Scotland The Grave

Reality bit hard last night for the “home nations” as they were all soundly beaten apart from England.

The optimism generated over recent performances and results for Gordon Strachan’s Scotland was certainly dealt a blow as the Belgian national side inflicted a 2-0 deficit on the Scots at Hampden. 

I rate Strachan as a manager but he is very limited with the calibre of player he has at his disposal. The best manager in the world could only do so much with the players available for Scotland.

Wales were also beaten in Macedonia and Northern Ireland were defeated at Windsor Park by Portugal with Ronaldo bagging a treble.

The Republic of Ireland also capitulated to Sweden in Dublin.

The poor showing of teams from the British Isles is a great argument for a United Kingdom team or a footballing equivalent to the British Lions.

Of course, this would perhaps be better against a backdrop of British-wide competition e.g. a British League and Cup – something unlikely to happen in the immediate future with the English Premiership dominating the football landscape.

It’s still a great idea and, in my opinion, the future of our game.


I see the Daily Record is continuing its ridiculous crazy witch hunt against a wee church in East Kilbride.

Branding the church a sect and an extremist cult is a new low in journalism.

As I said here yesterday, the members of this church may have been a bit over-zealous but even a casual search on Google will show it has a well-established history of doing things that benefit the community.

Does this church have an agenda? Absolutely it does.

That agenda is to help people become followers of Jesus Christ.

Just the same as heroes of Scotland’s past like Saint Columba and John Knox.

Has it become a crime in 21st century Scotland to teach the Christian gospel? And smear those who do? If so, perhaps the claim by a Mexican member of this church based in East Kilbride is valid after all – that claim being that Scotland is a dark and Godless country. A claim mocked by the Daily Record.

I have news for the Daily Record.

There are many indigenous Scots from a spectrum of denominations who feel exactly the same way. And it is articles such as those in the Daily Record which denigrate Christian churches that are helping to create a climate where Christianity – known as the ancient faith in Scotland – is treated with hostility.

Perhaps the real reason the Record is attacking the West Mains Church of Christ is that the Mexican missionary whose blog the paper quotes mentions her conversion from Catholicism to Evangelical Christianity. The Daily Record calls this “disturbing reading.”

So it is disturbing when someone who is a Roman Catholic becomes a born-again Christian and joins another church?

Would it be equally disturbing to the Daily Record if someone brought up in a Protestant denomination converted to Roman Catholicism?

Scotland’s connection to Christianity actually predates the Christian era! And many times due to spiritual darkness Scotland has become the focus of missionary endeavour – something the Record seems to have such a problem with.

Many would argue that Scotland needs much more Christianity, not less.


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  1. Let me reiterate that there is no place for bigotry or hate on this blog or in the Comments section.

    I am happy to allow debate and even heated debate, including criticism of other faiths, but outright abuse has no place here.

    From any side.

    I do not endorse any comments of a bigoted nature in any way.

    Please comment and debate like adults – avoid scoring points and whatabootery.

    • It’s your blog, and you can run it any way you like, no problem with that. I’m happy that you are willing to allow debate and criticism. However, I doubt you will get much meaningful debate if you censor comments that are neither abusive or bigoted, merely, one would presume, because they express a viewpoint different to the one you hold.

          • Geezer,

            You have nothing to say (?!!) apart from telling people how to run their blogs……..are you a jungle jim, by any chance… seem to have the traits ??

            But seeing as you ask, i’ll deem myself to come down to your level – for a short instance – i also don’t have my own blog……does that make you feel better and less guilty.


            • It strikes me that you wouldn’t be aware of what prompted my original comment, but no matter. In it I think I said the exact opposite of what you are accusing me of JS i.e. “It’s your blog, and you can run it anyway you like, no problem with that”…….”are you a jungle jim by any chance”… should have added “sniff sniff”, that seems the norm when casting such an aspersion. Try to adhere to our host’s request, and post adult comments.
              For the record, I was taken to my first ‘Gers’ game at Ibrox when I was five, and I’ve been going ever since. I’ll be 63 this week, and would be willing to bet that that has me supporting Rangers a lot longer than you. Maybe not.

              • Second sentence should have been ” In the one you read I think I said the exact opposite blah blah blah etc”…….sorry for any confusion, it’s my age.

