Keep Calm And Carry On


Keep_Calm_and_Carry_on_by_halfscottishguyThe hysteria levels are running at max levels after the recent atrocities in Paris.

This is perfectly understandable.

However, such a terrible time as this calls for calm heads and cool thinking. The attacks in France are being carried out by terrorists, NOT by a religion. Whether or not you believe the conspiracy view that ISIS is a construct of Western intelligence powers or the mainstream opinion that they are extremist Muslims on a jihad against the “infidel” West, it must be crystal clear in your thinking that only a very tiny percentage of Muslims are involved in terrorist activities. It must also be borne in mind that certain people and groups love to capitalise on these horrendous incidents to further their own agenda – for example, those who want a Big Brother world of 100% surveillance and those who want to bomb the hell out of somewhere.

I have seen sickening calls for Syria to be nuked online. This is the kneejerk reaction that suits some of our social engineers, particularly those who love to push the Patriot Button for their own often nefarious ends. It suits these people for Joe Public to get caught up in religious and race hate, thus sinking into a 21st century Crusade mentality. Of course, the PC culture we live in means that these manipulators of public opinion have a smokescreen to hide behind while fomenting anti-Muslim and anti-Arab fervour.This gives them public deniability to mask their private prejudices and objectives.

“Who are these string-pullers?” some might ask. Well, if you have to ask, you are either very young or you need a great deal of de-programming. But it’s not my intention here to go into what could be called the dark side of our collective governments’ purposes and geopolitical aims. I simply want to point out that we should never let events like the Paris atrocities turn us into bloodthirsty animals.We are not mindless beasts at the mercy of Pavlovian response conditioning. We are rational, sane, free-thinking humans. In fact, it is that distinctive that differentiates us from terrorists.

And let us remember that the enemy of the civilised person is the terrorist – not the extremist as the propagandists would tell us. There is nothing wrong with being extreme or fanatical – e.g. some are extremely fanatic about spreading peace,and goodwill. That is the kind of extremism we could use more of. No, the kind of extremism that is abhorrent is the kind that harms or oppresses people or that wants to kill people. That kind of extremism is what ISIS is about.

We need to distinguish between extremisms and that is something an intelligent person is aware of. Equally, we must never allow ourselves to be caught up in religious hatred because ISIS and similar groups practise their twisted and wicked guerilla warfare under the banner of Islam.

Rulers have always known that it is easy to rally people against a hated enemy, either a genuine baddie or a “created” one. We have to have our Saddams, our bin Ladens, our Gadaffis, our Kim Jong-uns. They are the panto villains that provide the collective audience hiss and a suitable focus for our conditioned minds. Ian Fleming, an intelligence insider, knew this only too well, hence his use of archetypal villains like Ernst Stavro Blofeld. In 007’s world, Blofeld was blown up over and over again, only to reappear as… well, Ernst Stavro Blofeld. The movies brought out brilliantly the revolving head nature of Blofeld’s persona by having different actors play him – thus highlighting and parodying in a mildly comic way the need for the powers that be to have a present-moment panto villain to both blame and provide a focus for our collective hate.

How ironic that Fleming’s other creation – SPECTRE – is presently packing them in as the title and subject of the latest Bond blockbuster. Fleming also knew that we need organisations of terror to keep the masses cowering in fear. Think KGB, Stasi, al-Qaeda, ISIS…

Of course, there are genuine baddies out there – individuals and groups. Whether or not some are invented tools of intel organisations I will leave to others to debate. But that they are used by some politicians and social engineers to further their geopolitical ambitions is beyond question.

My own view is that I have learned to be very wary of people who want me to approve of their “advice” to hate people or “nuke” them into oblivion. So I won’t be joining any war on Muslims and I won’t be attacking refugees. Just as I choose not to be terrorised either by terrorists or those who want to scare me using terrorists.

My own advice is don’t listen to online or offline warmongers. Go about your business peaceably and practise goodwill to all. Remember that those whose objective to destroy civilisation is achieved if we become hate-filled and full of wanton violence like they are. Our best revenge is to be neither afraid nor cowed by those who practise terrorism. We defeat the uncivilised by being civilsed.

The best way to win a hate war is not to join in.


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