No More A House Divided

It has been a momentous day for the nation, a day which has seen seismic shocks of epic proprtions totally dismantle our social and political certainties and hurl us kicking and screaming into a new epoch in our island history.

What will emerge from the LEAVE vote in the EU Referendum will be new and exciting – and necessarily brave. After almost half a century of being shackled to an increasingly bureaucratic behemoth that chokes the life and liberty of its denizens (citizens is too grand a word to describe those who live under its thrall), Britain has finally taken the step toward freedom from the EU superstate.

The real deception of the EU is its pretence at offering security and safety to a Europe riven historically with wars and divisions. In truth it is just another monolith state trying to impose its imperial will upon a “united” Europe – something Europeans have experienced more than once.

The arguments against the EU leviathan need no longer be recast; they are now redundant to us. The problem with the recent BREXIT campaign is that, although it was a worthy battle that needed to be fought, it may be the wrong time for us to have fought it. For in doing so, we may have fallen into a trap that some believe has actually been set by plotters in the EU.

The real enemy we must face in Britain today is the fifth column enemy in our midst. I am talking about those separatists, nationalists and republicans whose despite for all things British, English and royal knows no bounds. No sooner had BREXIT been announced as a reality than the leaders of the SNP in Scotland and Sinn Fein in Northern Ireland were using this as an opportunity to pursue their own seditious agendas in ripping apart the United Kingdom.

Make no mistake about it. These people are the true threat to our liberties and peace in Britain today. And we have to face up to the reality that the  constant attempts to sow discord and division by using the democratic tool of referendum is just perpetuating the divide and ensuring we will be a strife-riddled, polarised people for years to come. Divide and conquer is an old and devastatingly effective tactic and it is clear the hand of an enemy to our United Kingdom is using this tactic against us.

We do not need any more contentious referendums that set brother against brother and friend against friend. We do not need self-seeking politicians who are looking to make a name for themselves by pursuing false freedoms that only deliver more bondage to people. We do not require smarmy journalists who try to mask their own political agendas behind pseudo impartiality and end up serving billionaire owners with their own dreams of world domination.

We do not need to be led up the garden path anymore. The pathetic attempts to find a demographic to blame for BREXIT are typical of the sneering contempt which media people more obsessed with social engineering than reporting the news hold for the less-privileged in society. We are told that young, affluent and “better-educated” people voted for REMAIN while poorer, older, less educated folks voted us out of the EU. It’s amazing how those in both media and politics who purport to care for the less privileged people in society end up turning on them when their programming and conditioning fails to work.

The reality dawned on the ordinary man and woman a long time ago. They know they are on their own and that their needs and concerns don’t matter diddly squat to career politicians. But they knew their time would come and that their collective voice would be heard. And now it has.

The real mistake made by the chattering classes and others who think “the people” are only there to fulfil their own agendas is not failing to hear the concerns that ordinary British people had in relation to the EU.

No, the real mistake is in thinking that the people of Britain will ever again cede their rights and powers to a political elite that decides what is good for them. It can only be hoped that our island peoples get wise to constamt attempts to divide and unsettle us. And that they come to realise the awesome power in being ONE against foes without and within.

For now, we celebrate the victory, not against Europe but against a parasitical disease in its midst masquerading as a democratic union and which the people of Europe are becoming increasingly intolerant of.

Today is not just Independence Day from crumbling old bureaucracies that seek to keep us bound in red tape and stifle our freedoms.

Today is a paradigm shift into a whole new world.

It’s called FREEDOM.

Let’s hope other peoples and nations in Europe follow us.

ind day



13 thoughts on “No More A House Divided

  1. Polls show support for Independence at 60% plus, situation in Ulster now changing with significant numbers of protestants now considering UI as a reasonable proposition……telt ye…..
    Both Referendums were hollow triumphs.

    1. You predicted indy last time so a career as a futures analyst is not gonna work for you.

  2. Boris’ speech:—full-statement/
    ‘……There is no need to invoke Article 50 [yet ?].’

    Not quite sure if he meant yet or not at all.
    If he dicks this up…..

  3. I’d issue a warning: we have just scored a goal and we will be vulnerable from an immediate counter-attack:

    Boris and Gove taking stock and BoJo has noted ‘associate membership’ previously…….maybe an attempt also by the EU to soften us for a 2nd Ref comng up ?

    Stay vigilent.

  4. i think we have removed a corner stone of the EU, it will now just fall apart, so with no eu to join there is no more need for a referendum……………

    1. We haven’t even left the EU yet !!
      The Lisbon Treaty added articles in order for a member to be able to leave the union – as required by international law. Article 50 is the relevant one that allows for two years of discussions, from letter of intent to leave (start time/date is dependent on government of leaving member issuing said letter)……not a long length of time in the world of negotiation. In effect, issuing of letter/statement could be next week, six months, next year (after French elections ?), etc etc

      FLEXCIT document is in the hands of our Civil Service, let’s see how much they apply it:

      [full version – ver 6.0]

      [short version]

  5. Great post Bill. Yes, today was a huge result for Freedom and Independence, in the true sense and not in the delusional sense of the SNP, who are showing their true colours by screaming for another referendum. What really annoys me about Sturgeon is the misguided rhetoric that Scotland has been dragged out of the EU undemocratically. Did she forget that we had a referendum and we voted to remain in the UK. Also, we had another referendum yesterday on the EU, and should accept the democratic result of the entire UK. Going by Nicola’s logic, London could have a referendum to leave the UK, and join the EU again. She is a contemptible bigot, who’s agenda is to leave the English at any cost, at any excuse.

    The multi-nationals, banks and vatican who are behind and created the EU, after their fast rack approach failed with Hitler, Mussolini, and Franco, have gambled with Cameron on giving this referendum in the confidence that their misguided and biased coverage would scare the people of the UK into voting remain. Then they would have a clear path to really shaft us all over the next years, as their European branch of the New World Order finally takes shape, (why do you think Obama was so anxious for us to remain in the EU).

    But you are right Bill, their plan B might be the SNP and Republicans to divide the UK within. However, as I understand, Westminster could rule out another Scottish referendum, and maybe with a bit of luck and inspiration, over the next two years, the rest of Europe might weaken with other countries like France having a referendum.

    This vote is huge, and I hope is the springboard to a better Britain and future for our children and grandchildren. I hoped for this but did not expect it. It is up there with defeating the Armada against all the odds, and defeating Fascism after the World Wars. It is the true path to freedom, and they have underestimated the British people. The people of Britain have seen through the lies, deceit, and blatant bias, and with a very high turnout have voted to stop the rot.

    Cameron made it clear a million times that this vote was final and there would be no going back. Let’s hope this is the case and the EU don’t try more dirty tricks to have another referendum.

    Finally, the brave men that fought in those two wars would be proud of this vote today.

  6. Stuart Tulloch June 24, 2016 — 9:53 pm

    Just hope in years to come, England doesn’t want to be come Independent of Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland.That could be our downfall.It’s also what the Republicans and Nationalists want.

  7. Another great blog Bill and we the real people do know that these so called traitors in our midst are nothing more than ira/terror lovers trying too stamp us down with their nazism type agendas.😤

  8. Well fuckin said bill we are letting republican rubbish rule us

    1. We have for years mate that’s the whole problem ,I’m 63 now and seen them taking over many years ago and was branded daft not unlike Enoch Powell

  9. I absolutely welcome the New World Bill. United we stand, Sturgeon truly is a besotted referendum devotee. We now need true leadership in Scotland, new leadership, onwards and upwards.

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