              • Ok, Geezer, it looks like you’re still guilty for the (paraphrasing) “you can run the blog how you like…….but doubt you’ll have meaningful debate…..” comment
                ….but i think we can leave this now as you are indeed older than me and, hence, been going to watch the Rangers longer, and, for what it’s worth, i was brought up to respect my elders an’ all.
                Hope you feel better now.


                • Thank you JS. I agree there is little mileage in pursuing this, especially as my original post was not seen by anyone else other than our host, who for whatever reason chose not to allow it. That as I said, is perfectly ok with me, it’s his blog. My meaningful debate comment was merely an observation, since I believe a prerequisite for meaningful debate surely has to be differing points of view
                  I feel fine, surprisingly sprightly for one so advanced in years. Enjoy the game this weekend JS

                  • Thanks, Geezer…….if only the Rangers board could get over their differences as easily we’d (our team) would be far better off.

                    Bill’s also declined some (not many) of my posts/comments but, i’m sure, it takes time to do all this blog stuff and there has to be decisions made regards coverage……so, hey ho…….let’s go !


                    • I agree JS, and it’s reason why, even if I had something to say, I don’t think I would start a blog i.e. the time and effort required. I made a presumption that my comment wasn’t allowed because Mr McMurdo didn’t agree with the sentiments expressed, but as you’ve hinted at, the decision could have been made for any one of a host of other reasons.
                      Not holding my breath for a settled boardroom, the whole thing would burst yer arse. At least as you say, we are on amicable terms.
                      If an old guy wearing possibly the most ancient ‘Gers’ scarf still seeing active service, walks into your boozer after the game, it’ll be me. You can buy me a pint just to show there’s no hard feelings, and to show respect to your elder lol

                    • Mr Geezer, I take my hat (well, tammy) off to ya’….I’d buy ye a pint oany day ae the week.

                      Go in peace !


  2. Ron 31,
    We are not alone, there are some who believe in the old ways and old battles fought for the Christian Faith, The Covenanters will rise once again, make no mistake.

  3. “Abusive posters will be banned and possibly reported to the police.” And yet, there is nothing but abuse being posted on here. Of course, when I try to post something to educate these ignorant bigots it is not allowed, or only one post is allowed without me being able to reply to critics, for want of a better word, resulting in me being called a coward or not having a reply. It seems that abuse is perfectly acceptable if it is directed agains a certain church, a certain football team or certain individuals. The way you allow some of this filth on here, with nobody allowed to question it or point out its fallacy, only goes to show that you, yourself, are nothing but a bigot!

      • What is an ignorant bigot ?
        A bigot is some one who just cannot accept anybody else’s beliefs , values or opinions basically some one who is really closed minded and thinks that they are always right…..the ignorant part is kind of repititious because a bigot ususally has the characteristics of being ignorant which means someone who is uneducated or untrained. Am I describing Neil Francis Lennon ? No , but if you check his report card Pat it may show it to be relevant. ( clarification, DVD evidence and continually cheated spring to mind)
        Anyway Bee McM has put your gas in a peep thankfully.

      • As always, you conveniently fail to point out that I was answering in kind someone that called me a ‘fenian bastard,’ accused me of being a paedophile and tried to make out that the head teacher at my school, who was banned from teaching and placed on the sex offenders register, must have been a Catholic.

        The real irony, Bill, is that you will notice that I did not use the term ‘Proddy Bastard’ because, unlike many on here, including it seems, yourself, I would not castigate somebody for their religion. Terms like ‘fenian scum’ and ‘bead-rattling bastards’ on here show what stance your blog takes. Hating the Orange Lodge, on the other hand, is neither sectarian nor bigoted. To call it such is the same as calling a Jew that hates Nazis or a black American that hates the KKK racist!

        • Again, Pat, I can find no record on the blog Comments of any of these terms unless used by yourself.

          You are either pathetically trying to smear the posters on this blog or you are hearing wee voices in your head.

          I am sad to say that the hate oozes out of you and that is why so many of your posts don’t make it.

        • Pat,
          quote”hating the orange lodge”is neither sectarian or bigoted, so, having said that, I suppose the same could be said about the ” cult ” . And just to clear something up, I have NEVER said that you were a paedophile nor that you were a “fenian bastard” so just to place myself on record as having NEVER used such words against ANYBODY including you.

