Long To Reign Over Us

queen_elizabeth_youngIt is actually a curiosity to me that I don’t write more on this blog about our Royal House as it is a subject very dear to my heart and one I have written books about and spoken about throughout the UK.

There is something enormously significant about our wonderful Queen becoming our longest reigning monarch and that she has accomplished this by eclipsing another Queen whose name described and defined an era not only here in Britain but globally.

We may not speak so much about the Second Elizabethan Age whilst we have Queen Elizabeth 2nd in our midst but future generations may indeed refer to this period in such terms.

The first Elizabeth reigned over the Golden Age which saw England transformed from a weak backwater country to a feared and militant power in the earth.

Victoria’s reign saw this power consolidated and greatly amplified into global supoerpower status as the British Empire spread across the surface of the earth and Britain became the dominant naval nation on the planet. The famous “pink bits” maps of Empire display this astounding spread of British might and dominion.

British Empire

Elizabeth the Second has no such territorial expansions or imperial conquests to boast of. Her reign has seen a contraction of Britain’s military strength and direct power but her years on the Throne have also seen a rise in a new kind of “soft” power – the power of influence. As a Stateswoman in her own right, she wields enormous influential power.her authority deriving from her character, devotion to her duties and experience more than by title or rank.

The Commonwealth is arguably a much more powerful testament to Britain’s leadership as exemplified by Elizabeth the Second than the Empire was under the iron rule of the lady she is surpassing in time spent as monarch, Queen Victoria.

Unique in a postmodern world, our Queen;s authority comes from who she is more than what she is. She has consistently seen off her doubters and her detractors and has triumphed over vociferous opposition which questioned her right and at times her ability to rule. She has perhaps at times made errors of judgement but has self-corrected to steer the royal ship of which she is the undoubted matriarchal captain back on course.

Her sense of duty is awesome and frightening in some ways but without it there is a chance that the Royal Family might have unravelled long ago. Few leaders in history can be said to have taken his/her commitments so seriously and her Coronation Oath is deeply sacred to her. If there is a criticism it may be that she is sometimes seen as timid and reserved. Prince Charles has indicated he will be more outspoken as a monarch. However, this apparent reticence by the Queen is a tactic that has served her well and there can be few who doubt that she has a core of steely resolution as our national leader.

It must be borne in mind that our Queen is unique among our nation’s leaders in that she is anointed to do her job and be the monarch. This anointing reflects the biblical tradition of anointing with holy oil the kings of ancient Israel and Judah.

_44765580_destiny_posterI personally hold to the British Israelite teaching that our monarchs can claim descent from the biblical House of David. Our kings and queens are coronated upon the same Bethel Stone as their biblical forebears – hence the fierce battles fought to possess the Stone of Destiny.

Depending on your chosen yardstick, you may feel we have had better kings and queens in our past than the little old lady who has been our sovereign longer than any of them. But it would be extremely churlish to deny that she is very much the glue that has helped to hold our nation together since the day she became our Queen. Nobody else has come close to being the constant example of resolution, commitment and fortitude than our gracious Queen.

It helps to have millions saying it, for sure, but we can do so unreservedly in respect to this remarkable woman:-




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