The Problem With Democracy

Most of those who know me well know that I am no fan of democracy – quite the opposite. Democracy is about herding enough idiots into a polling booth to give you what you want. Those who rule us think this and practise this. The only good thing about democracy is that every so often it gives the sheeple an opportunity to bite back. Thursday’s BREXIT victory was a stunning example of this.

Those who trumpet for democracy the loudest are very often those who seek to thwart it the minute the democratic process does not deliver their desired outcome. Already the losers of the EU Referendum are looking for ways to discard the democratic result won by the LEAVE campaign. It appears that for many democracy is a convenient means but not a binding principle.

Nicola Sturgeon is clearly one for whom democracy is something to be lifted and laid. Remember that democracy is the will of the people and that our political leaders are supposed to be devoted to it. Sturgeon’s threat to call for another Scottish Indepence Referendum is more about petty spite than love of democracy. A democratic process was followed in 2014 and a clear NO to independence was recorded. How a REMAIN majority in Scotland in the EU Referendum transmutes into a desperate desire for indy in the dark corners of our First Minister’s mind is indeed a great mystery. But only if you think Ms Sturgeon is a democrat.

Perhaps Ms Sturgeon should be asked why – if she wants Scotland out of the UK – she did not seek for Scots voters to be recused from the BREXIT Referendum. This would surely have been “democratically acceptable.” It appears that our First Minister only wants the voice of Scotland’s voters to be heard in a British context when that voice suits her agenda of Scotland out of the UK. In other words, use the apparatus of the state you loathe to undermine that state and extricate yourself from it, rather than honestly distancing yourself from the state. It all seems a bit dishonest and the exact opposite of the so-called spirit of democracy.

The First Minister also has to be challenged in respect of the 36% of SNP voters who apparently voted for BREXIT. Will she be championing their cause, it has to be asked? In the interests of democracy, of course.


The truth is that – democratically speaking – Sturgeon has neither majority nor mandate to force a second indyref on the people of Scotland, as expressed in a very powerful way here by Jim Sillars. His use of the term “Project Deception” is commentary enough on the First Minister’s democratic credentials.

Another epic fail when it comes to democracy is the outgoing Prime Minister, David Cameron. His pouted lip withdrawal from the fray is because he lost a referendum – one he himself brought to the people. Yes, he was probably going to be dead man walking given he campaigned vigorously for the losing side. However, you would have liked him to be more of a man about it rather than wimping out mumbling about captains on ships. He and his wife crying as they walked back into Number 10 might have had some feeling sorry for them but it was utter pukesville. A small price to pay for being so out of touch with the common people, Dave.

Democracy can be a cruel mistress, particularly when you only use her to get what you want. And it is a rough old game.

The problem is, there are no real democrats. The truth is, none of us want to be on the losing side. Democracy is a construct we have invented to make losing more palatable. And fairness has nothing to do with it, either. That is the big lie we tell ourselves.

The reality is that we have democracy so we won’t have civil wars. It is a game we play with ourselves.

You would just like our political leaders to be better at it.



5 thoughts on “The Problem With Democracy

  1. Once again this woman postures to divide the nation once again to suit her own agenda.I just hope the next PM throws her referendum wishes into the bin.

    1. George

      She has no right and no mandate to do anything. The PM should haul her over the coals and rip her a new one, she has no seat at any table and no rights to even approach the EU, who should and probably will tell her to run along, Scotland is a part of the UK and as such comes under UK jurisdiction ….if this approach was allowed how many Catalan’s would be running to the EU….delusional at best, off her trolley more like. When given the chance they could not gain support to leave the UK, and if memory serves me right the EU stood alongside Cameron then….telling her she had no place in the EU then and even less now.

      A decision was reached and a majority of the population of the UK, which covers all parts, came to the conclusion we are better out of it…..grow up, grow a pair and look at making it work instead of behaving like the spoiled brat who no one wants around.


  2. Hi Bill

    Spot on again with your assumptions and analysis of events. You can’t have Democracy by ‘Proxy and use it, quote it and stand by it only when it fits your goals, belief’s and agenda’s…..the constitution is, was and always will be what we run the country by and if that ever changes, we will all be living in a European North Korea.

    The EU Referendum was approved and passed by Parliament when the Tories won the election and it was clearly on their manifesto, setting out what they were going to do over the course of their term….it passed without a whimper and was run under constitutional governance, in fact at the PM’s behest actually extending that to allow more young voters the time to register after the website collapsed. If there were any caveats or discrepancies in the way it was laid out…that was the time to raise them, not the day after the democratic process doesn’t deliver what you wanted.