        • Pat is it not the case that while a non Catholic person may teach in a Catholic School but only Catholics can hold the position of head teacher? If that is the case then whoever posted that the head teacher who was placed on the sex offenders register must have been a Catholic was factually correct. If in fact I am correct, what right have you to state that you post in an attempt to educate ignorant bigots when you have demonstrated that you are both ignorant and a bigot. To claim you are only ever bigoted when retaliating is a ludicrous defence. I hope this post is not too logical for you and I look forward to you attempting to label me a bigot.

            • Pa,t I am now making an assumption and that is that you will go into defence mode and deny, deny, deny. I will attempt to shorten this procedure by saying, please attempt to educate me by answering the following simple questions. 1. Did you teach in a Catholic or non-denominational school? 2. What was the name of the school in which you taught?

    • PAT, just caught up with some of the blogs and in one you described me as a “PRODISANT” I can assure you i’m not, I am born and raised a protestant and just to inform you [ not that it’s any of your business ] I was a Sunday school regular, I was at bible class, I do still support my religion on a very regular level [ every sunday] just thought I should clear that up for you, oh’ im’ not an Orangeman either, just a guy who follows his beliefs and doesn’t try to curry favour along the way, I don’t NEED to proclaim my beliefs or indeed why should I, this may seem hypocritical to you ,but this admission of mine is for you and you alone, you see I’ve never deserted the church of my upbringing [ unlike you ] so maybe the indoctrination has worn off you a little bit, but one thing ill’ probably be correct about, ill’ wager you get buried by a priest, might be wrong, and if i’m wrong ill’ eat my ha.t

      • I did not call you a ‘Proddisant’ I asked which church you went to and asked you not to say the ‘Proddissint Church’ as many people I have met have claimed. I also was a Sunday School regular, as well as attending Mass and was a member of the Boys’ Brigade. I no longer follow any organised religion and left the Catholic Church for reasons I have already explained. Do you mind if I ask: did your church teach you to be filled with so much hate and anger or does that come from another source?

        • Pat,
          I only hate when a “cult” that you used to aspire to uses it’s power and influence to take advantage for it’s deviants, my church has no bearing on my outlook for the abusing of children that your cult has. I asked you will a priest be shaking the vinegar bottle over you when you go to hell/heaven

        • pat – I do not see ‘hate’ in Vampers posts. Just a love for his country, that has diminished as a result of our forefathers compassion for feeding & washing & clothing those timmigrants that destroyed their crops in another country.

          Bill mentioned people who ‘label’ others in a previous blog, as a result of their inability to explain or debate their case – and you’re the exact culprit.

          WATP – & you’re no.

        • Pat a Boys Brigade member ! WHERE ! ? i was Life Boy /Boy Brigade 72nd! Duke St Dennistoun ! how dare you saying you was a Member of an Honorable Organisation ! you saying this you Besmirch the good name and Famous Men who served ! and we was in Safe hands with the Officers who taught us the Word of god!

          • I was in the Boys’ Brigade in Castlemilk in the 1960s, we used to meet at Castleton School and attended the Church of Scotland services at the church near Croftfoot roundabout. Rather ironically, my mother was a member of the local Church of Christ and I attended their Sunday School at Netherton Primary. I wasn’t the only one; many people in my class at school attended both Mass and Sunday School, much to the annoyance of our teacher. There was no indoctrination; just Bible stories.

        • Pat, when you place a word or phrase in inverted commas it indicates a quote, therefor, I ask you this when Vampers mockingly uses the word ” PRODISANT “, why , when you refute his claim, do you place “Proddisant ” in inverted commas? This from the man who claims he posts in an attempt to educate some contributors. God help us.

    • Of course it’s only Rangers fans who are bigoted and racist ,eh pat ? Whether you feel you used the orange bastard quote justifiably or not,is irrelavent.What is relavent is when you said it you said it was because you were provoked.So who knows how much it takes to provoke you and how often you use these terms? Possibly this had a bearing on your career prospects as a teacher and you can’t bring yourself to admit this,like an alcoholic admitting they have a drink problem.The best piece of advice whether wanted or not is to take your own advice and stop posting where you admit your not wanted !!

