Extreme Prejudice


I have very bad news for my readers today – that is, if you believe what is written in the Daily Record of late concerning the Churches of Christ.

The Record has been on a “crusade” of late, denigrating a church in East Kilbride which is part of that movement. 

According to the Record, the Church of Christ is an “extremist US religious cult.”

Well, the bad news is that this church has already infiltrated the highest levels of government. We have actually had a British Prime Minister who grew up in this “cult” and who was influenced by it.

Not only that, but this Prime Minister was responsible for leading the nation at a critical time of war.

I am referring to David Lloyd George, the Welshman who was Prime Minister of the UK. Lloyd George was brought up in the movement, attending Disciples of Christ Chapel in Criccieth. In fact, it was as a lay preacher for the Disciples of Christ that he developed his famous oratory skills.

Some of my readers will be aware that Lloyd George is regarded as the father of the welfare state in Britain.

According to Wikipedia, “He made a greater impact on British public life than any other 20th-century leader, thanks to his leadership of the war, his postwar role in reshaping Europe, and his introduction of Britain’s social welfare system before the war.”

Not bad for someone from an “extremist US religious cult” eh?

Another epic fail for the Record.

As for the folks at West Mains Church of Christ, they issued the following statement which sums up their own position on the matter:

The Church of Christ has a rich heritage dating as far back as 1669 in Britain. The Church of Christ is considered a mainstream church throughout the British Isles. One of the church’s most prominent members was the former Prime Minister David Lloyd George (1863-1945), regarded as the founder of the British Welfare State.

West Mains Church of Christ congregation first assembled over 12 years ago in East Kilbride.  We pride ourselves in being involved with the community, which includes working in various establishments with the intention of showing our faith in action with no other motive than that. 

Every year we hold a community day where we invite the entire community regardless of their background, ethnicity or belief. We provide refreshments and food free of charge for everyone and craft activities for both the adults and children to participate in. This is a day of fun for everyone and over the years we have met a lot of good people.

West Mains Church of Christ has tried to help the local community over the years including making financial donations to families; supporting people with personal difficulties. We have provided clubs for the community to attend- including youth club, craft and guitar lessons.  Our intention is to show kindness and our faith in action. If someone wants to talk to us about faith of course we will talk to them but most importantly the church is about doing good works in the community.

Over the years, we have been supported by local people who have generously given their time and talent to support our fund raising events for independent orphanages  and the poor in other countries; we have sent several thousand pounds to these beneficiaries and continue to support people in need.

West Mains Church of Christ is a friendly, welcoming congregation that prides ourselves in trying to show our faith in action; we welcome everyone and anyone to join us at our local service.  Over the last 12 years, we have met some great friends who do not attend West Mains Church of Christ or any other Church of Christ as well as some great friends who do worship with us on a regular basis. 

 It has come to light that there may be a political motivation behind the attack on the church. It appears that Secular Scotland have been targeting the church. It may interest those readers of the Daily Record who are people of faith that the newspaper appears to be pursuing a secular agenda.

That this agenda incorporates persecuting people who have an active faith is deplorable.

At this rate we can expect the Record to campaign for the abolition of the welfare state.

After all, who wants a system dreamed up by an extreme cultist?

And maybe the Record wants us to apologise to the Kaiser for fighting him in the Great War under the leadership of a man brought up in an extreme sect?

You have to wonder what kind of treatment people like Saint Columba, John Knox and David Livingstone would get from the Daily Record if they were alive today.

112 thoughts on “Extreme Prejudice

  1. Why, like everything else in Scotland, has this page ended up full of sectarian nonsense abut football? (Including someone ranting about Protestantism, then ending ‘so mote it be’. Confused, much?) Get a grip!

  2. All that scientists have done, do and will ever do is try to explain what, how and when. What science has never done, isn’t doing and will never, ever be able to do is explain why and what for which are ultimately, far more important questions.
    If we focused on answering these questions the issue of evolution versus creation wouldn’t matter.

  3. A highly disturbing set of circumstances. I don;t think they (or any church) should be doing this kind of thing in schools, but pulling up a photo of the guy from his facebook page in face paint is a clear attempt to make him look like a nutter. I have known many people in the “Stone-Campbell” Church of Christ. It is a church of Scottish origin (descended from the Glasites and the Scotch Baptists). Most of them went into the United Reformed Church. The more conservative ones stayed out. They are rather like open brethren meetings in format of worship. Very peaceable really. people who would generally not say boo to a goose. Generally the Church of Christ is more working class than the Baptists. They do get lots of mission support from the US though and they are creationist (something I disagree with, but that’s up to them). They just aren’t an extremist sect.