    What those who hang on every word Sturgeon/Salmond/Swinney spout is… people of Scotland, after an emphatic result in the Scottish Referendum, are as much British as someone from Southampton and are in no way a ‘separate’ entity when it comes to anything that is constitutional and passed through Parliament. The Scottish Parliament has devolved powers in certain area’s and are allowed to make decisions around agreed criteria that effect the Scottish people and is within their remit. Despite what Sturgeon and her clones think, they have NO right to question or decry the will of a democratically run vote, like we have just had. Scotland is not a separate country when it comes to Westminster policy….despite much sabre rattling and spoofing to the contrary. The British people voted, and last time I checked, Scotland’s vote on changing that result still stands. I find it appalling that people can not follow and go with what the nation decides….if it had went the other way would there be such an outcry? no is the simple answer….Democracy is for life, not something you can flirt in and out of and use for your own gains and no others.

    The voting patterns were quite interesting and those who were motivated and more passionate about it all definitely seemed to be those on the Leave side. The biggest issue in the whole debate and the biggest thing for all those who were passionate was definitely Immigration and the lies around it. The fact that the PM blatantly lied did not help the Remain cause, but the fact that the EU didn’t even toss him a bone to go home with when he went cap in hand really didn’t go un-noticed by millions of people. Junker is a brash, arrogant and highly detestable man in many ways, and we, as a collective do not take too kindly to threats. He contributed to the vote in a big way and the fact that he is presiding over us as members of the EU, even after Cameron complaining in person at his appointment, tells you something about the state and say we had within the EU. We were last in and we are first out, now I have lived long enough to remember life before an EU and I know there is one, can be one and I do believe we are better clear of the shackles and the tombstone around our necks that is the EU, she is dying, and that’s not me that says that, many people are of the same opinion, far more switched on and educated then I ever will be.

    There will be many post-mortems around this vote, and rightly so, but here is a little one for you to consider. The two biggest pro EU areas in the UK were Scotland and London. Some of the other metropolitan area’s were close, but for the vast majority of the UK it was Leave in a big way. What do Scotland and London have in common that would make them the exact same when it came to this vote? Well the answer is ….absolutely naff all, they are poles, miles and light years apart….but and here is the big but…..the thing that swayed them and made them vote was …Immigration. Scotland has very little real immigration, and by that I mean, 47 languages being taught at schools, parents cant get their kids into 2nd, 3rd or even 4th choice schools because of the Immigration….street after street after street in some parts of England is inundated with people from eastern Europe….Scotland doesn’t have that and doesn’t have the huge strain on infrastructure these places in England do….so Immigration was key for Scottish voters but in the polar opposite way it was for most of England. London? Well London is the complete opposite, there has been an ethnic cleansing exercise of gigantic proportions going on in London….and it is working class white English that have been cleansed to the suburbs….so it is hardly surprising that Inner City London voted so heavily to Remain….and that is not racist, bigoted or twisted in any way …. that sadly is the truth.

    So while many may point at Immigration and say it was the only driver for Leave… was a huge driver for the big Remainer’s too but for different reasons. The UK can not sustain immigration in the numbers that were recorded last year, simply unworkable and unsustainable….but unless you live with it every day….it isn’t a burden, it only affects someone else….but that is what democracy is all about….one person, one vote, one answer…..its what we fought two world wars for and why the will and mandate of the people must be upheld at all costs, whether you agree with it or not….As for Sturgeon, it doesn’t take much for her to start spouting her rubbish, the SNP are all about one thing….win, lose or draw they would be trying all the time to keep Indy on the table…but as Mr Sillars stated….its not on the table other than in her dreams. I guess they must have been told by their lawyers and advisors that it isn’t an option at this time…..if it was I’m sure the ‘firey cross’ would have been doing the rounds by now……there is no constitutional right for any part of the UK to demand anything if a vote doesn’t go how they want…and Scotland most certainly is still a part of the UK, isn’t it ironic that Nicola is running to the EU now …when during the Indy Ref they were squarely behind Scotland staying in a United Kingdom, but then again, someone who cant even uphold and agree with a democratic process … shock there for someone with republican ideals and tendencies.


  3. Fishy and her cronies will never learn as all they can think of is how much trouble they can cause outside their very small bubble.

    1. Problem is is she gets her way I think they will be trouble

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