    • Pat , stick to football sonny , you’re post spouts bigotry , we can see thru you pat , stop coming on here and “trying to educate us ” . What could you possibly inform me of that I don’t know already ? Is your church in the middle of the biggest child abuse scandal in our lifetimes ? Yes matey it is , my background and my education are nothing to do with you or people like you , my mother was born rc and from Belfast , she married my father and the rest shall we say is history ! You need know no more , you are presumptuous patronising and obviously no way less than you imagine , away ye go and and read all about free states and being victimised , carry on reading the sectarian propoganda that you’ve blatantly been taking as fact for years , you think you know better , you don’t , the worst bigotry I’ve ever been unfortunate enough to witness was aimed at me by members of my own family , my mothers side ( at a fkn funeral ) , so please stop it pat , just stop it eh ? You really don’t know much about what you say do you , educate us indeed lmao at you

      • And while I’m on one pat , ask yourself this question and see how much you really know ,
        How many properties has the rc church bought in well to do areas on the outskirts of glasgow ( suburbs if u like )and then placed families in that property over the last 40 years , do you know pat or do you know why pat ? Strategic placement of roman catholosism is alive and well in this country pat , would you have any knowledge of that pat ? And if you tell me you do , then answer this question .. Why would the rc church do that pat , any suggestions ? Still lmao at you

      • I don’t have a church and I am well aware of the depth of child abuse in the Catholic Church as well as in the Jehovah’s Witnesses and other churches that are currently being investigated in the US. As to ‘strategic placement of Roman Catholics’ what is your source for this? Probably one of those David Ickes-style paranoid websites. I could easily find sites that are equally paranoid about Freemasonry just with a Google search. .The difference is, I don’t believe any of them!

        • Pat , your response to my post both vindicates what I take from your post , which is nothing of any worth whatsoever , and it vindicates my question to you , what do you actually know , again which is nothing of any note or worth .
          David Icke style paranoid websites ? What are my sources ? I’d recommend you stop thinking you know more than you actually do Pat , this strategic planning has been happening since I was a kid , IN MY NEIGHBOURHOOD since before I was born , that is fact Pat , common knowledge so to speak , now go do your homework you got school in the morning !
          If you have to ask the question Pat , then I was right , what is it you actually know , if you don’t know about that then you haven’t , what was it , oh that’s it “googled it !”
          You know nothing worthwhile and I’ll reiterate it again so maybe this time you might actually read what I’m writing , do not try to educate me on something you know so very very little about kid

      • I had similar ‘difficulties’ when i got married, my missus was born into the RC faith – although she has no interest in religion whatsoever, she regards herself being RC as nothing more than a label. Her family (especially) her mother was an ardent RC church goer, who vehemently did not want her daughter to marry ‘outside the faith’.

        They didn’t turn up at the wedding, only a couple of her minor relatives did (no loss).

        The old witch is dead now, and my missus keeps away from her side of the family. My family have just accepted her as she is, namely – my wife!

        The religious intolerance came from her Catholic mother (and family to a lesser extent).

    • Pat, I agree with you, I do not like the abuse on here that is directed at the Rangers or protestants or certain people. I assume you will be leaving soon?

      Oh yeh, thats right, you called our great friend Vamper an o***** b******, let us not forget eh.

        • It was you mate, a while back on Bill’s blog, around June/July, very heated debate that was going on at the time, it was funny too if I remember right, but pat just cant take it, his hatred is there for all to see but he always tries to cover his tracks.

    • Aye pat , your post on sep. 3rd at 2.38 am. should have seen you banned from this forum for a start. You stepped way over the line with that comment but it’s always the way with you, trying to sound all reasonable and intellectual when in fact your own bigotry oozes from some of your posts. I would hazard a guess pat , that you are a man who harbours a lot of anger and maybe this forum isnt really the best place to display it . I myself , love a bit of banter about the fitba’ , but how can you talk about others posting filth, when you can compare the people who killed that young soldier to fans of Rangers who attend Ibrox. You also talk of people attaching labels whilst calling Rangers fans sectarian scum . Now your pinning a label on Bill by calling him a bigot. Having read these blogs for a while now , like yourself pat, I can honestly say I could never think of Bill as a bigot, however having read your replies pat I cant say the same about you . Maybe its time to catch a wee breather and just stick to the fitba’ pat .

    • Pat you as ive said before you not A FIGURE OF FUN ON THIS BLOG! you been found out your a Twisted Bigot ! in your many comments ! 1 in particular re ! Gunner Lee Rigby! Lee will sit at the Lords side forever ! you will rot in hell like your ilk! Get ye behind ! your not Wanted here! Depart SATAN FROM OUR MIDST !! W—–A—–T—–P FoR Ever And EVER !