  4. Read this quote from one of the Roman persuasion who commented on Scotland’s win last night,

    as i will be in medugorje today ? climbing the holy mountain flying our Scottish flag ? i will also be praying to ourlady that we can now go to the top of world football , were we should be?…god speed,

    No prayers to the Lord!

      • Point being Rome portrays itself as the Mother Church of Christ. Yet the Roman who commented would rather pray for our lady? and not Christ or The Lord, herein lays the issue, the fundamental teaching’s of Romanism are not Christian.

  5. There should be no religious teaching of any kind at schools funded by the public.
    If people want their children taught a faith or religion or cult let them fuckin pay for it by having their offspring go to fee paying schools,or schools that are funded by their faith or cult of choice ,and certainly not by me and other tax payers who have our own beliefs.
    That said,the day late rebel is a disgrace to our many cultures one people wee country is it not,by its attack on this church and its teachings,who,s next Jews,Muslims,Mormons,.Wait a minute,if the record takes this view on a certain church involving itself in schools should it not state what churches it endorses getting involved in our schools? Now that would be a really interesting read!

    • In the same way as non-believers, Christians should be permitted to run schools – anything else would be censorship and extremism.
      In the same way as non-believers, Christians should be allowed to teach – anything else would be censorship and extremism.
      In the same way as non-believers, Christians should be allowed to share their beliefs – anything else would be censorship and extremism.

      Christianity, like it or not, is part of the world. Any education ‘process’ which fails to portray Christianity, and what Christians believe, to those it teaches, accurately, is failing those it teaches.

  6. Dont you think that the leftists have gone mad,it just so happens that some Catholics align themselves this way.They behave like everything they do is virtuous and good but at the same are acting like they can do anything they want and to go against there wishes is Right-wing,racist and ultimately wrong.They cant accept the painful truth and would rather live an absolute lie,as for the NWO posters……its not the right you need to worry about its the left,they would rather lie to there supporters.State control to keep the down trodden down and the upwardly mobile upper class in the positions of power.As demonstrated by there iron fist iconography.Religion will play no part if and when the leftists sweep in to power on the internationalist scale.

  7. Have youy read the books given out? I have. They say that atheists can’t tell right from wrong, that dinosaurs co-existed with humans (they’re shown pulling carts), that strata are caused by the way sediment settled out in the Flood, and that evolution scientists (that includes me, BTW) are deliberately lying

      • I doesny matter whether it has Higgy – Genesis justs states that God created the animals – never were they defined.
        Btw: who gives a t**s about the daily record – pretty soon they’ll be history, never mind news.

      • Science advances when we continue to explore all the possibilities. Theoretical evolution allows for many questions to be raised, but when we refuse to explore them, yea refuse even to acknowledge them, we impede our growth as humans.

        • Fair point, well made. Lets hope there is a God who created the science and everything that evolved from it.
          As all religions have shown, this won’t be an easy one to prove or refute. Maybe now they will stop making it up to suit themselves.
          Sadly, they rely on the numbers to fund themselves, so I doubt it.

    • Paul! I think that there inevitably are certain evolution scientists that are/were deliberately lying, indeed history shows certain skullls reshaped with teeth filed etc to pass off as the missing link. Someone like yourself perhaps is just ignorant of the truth. See below, particularly the last sentence.
      BTW history has also shown us that there have been clever scientists and some not so clever, as in all walks of life.
      Romans 1:18-22
      18 For the wrath of God is revealed from heaven against all ungodliness and unrighteousness of men, who hold the truth in unrighteousness;
      19 Because that which may be known of God is manifest in them; for God hath shewed it unto them.
      20 For the invisible things of him from the creation of the world are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even his eternal power and Godhead; so that they are without excuse:
      21 Because that, when they knew God, they glorified him not as God, neither were thankful; but became vain in their imaginations, and their foolish heart was darkened.
      22 Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools,

  8. Ok, here we go, wasn’t sure whether to write this or not but hey…………

    The current age we are in according to the Hindu calender is called Kali Yuga…..

