butler the most decorated American Soldier in US history, who wrote a pamphlet ‘war is a racket’ (download free on the internet). Keep defence to US border only.

    If Mr Trump can do most of the things above then he is the ‘real deal’ but he better keep a bullet proof vest on 24/7.

  2. Interestingly, a majority of ‘the people’ actually voted for Hillary Clinton. The Brexiteers told us that the UK has to leave the EU because the majority voted that way. But not so in America. So much for ‘democracy’.

  3. Hi Bill,
    After reading your blog there and it’s so true that people who get elected start too think they rule the World. Our FM Sturgeon is proof of that as she thinks and tells the world she speaks for all of us in Scotland which is a downright lie because although she might say and think it,truth is she doesn’t. She thought she would go over too Dublin and tell them about EU but got a terse reply telling her that they would only deal with UK Government as they are the member state not her and Scotland.She keeps losing all the time and should resign as she’s useless.

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