  4. Bill I hate multi posting but when your on the ran-dan your posts mount up….lolol
    I’m just flicking thru the net I am totally gutted by all the propoganda ,,,gggrrrrr I can’t believe this fucking mhob used to blow the uk up FFs!,, why the fuck are we pandering to the scumbags and I mean scumbags!!!lets take our councils and our government back from them bill are you with me because I tell you this lad I am fucking sick to death with all the attacks against my church my team and my very moralistic standards of life yet that papist religion is on a bypass to serenity,I will not stand back now bill I am prepared to fight for my church and faith do you concur?

  5. Bill I just watched on you tube a homecoming parade for my old regiment the scots guards on George square on the 01/06/13 and I’m disgusted that there was NO councillors Or EVEN The Lord provost present!!,Gggrgrgrgrgrggr wtf why have the rhags not reported this,?

    • Concidering that the scots guards are a royal protection army sent/gifted from bonnielassie Scotland and the oldest regiment in the British army being formed in 1642 bar none,it is truly disgusting that a a regiment that is infrequently on scottish streets is treated with such discord by our city bearers…..shame on them……

  6. Turdo separate children at 4-5 years old!!! Religious irony you say……pppfffftttt
    Protestants paying for a separate elitist education through there council tax??
    If it was the other way about I think all the Romanist councils would be up in arms!!

    • As far as I am aware even if religious schools were abolished tomorrow then YOU and the taxpayer woukld still have to pay for the childrens education. And I believe that the dioces of religious schools, be it catholic or Cof E, contribute towards the education of the children of that faith.
      So go pppfffftttt yourself and your erroneous argument and try thinking logically ( you know that thing that Latin teaches you )

      • turdo what about the apartheid?

        Lanarkshire council opened talks with the catholic church about mixed-faith joint campus schools in 2004.
        The plans floundered when Bishop Joe Devine insisted on separate staffrooms, separate pupil entrances and separate toilets.
        Now if that’s not apartheid what is it?

        As regards costs it would be cheaper to have state only schools as every local council will tell you however having said that the real issue is why do we allow apartheid and why do you support it?

        One final point. I’m in favour of mixed religious schooling as a means of attacking sectarianism yet the catholic church brand me a bigot for taking this viewpoint. Why?

  7. Bill I myself am married to a former catholic girl whom I adore and shall adore always but thankfully she saw the light through an outwardly watching!!,and through intelligence of her natural being,she then went forth and re-educated her mother as to the racist singular education system that is the catholic schools.
    Upon which they both learned that separation at youth is tantamount to racialism at its very core!! When will this so called modern society realise we cannot pander to religions when it comes to children’s education?,what is the problem with the cult that is Catholicism that they abhore all others that they need to teach and separate there children? Yet they expect the Cretans to pay for there separation!!,so do we start to see our council tax going for Taliban teachings under a un banner??because I’d say they are a sect the same as Catholicism so would they not be allowed the same benevolence and absolute tolerance as we give to the Romanism?
    We’re do we start and end bill its all so sad that in 2013 we have a separate elite education system in gb that outsiders pay for !!!ppfttyet for other religions ie the Muslims our politicians seem all to ready to raise arms??wtf is wrong with society bill?? I personally think I know how I would fix it but I’d be called a racist bigot for even suggesting it ,so fuck it!! I will!!, bin all catholic,Muslim and Hindu or any other religious organisation!!,Ggggrgrgrgrgrg children need to learn academics and modern technologies not fucking religions in schools,,,that’s for the parents !!,!,
    on a side note bill heard a STRONG STORY that a Scotland player from celtic not brown or mil grew or the kid ……??.?. was caught transferring big amounts to his bookies!!!
    I hear it was found out by officials last week and has been hushed up big style!,,,,!
    Care to put any meat on the bone bill!! my source is close player!!

    • RON31, thoroughly enjoyed the post mate, so delighted that your good lady has seen the “light ” so to speak, or it could be that no matter what barriers and obstacles that are put in our way love transcends them all, wish you both well for the future.
      Our education system in my mind is already a bigoted and separatist movement in that the majority pay for a devious and evil “cult” to propagate it’s doctrine on the youth therefore having them believe that they don’t have a balanced opinion of life and because of their youthfulness they are highly impressionable, it’s only when they are older and [hopefully ] wiser that they see the error of there ways. i’m intrigued by your revelation in the scum player/s gambling , see how the corrupt are “protecting ” these people, i’ll wager [sorry ] that if this was one of our players it would be all over the mhedia, can you not give us a broader clue as to who this or these people are can’t say I’ve heard anything Ron, hence my question.