    I know what your thinking….What the fk has that got to do with the Bills recent blog!!! Well bare with me….
    The Kali Yuga is the Earth’s most Evil age. All Evil will rise. The good people of the Earth will be trodden down under the ungodly. This is the very last few decades when Evil will rise almost unchallenged. Look at the World today…….

    Endless Wars
    Add you own here!

    We can all see it, we know it, it’s real, whether you believe it or not it is happening. So i will give you one example of this hideous age that is hidden in plain sight……………THE VATICAN………


    There are thousand’s of these examples on you tube from all different people all over the world. Why? Because it’s fkn real, not just paranoid fantasy from some cunt in Scotland on a religious rant. But because it’s true, so fkn true.

    Now to the point………

    Celtic have risen to the top of the game in Scotland (all evil will rise). Just so happens they are Catholic!
    Rangers (Protestants) have been trodden on, spat on, humiliated, you name it, It doesn’t matter that we where the victims of a crime. We are hated by the Catholic’ especially the Jesuit’s . The Catholics that have taken over Scottish football i.e. Peter lawwell elevated to the SFA etc. If this sounds crazy to you then fair enough, that’s fine, but what i will say to you is go and educate yourself to the current world situation, the book of revelation etc and judge for yourself.


    We should rejoice it is not us, because WATP.

    • I am sure that there are prescription drugs available for your condition.

      Don`t be scared ,take a leap of faith and visit your G.P.

      Mental health issues are not a stigma anymore, I can recommend that you seek help for your paranoid delusions.

      please for the sake of your family, if not yourself seek help.

      • “Every truth passes through three stages before it is recognized In the first it is ridiculed, in the second it is opposed, in the third it is regarded as self-evident”
        Arthur Schopenhauer

        Fk Bill you’ve got a long way to go bud, your only at the ridicule stage! ;)

        • Again I plead with you , for your own sanity Vamper seek help. Your GP will refer you to a good local psychiatric hospital.

          And I do not say this out of ridicule but out of genuine concern.

          I have nothing against anyone having religious beliefs but when those beliefs start to get into paranoid deliousions then it is a worry. This worry is for all of us!
          Why do you think those two scumbags attacked Private Rigby. Paranoid delusions fed by listening to other paranoid delusionists who have a religious conviction.

      • is that why you sent your kids to be brainwashed at the segregated school system in another part of the country, the mental health issues of which you speak, is that from experience, re the kafflik brainwashing programme, let your children believe in a cult, a rotten devious one at that.is it any wonder you know so much about mental health issues.

        • I have had experience of mental health issues, and I am sure that you wont judge me or mock me for that.

          My children are rounded individuals who have friends of many differing religious persuasion and cultural identity.The school that they attended was not segrationist in any way or shape( I am sure that your prejudices will find that difficult to believe, but it is true).
          What concerns me is anyone who holds fundamentalist beliefs are in themselves delusional. Everything is viewed as a conspiracy against their own personal beliefs.
          When you add the component of you tube to this delusion then that leads to paranooia.
          This paranoid delusional behaviour is what breed hatred and intolerance, and that is what I despise. Not any one religion or beliefs but the fact that vulnerable people can be manipulated by such beliefs and they themselves become delusional paranoids.

          Intolerance of Intolerance is a virtue.

          • turd,
            on one hand you urge me to seek help , yet you yourself have had/still have these mental issues, would it not be better for to wait until you’re cured before dispensing your opinion about me, I am most certainly on a level footing and you really must read what I say on the cult, you seem to be taking a personal viewpoint and whilst this is indeed not the case, I reserve the right to shout down abuse, sexual deviation, and sexual perversion that is mostly practiced by the cult that you subscribe to, for deviation see bishop of Kilsyth, o’brian [ex-cardinal], savile, I could go on and on, but the FACT remains that child abuse is mostly practised by the cult members. I’ve said before “CHURCHMEN” don’t make me laugh. why do you think that being outspoken is delusional, is it because you don’t like what you read, is it too close to the truth that makes it uncomfortable for you, does it make you feel like most followers of the cult GUILTY, is that not a well known fact, did you read HIGGYVILLE’S blog, if not you should, you then might see the evil of which I speak but, are you so brainwashed that having a clear and concise opinion of the cult makes you a disbeliever, whatever , I hope your health problems improve and that peace of mind might be a comfort to you. W.A.T.P. G.S.T.Q.

    • I would love to know how many of these posters criticizing various religions actually went to church last Sunday. Why don’t we all love our fellow man regardless of race creed or colour, the world would be a better place without its current bitterness.

  9. Who would ever have thought, years ago, that today the Sun would be a bigger selling newspaper in Scotland than the record, at this rate the record would appear to be in it’s death throes, and the sooner it’s out of circulation, and it’s staff in jobs more conducive to their skills (answers on a postcard) the better for us all.

  10. Could not agree more with the suggestion that the attack on a Christian Church could be politically motivated. Given the continual onslaught by the Roman Record on the RFC and its history and traditions, notably the majority of fans, which could be argued are of the Christian Faith.

    Distant pattern of attack there?

    It has been said before and it will continually be said, if the Roman Record asks to be judged for balanced reporting, then when are they going to ? the teaching of Romanism, for their version of creationism does not involve the Lord God, their stance on Homosexuality is renowned for its bigotry, their stance on Heretics ( Politically correct version for the offended, Separated Brethren), is renowned for its bigotry, the separation and indoctrination children beginning at the age of 5!, of one can only ask, the Roman Record indulges in some balanced reporting.

    We now live in a land where smear and accusations without foundation are becoming the norm, and all against Free thinking Christians.

  11. On a happier note, a tim in my work has just said that Jim Spence has volunteered his redundancy after his Gerald Ratner moment last week. He can’t even resign with dignity. This dirty scumbag will only be the first domino in a long toppling line of Rangers haters getting what they deserve. The BBC should suspend him until the matter has been investigated, and save themselves (ourselves) the cost of a redundancy package for a fanzine journalist who shouldn’t have been public broadcasting in the first place. Good riddance red rocks.

  12. Makes you wonder what powers of be maybe behind the attacks on this church, is it the daily rhag alone or is the daily rhag just a front for someone else attacking this church, like the SNP?????

  13. If you want to go after a “church” with a long history of abuse and persecution of those that did not follow their faith look no further than vatican city. The atrocities carried out by the church of Rome far outstrip those of Nazi Germany. Granted those of the Nazis were over a relatively short period of time, but the “only true faith” has nothing to learn from Hitler. Himmler and their cronies.

    • Hitler, Himmler, and most of their cronies were also Roman Catholic, which is why Hilter labelled Himmler “my Ignatius Loyola” (founder of the Society of Jesus – Jesuits) in relation to Himmler’s SS.

  14. BILL,
    The dhaily rhebel should be shut down for dereliction of duty as so called journalists, let them investigate the cult as there is plenty of meat on the bones of that rotten organisation but, as the editor is a timmy no chance, why is this rhag thinking that it is the moral compass for anybody, these people have been here,for a long time minding there own business,believing in their GOD, at least it’s GOD and not a cult like the roman variety, it’s bad enough that a viewpoint of there beliefs is being exposed as something sinister, why!!. is it insecurity that promotes this sort of clear discrimination against these folks, but then again it’s the Dhaily Rhag that is on it’s high horse. John Wilson says he is going to buy the Sun, well at least it’s not a catholic run rhag, but unfortunately that prick Leckie is the editor of the sports [ I think ]. section I think, he’s just as bad as the rhebel.

  15. The catholic church in Scotland is being scrutinized and ripped apart, what better way to deflect away from this perverted church than lay into a small community. its ridiculous that this little church is being lambasted for giving leaflets to children while the RC lot are given the kids a lot more. Just shows how far the Daily Record has stooped

  16. Surely this church should be rejoicing at these events not complaining. Below are the words of Jesus from Matthews Gospel.
    10 Blessed are they that are persecuted for righteousness’ sake, for theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven.
    11 Blessed are ye when men shall revile you and persecute you, and shall say all manner of evil against you falsely for My sake.
    12 Rejoice and be exceeding glad, for great is your reward in Heaven; for so persecuted they the prophets who were before you.

  17. Good luck to this church. Although I believe creationism to be frankly laughable, I certainly couldn’t pick out this particular church out for any ridicule. They try their best in their community and they have the right to believe in what they want, however misguided it seems in my mind.
    And lets face it, the majority of them will share a passion with me, so good on them. That’s how hypocritical I can be when it comes to the Teddies.

  18. The Record attack the weak , it’s classic bully boy tactics .
    This really is a complete non story for a newspaper to run .
    There must surely be plenty other deserving cases for the Record to vilify ……

    I have been a Record reader since I was old enough , I’m not buying it that often now .