      The cult are being exposed for the rancid bunch that they are, they seem to think that saying hail Mary’s and lighting candles absolves them of wrong doing, tony Blair’s school knee deep in this vile practice, the monks in Inverness area, we are in the midst of an epidemic and bit by bit it’s being exposed, ftp is the leader of the biggest paedophile ring in the world and his recent proclamation that Paedo priests will not be investigated tells us something about a “cult ” that proclaims to be the only true religion, as I’ve said before “CHURCHMEN “DON’T MAKE ME LAUGH”.

    • So true RON31, your words are so spot on and they say money is the root of all evil, it is, but so is religion. The world is a mess.

  8. Great stuff Bill where else in the world would you get a discussion on football, religion and politics in the one breath. Scotland for ever!

  9. Furthermore, Glasgow Celtic always promote that their club was founded on charitable principles, but the real reason for that was that Brother Walfrid (Andrew Kerins) was worried that evengelical Christian groups with their soup kitchens in and around Glasgow would draw Roman Catholics away from the mother church, so Glasgow Celtic was born out of a need to pay for the kitchens that Walfrid started in an attempt to negate the existing “protestant” soup kitchens. Therefore this charity was started, not out of Christain love for his fellow man, but out of fear of losing the existing flock of the Roman Catholic church to Christianity. This would give us an insight into the motivation behind the Record’s attack and persecution of these well intentioned people.

    • History for the catholic religion is all about the catholic church looking after the catholic religion, if only we could go back and change history. If the powers of be feel threatened they side with who is threatening them to protect their religion and attack whoever they see fit, to suit their agenda. Isn’t this why the catholic church gave millions of its money to Hitler?

  10. I like the idea of a British Lions Football equivalent. If nothing else it would serve as a good wind up against the thought police but that’s a bit naughty. I reckon the players would be up for it particularly our lads who must get so pissed off being whipping boys for countries they couldn’t point to on a map. It would also serve as a yard stick in terms of how many from our origins are actually good enough to get into such a squad/team – it could prove to be a real motivator unlike the current setup where most seek early retirement to concentrate on the things they give a damn about. It would spark my interest and I’d will on any participating jocks to get stuck in and give a good account of themselves.
    As for the church in question I have no idea how far the DR are off the mark. However, as we’ve often said on here fear is based on ignorance – meaning that once you get a few abuse scandals under your belt, so to speak, then everyone can relax in the comfort of knowing what you’re all about.

    • Doubt if England would be remotely interested in a British team. Apart from Bale the other nations have nothing to offer. Sad really, especially from Scotland who have produced Law, Dalglish, Souness, Bremner etc.etc in the past.

  11. Bill I mentioned the other day that I feel our beliefs and our club are under serious attack , I hadn’t read the article yesterday or today , I’ve been very busy at work , I have now and it’s just more of what I believe is happening , our beliefs are being attacked our club is constantly being attacked , I really do believe there’s a coup d’état happening slowly , in front of our eyes in this country of ours .
    It’s our beliefs , our traditions , our religion and our club that are constantly under a bombardment of negativity , bad press and down right lies .
    I know nothing of this church but , and here’s the thing , each to their own is what I believe in, I have my own spiritual and religious beliefs and I wouldn’t bore anyone with them , they’re personal to me and me alone , i was brought up to respect everyone’s beliefs , ours are not in any way being respected in this country of ours , I’m not sure we are even being tolerated , more of the same from a devious morally bankrupt government aided and abetted by what can only be described as compliant mhedia ( if you catch my drift ) . It’s happening in front of our eyes PEEPEL !
    As for Scotland last night … Very much a case of ” big boys came and took our ball ” light years behind mate , light years

    • Ok kenny I hear ya mate so were do we start? The councils? I keep hearing we are the majority religion wise do we start a religious crusade to rid the councils of there roman influence?,sadly I feel this wouldn’t even work because our religious beliefs as a country are gone sadly,there is no Church of Scotland there is only a band of Orangemen and rangers supporters who proclaim they are were do we start? We all laughed at the old saying every family that was catholic was huge for the obvious reasons! And guess what bears we bear what we sowed!! We got lax we got lazy and we got complacent!!! S don’t complain now …..sort it !!,lets start a campaign to do as they did to us !! Lets breed lets complain lets apply for every public office lets sit for every committee lets shout louder…..and us bears know the rest and we all let it happen!,! He’ll mend us!!!