    • I’m sure there are many decent ordinary workers employed by the Rhebel. You would think they would be a tad concerned about their future livliehoods being jeopordised by some over-paid a-holes at the top.

  19. Why don’t the Record ! investigate the Corruption in the Church of Rome ! and the Corrupted Regime at Sfa/ Glasgow Council ! if they wasn’t so narrow minded at Anderson Quay ! their editions would sell! but the The Truth is ALIEN TO THEM ! W—–A—–T—–P For Ever and Ever !

  20. Update:

    The Muppets have spoken. The Dingwall-led QUANGO choose to refer to The Greatest Ever Ranger, but eh……can’t even spell his name properly ? And people want these loonies to lead the fans ? God help us all. You’ll notice they refer to Rangers fans with shares as “the single biggest investors in our club”. That has FF/RST/Dingwall all over it. His discredited organisation, riddled with resignations, accusations of the misappropriation of funds and collusion with “rebel” wannabee directors DO NOT speak for the average Rangers supporter.

    Todays salvo:

    “Statement from the Rangers Supporters Association, Rangers Supporters Assembly and Rangers Supporters Trust.

    We are once again in a crucial period in regard to the governance of our club and we call on the Rangers CEO, Craig Mather, to discuss various aspects of the operation of our club which are causing concern for our members.

    We also call on the CEO to provide supporters with an update on the promised “mini investigation” into alleged defamatory comments regarding John Grieg, the greatest ever Ranger.

    Additionally, we call on the club to present accounts as quickly as practicable and announce the date of the AGM.

    We understand current events place a heavy demand on the CEO’s time, however, we believe the concerns of the supporters, the single biggest investors in our club, must be a priority.”

  21. Switching to your other favourite subject of choice Bill, I see that the two confirmed bachelors, the job-less Dingwall and Leggat, have launched a totally misguided hand-in-hand (if you’ll pardon the pun) coordinated attack on Deloitte and their employees in relation to Rangers FC’s accounts, inferring skullduggery. One wonders if their hero Paul Murray, the failed Rangers FC Director, is once again pulling their strings?

    Leggat even finds it appropriate to publish a Deloitte executives mobile phone number. What a cheap little man.

    When all this turmoil is over, the dossier on these two poisonous, wreckless beings will surpass anything witnessed before, and ensure both are banished from Ibrox Stadium. Today’s pathetic assault would do that idiot Phil Mac Gorilla Brain proud.

    Dingwall’s RST represents less than 1% of the overall Rangers support. He is NOT a spokesman with a mandate. He’s a chancer, a con-man and a fake.

    When the time is right, the other 99% will speak.

  22. I’d like to know who the Rhebel think this hard working and community minded church are actually offending with their views ? Not me and no one else I know , that’s the problem with having an agenda , it stops you thinking clearly and that sometimes we are all entitled to our beliefs and opinions , someone else’s point of view might be offensive to an individual but it doesn’t mean it’s necessarily wrong ,
    It’s blatantly obvious where the extreme viewpoint is with this story and its not with the Church of Christ , great blog Bill , your headline sums it up nicely .
    Talking of extreme views … It’s Tuesday , LEGGO day !!! Have you read THAT utter nonsense today ? Convinced he writes his guff at 3 in the morning 3/4s of the way thru a bottle of Remy Martin !! He has taken being a bawbag to new levels of bawbaggery !!

      • To put the guys phone number in the article as well as email address ?.
        That is well over the line , something even mad Phil wouldny stoop to .
        A disgrace , absolute disgrace .

  23. Bill, the Rhebel is ill informed, and being led by an Editor who is taking his rag to the abyss.
    Put simply, that piece on the church is naked religious bigotry.

    For what it’s worth, I believe that when a parent chooses to send their children to a non denominational school they should be able to opt in or out of any religious education.

  24. Fair play to you Bill , you have always said that you will blog on religion, politics and Rangers football club. Your last couple of blogs have been about the first two and interesting reading.

    After all it is not as if anything of interest is happening at Ibrox regarding the up and coming EGM/AGM . any board meeting!

      • BILL,
        see how the turd wants to talk about all things rangers, one would think he had an ulterior motive .???? does his scum team not have anything worthwhile to talk about, what about the GLESCA JAP promoting himself on to another position at the CSFA.

    • I’ve seen it all now!
      Bad enough the obsession with us but now on complaining there isn’t enough about the Rangers on here :-)
      I just can’t get enough – I didn’t know you were referring to Rangers when you sung that.

      • You really don`t get Irony do you?

        Let me expliain it to you , OK are you listening.

        I was being sarcastic because as you well know their is upheaval at Ibrox and the so called Truce and AGM or EGM or WTFM.

        Mr McMurdo choose today , and yesterday not to post on the Rangers upheaval.

        For the benefit of your goodself and Vamper I am not obsessed , or for that matter worried about my own team. I would be more worried about the shenanigans going on at Ibrox if I were you, and not be concerned with stability that is present at Celtic Park.

        For all the allegations that have been posted on here regarding Celtic , debt and state aid, of which there is not one shred of evidence, there has been no fantastic revelation. No smoking gun.

        This is opposed to Ibrox where there is obvious upheavel and splits, of which I rarely comment because it does not concern me. However swhat I questioned was why did Mr McMurdo blog on politics and religion when this upheaval was clear at Rangers.

        Hope that this clears up the obbsesion comment.

        • Bill is very clear that this is not a football only blog. You appear unhappy at this and asked for more about Rangers. I still think that makes you obsessed. :-)
          Now the Rangers fans on here were happy with the two day break from the Ibrox boardroom issues to discuss some other important items. But you. Well ………………………………………………….
          …………………………………………….You can’t get enough You just can’t get enough.

        • Turdo; Here is copy of letter from EU requesting info from UK government on Celtic and State aid, so they are obviously being investigated , I am not saying they will be found guilty but be patient these things take time>

          Please note that we have sent a letter to the UK authorities together with a non-confidential
          version of your complaint i.e. deleting your personal data (name and home
          address) in section 1 of the complaint form as you have requested, in order to ask them
          their own summary of the facts, as well as the reasons why they do not consider the
          alleged aid to he unlawful aid. This information will allow the Commission to assess the
          measures in the light of Arlicles 107 and 108 of the TFEU.

  25. bill your doing a great job.the D.R.in my opinion is an anti social rag that only wants to further a faith that is on the road out like themselves.

  26. At a time when Roman Catholicism and/or Islam are ripe for criticism, attack a wee church in EK. Lets not pick on the bullies, lets pick on the few. Bravo Rennie Bravo. Hatered is killing football, hatered is killing society, hatered is killing Scotland, but thats not a story?.

  27. Bill why don’t the Day Late Record investigate a company that covered up child abuse.Do an in depth no holes barred expose on it.Im sure there are far more people in Scotland who would be interested in seeing the outcome of that investigation and would flock to by the DR.Im afraid though they will continue to pick on people who have done nothing wrong and that could potentially cause harm to members of that church very sad.

  28. Perhaps the rhebel should be looking closer to home… child abuse in particular throughout Scotland. Or follow up the priest who stored a large cache of guns and ammunition in Glasgow for the ira.

  29. Bill: I consider myself a secular humanist but I would never dare tell any other religion what is wrong with them or that they are extremist and if I don’t like what a religion preaches I don’t listen to it or turn of the TV,

    This does not mean I do not have an opinion on things like abortion were I’m pro choice as I am with the use of prophylactics because with many religions telling you it’s a sin to use them we end up with an AIDS epidemic on the African continent, or maybe something as simple as allowing priest to marry may have lessened the rampant paedophilia in some churches etc but that is only opinion and I prefer these antiquated institutions to reform from within.

    After reading up on the church they are far from extreme and seem to do a lot of good work and I hope you continue to expose the continual shoddy reporting by the Record because it’s seems no matter the topic this rag has lost all it’s journalistic credibility.

    Does this religion have a right to practice and promote peace love and understanding Yes but as I am already a peaceful loving and understanding guy I choose not go the religious route because a matter of faith to one is a matter of conscience to me.