      • That’s exactly how the catholic religion is doing it, control of councils and governments, they have power, they don’t need to start wars. Look at the complacency with muslims being on councils and in government too, sharia law will be introduced next, introduced gradually as a great thing and good for society. No wonder a world war is brewing, everyone is pissed of with society!!

      • Ron , your so right mate , the Church of Scotland has to stand up and be much more pertinent in this country , don’t know the exact figures but last I heard there was less than 10% of adults going to church in Scotland , Bills blog is about the teachings of Christ to our kids , the church should be more prominent more vocal and speak for its people , we have to educate our children , this I fear will take generations , but you are right my friend , we really must be much more proactive and start to show that we as a people will stand up and be counted , how we do it ? I honestly don’t have any answers but parents of kids need to take more responsibility and sadly I include myself in that mate

      • Ron, I posted similar on another Rangers site yesterday. They have infiltrated every key area in the country. We need to be on our toes.

  12. The original Glasgow motto reads “Lord, let Glasgow flourish, by the preaching of Thy word and the praising of Thy name” This has been watered down by subsequent Roman Catholic political officals of Glasgow to “Let Glasgow flourish” “Glasgow’s Alive” “Glasgows miles better”, etc etc. simply to take the preaching of the word away, as it is the one thing which destroys the foundation of the Roman Catholic’s church control of their flock, lest they hear, and start making their minds up for themselves, like Martin Luther, William Tyndale, John Knox, the Mexican girl from the East Kilbride church, wee agy doon the road, and countless thousands of others who have seen the light, and seen the Roman Catholic institution for the fraud that it is and coming out from among them.

    • Brilliant post Bill… and this is hitting that nail on the head right enough.
      The catholic within the workings of the so called ‘Daily record’ are mostly happy when they run-down proper Christian teachings as they MUST KNOW by now (2013) that their man-made so called ‘church’ is not ONLY Anti-Christ in its teachings but Also such a ‘haven’ for evil… evil people and evil teachings AND practices.
      Man I’ll just bet that they hate it when they get exposed for WHAT they truly Are !
      Not too sure about just having a GB football side though ? Once we get back to the top we will see many a Rangers player within the Scotland side .. i’ll think more of the national team when this happens.

      Another fine piece of writing Bill … keep em goin’ :)

      • The thing is, a handful of reporters at the daily rhag still get their message and stories across to so many, we in turn speak about it in blogs. There are people out there who believe and are brainwashed to believe what the daily rhag or a religion says regardless. i.e there are people out there, you saw it on the news, who still believe to this day that disgraced cardinal o’brien was innocent even though the disgraced cardinal admitted wrong doing.

        We need control of the media to retaliate, that’s why political parties side with certain media outlets to get votes. If the daily rhag says black our media outlet should say white, drive the f***** out. I never read the daily rhag, it should be laid to rest as soon as possible. Lets start taking this nation back by voting “No” in the referendum on 18th September 2014.

    • Great point Jim G…….They are historic in their quest to diminish a Presbyterian believe which rescued most of them from the jaws of starvation and this is the pay back for lending them a life saving support . Lets just look at the SFA and it’s total disregard for every other member outwith their circle of faith.
      Firstly the Glesca Jap marching on to the board and secondly Celtic planning to use Murrayfield for their CL cmpaign next season what could be more disrespectful and a typical exmple as how they live their lives . It says it all . Yes Anthony Blair he has a sin to answer for as it was under his leadership that Dr Death got all the breaks as a Goverment minister ( fit and proper person ??? ) no chance , a bitter and twisted RC on a mission.