  30. Fantastic post Bill. Will be contacting my msp (who is also a christian) today to ascertain what recourse, if any, is available against the rag responsible for this despicable onslaught. It is inciting religious hatred and has agenda all over it. Keep evangelists out of schools, and undermine the reformed faith in general. There is no such attacks on the rc system, as first and foremost they wouldn’t dare, but also they are safe in the knowledge the false doctrines and hypocrisies of that education system turn people off God as much as anything else anyway. The church of scotland are also left alone as they have become lukewarm , like the church in laodicea, all things to all men, a mealy mouthed organization that has forgotton why it came into existence. It poses zero threat to secularism. Given that faith schools have statutory protection, it grieved me to see the c of s dismiss the idea of having their own education system. The irony eh! On a bbc programme author harry reid raised this idea and his surprise at the c of s for not going down that route, sadly it was dismissed out of hand by the c of s spokeswoman on the show.The only definitive view she offered all night incidentally. Best of it was, when mr reid raised the idea the vatican’s man in scotland john haldane looked horrified at the prospect, it was like, oh dear, hope this doesn’t catch on! And that’s the rub. Stop our children from hearing the gospel at all costs. ‘Let them make their own minds up’? How can they when there is such a move on to deny them hearing it all .’Faith cometh by hearing’, and the secularists know it!

  31. Sorry Bill , I’m with the evil Secular Scotland on this one . We really don’t need another bunch of extremists . These people could still do loads of good in the community without peddling creationist guff . Keep up the good work mate .. Always enjoy your blog.

      • I’m with the guy above as well the country don’t need them we got enough probs without importing more religious extremists. If it came to it i would rather that members of the flat earth society taught kids than creationists. As for your religious beliefs you are entitled to keep them and your faith is yours alone .

          • Huxley and the Bishop of Oxford had this one out more than 150 years ago, Bill. Even learned clergymen over 2 centuries ago were showing in Scotland that unconformities in strata, evidences of volcanic and glacial action, rising and falling sea levels and fossil records revealed vast epochs in time that went wholly against six day literal creationism. Some even tried to reconcile the biblical and geological/fossil records. Humanity sharing 98% dna with the primates might come as something of a surprise but that’s what we have to live with. What’s wrong with a common ancestry with the monkeys anyway? They could probably write better articles than you’re likely to find in the Daily Record.

            • I have no doubt that some kicking around might be the fruit of union between humans and primates but not me. I saw plenty missing links in my travels today. Incidentally, I wasn’t making a case for 6 day creationism in terms of 24 hour days.

              But those who do believe God made the physical universe in 6 literal days are entitled to their opinion and to teach it. It makes more sense to me than some rubbish I have heard from certain “scientists.”

              • I know that you weren’t making that case Bill but I had a peek at the Church of Christ’s website where a belief in 6 day creationism is clearly defined. It may be an opinion but not one that should be taught to kids as truth as it goes against all the rational evidences of human deduction and learning that has gone on for centuries, and might therefore be more rightly classified as fantasy, or at least allegory, rather than fact. The reality is that The Beagle made it safely home to Falmouth and the rest is history, we gained a much greater understanding of the origins of life and have developed further understanding from there. There are numerous parallels throughout ancient religions and folklores that mirror the story of creation as told in the O.T., from the creation of the world to the creation of the first man, which we choose to look on as allegory or fable, and yet the O.T. version appears to be some conglomerate of these earlier beliefs. Keep your red earth and rib, I’m quite happy to be howling with the monkeys.

            • Hamish, apparently there are some evolutionists say we came from mushrooms…that would explain why I’m such a fungi…boom! boom1

            • Hamish
              I am not knocking 6 day creationism, I think it is one of these subjects that don’t don’t really matter, as it is in the past, what’s more important is the future, and where you and everyone else will spend eternity, but meanwhile here is a verse that could give you another slant on the 6 days
              2nd Peter 3:8-9
              But do not forget this one thing, dear friends: With the Lord a day is like a thousand years, and a thousand years are like a day. 9 The Lord is not slow in keeping his promise, as some understand slowness. Instead he is patient with you, not wanting anyone to perish, but everyone to come to repentance.

          • When one is teaching children in school with regard to the ‘creation’ the honest option is to teach both sides of the story….Creation /Intelligent design [God] along with science/evolution ….”As long as the teacher gives full clear and supported evidence for both cases then the student is able to make up their own mind.
            Ultimately the student has to make up their mind between scientific observation followed by some kind of hypothesis then followed by evidence, finally supported by verification as opposed to belief in some kind of ‘intelligent designer’, To believe that God created the universe/world is mostly to my knowledge based on Biblical and Quranic teachings where little evidence is presented except the ‘written word’ which individuals may well choose to believe which is their absolute right, ultimately it can only be a belief and not a supported fact. I can find no trace in any written material that humans came from monkeys. Whereas there is evidence that primates developed along many branches of the evolutionary tree including humans and monkeys. When I was teaching Higher Religious studies we had to present both sides of the ‘argument’ over 10+ years I found that my students, well 99% thought that ‘creation/intelligent design’ was not very intelligent and at the same time acknowledge that science can take us back to the mili second after the Big Bang but leaves them asking who or what lit the fuse,? if indeed there was fuse.

    • It’s nothing like as black and white as we are led to believe . Our learned men and woman in the science field don’t have a clue how the first living cell was created, not a clue, yet they teach kids the big bang and primordial soup stuff as fact. So that type of conjecture and guesswork is ok? It’s ok to have kids drawing pictures of a whale with feet, some transitional creature we are told existed when all they have to go on is a piece of skull? Drivel, absolute drivel.The evolution tree is mostly dotted lines, but gets taught as fact. The question one has to ask is this, why so much hostility towards the creationist theory when there is so much hypothesising on others? Because it’s a case of keep God out the equation at all costs. Who benefits from that? If we all live by our own rules, involuntarily dancing the tune of our own dna, as dawkins would put it, anarchy surely follows. ‘The prince of this world’…indeed!

    • for those who don’t belive in creation take off your watch take it apart put it in a bag and shake it for about six billion years .then see if it’s back together and working. no well someone must have put it together just like us

      • Stewart,

        Good question there…..and was that ‘someone’ God then ?

        And whether it was or not (God) did he/she/they do the same with the monkeys to make a spiritual line in humans ??


      • Try reading the blind watchmaker! I was brought up a RC & ditched religion as a whole at about 13/14, but I still respect anyone who holds their faith dear & no one has the right to denigrate another’s beliefs!

        Great post a few posts back! Bitterness is killing society & Scottish football? Can’t we all remember/recognise the good in others?

  32. Secular Scotland! sounds like a sect to me. Maybe the Dhaily Rhecord are attacking the Church of Christ because its not part of the biggest sect known to mankind RC olicsim, perhaps it and Secular Scotland needs to be reminded that we live in a democracy, and as such we have a right to maintain our political and religious beliefs as we see fit, along with all the other benefits of living in a free country. I hope that this wee Church continues to be an integral and active part of East Kilbrides community, and for its congregation to pray for the DR that it may be shown the error of its ways. Everyone needs God in some form or fashion at some time in their lives, and there’s no harm in this wee church helping people with that.

    • But you are as bad as the aggressive seucularists if you are branding them as a sect when it was a disgraced newspaper who were behind this.

  33. You would think in this day and age of “professional” communication by the media, and in this case a tabloid newspaper, they would be looking to use their journalism skills to uncover a “real” story, investigate and release stories that are of importance and relevance that the public want and wish to read, and that would increase their dwindling sales figures. I am no journalist but surely there must be great stories and leads to be uncovered with real substance. If not they should try to avoid any half hearted story about folks trying to do good in the community no matter there colour or beliefs, or what building they decide to pray in!

    • Graeme! these Vermin,will never delve into the Rancid World they live in. Their agenda is to print what they want as long as it not chapping on their door! and upsetting their Paymasters . We have sat for years letting them get positions of power their grip on the Media is scary ! and it same as their grip on Scottish football ! the Most serious Crimes ! committed by their Club and Church, have went unheeded for years ! they have protested at everything they feel victims of and the Justice System seems to turn a Blind eye to this!. i cant remember who said @ IT NOT A PRIVILEGE TO PEACEFUL DEMONSTRATIONS ! IT’S YOUR RIGHTS ! but for some unknown reason the Protestant Majority in THIS PROTESTANT COUNTRY ! must think they will go away !! well my Brothers ! THEY WONT BE GOING AWAY !! W——A—–T—–P .. For Ever and Ever unless we do something. So Mote It BE.

        • Ty Vamper ! it’s up to the People of oor Wee Country ! to start to let our Voices be heard!! not by Foul means or Deeds! but by Honest Scottish Protestant Ethics! The way we were brought up ! in the true Christian Way!! W—-A—–T—–P WE CAN SLEEP AT NITE MY BRO ! CAN THEY ??

    • When their sports journalists report on Rangers, most of it is taken from Rangers own pages. I have just seen the news that UEFA have really thrown the book at celtic, a 5000 euro fine for fans letting off flares

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