  13. As an agnostic I have every sympathy with any religious group spreading the word of their God. If it’s not an actual duty of faith (which it usually is,) it’s at the very least motivated by good intentions.
    I don’t know why the Daily Record is so outraged by this particular group who seem to me to have done little or no harm. In time the pupils of the school will be exposed to different faiths and beliefs as part of the Secondary curriculum.
    What the Record would do better to highlight is the ongoing state funded religious apartheid of RC schools.
    Pat, no doubt, has something to say about our ignorance of what goes on in RC schools. My view is that indoctrination is what goes on and I’m happy to remain in ignorance of that.
    The Roman Catholic faith should be no more, (or less,) a part of the education system than this church in East Kilbride.

  14. Would any Roman care to explain the term Catholicism / Roman Catholicism. It appears odd that the followers of Romanism do not use the Word Christianity to express their cult / faith, but Evangelical Christians ( take note of the mention of the word Christian) do use the term Christianity.

    Another anomaly it would appear within Romanism!

  15. Scotland we all live in hope for a decent football team, sorry that will never happen, the Roman Record it appears now has a clear anti Christian agenda, our wee Free country, (Free from Romanism) is seriously under threat, as the mainstream media are possibly now controlled by Romanism.

    Free thinking Christians fought the Roman for centuries and are still fighting the Roman to this day, this wee country, Covenanted to God will never bow to Rome.

    If Rome if the true Church of Christianity, then why no Roman Covenant?

  16. Under the present set up of the SFA and the casuals that are posing as “the tartan army” then I have absolutely lost interest in the Scottish national football side, but they were playing a class team who even after leaving players like Eden Hazard out and playing away from home are still too strong for Scotland, no disgrace though as they have quality running through their side, I said to a colleague of mine 5 years ago that it is very possible we won’t see Scotland qualify for another major tournament in our lifetime, he laughed (he’s a lot younger than me) but mentioned last night that maybe it isn’t such a ridiculous prediction after all.

    As for the record “newspaper” persecuting the people of this Church, I think what we are witnessing, is what the people of that paper would interpret as a retaliatory blow to Christian (or what they see as protestant Churches) on behalf of their mother church after all the scandal of the paedophile priests etc. pathetic I know. As for the Mexican girl who has been targeted by the record, The Lord did tell us that if the world hate you, ye know that it hated me before you.
    John 15:20-21
    Remember the word that I said unto you, The servant is not greater than his lord. If they have persecuted me, they will also persecute you; if they have kept my saying, they will keep yours also. But all these things will they do unto you for my name’s sake, because they know not him that sent me.
    The irony is, that the Roman Catholic church who through the centuries right up until today, have continued to persecute Christians the world over, purport to be Christian themselves. Sadly the RC system is a million miles away from Christianity, I do know Roman Catholics who I believe have Christ in their heart, but are too afraid to come out of the system which has such a strong hold on them, where the only other escape is to forsake God altogether and declare unbelief.
    I am pretty sure that as well as the prayers from believers all over Scotland, that the Mexican girl will receive plenty of support from those around her, not least from the Lord himself. As someone has once said
    “one man and God against the rest of the world is an unfair majority”

  17. The Roman commenting on Religious intolerance, the piece in the Roman Record is as clear an attack on Christianity as you will get, but lets remember the Roman Rebel never attacks the anomalies of indoctrinating children at the age of 5, nor exposing the children to institutionalised Paedophilia within Romanism or at that EAST END CLUB.

    Obviously your schooling within Romanism, has taught you well, as this bastardised form of Christianity is truly the greatest evil ever unleashed on the worlds population.

  18. Charlotte site, its twitter account, tweets and scribd docs all gone – looks like police stepped in. BBC mentioned it on radio (press release???) and happened after RFC minutes released for Oct2012 showing Sevco 5088 (Whyte) HAD bought assets from D&P, and these then NOVATED (orally – does that count in scotland) by sole director of Sevco 5088 – Green. If NOVATION doc illegal D&P (now sold for £600m) on hook to whyte for £30m, and whyte on hook to Ticketus for £22m….

    All falling into place.. whyte was probably recorded by Green – so they could fake up an oral agreement to NOVATE assets from SevCo 5088 to Sevco Scotland….. where is pjz to unravel all this ???

  19. BILL,
    I’m like most on here and that is a proud scot, [well if you support the scum you’ll be oirish] . that’s what they the [scum ] tell us. As for Scotland at football, I will NEVER support Sco whilst this rancid, catholic run cabal are in power, how can we possibly have a successful team when the grass roots of the game is either dying/or dead, we [not me ] look to the powers that be for guidance and direction, sadly, this fucking lot couldn’t direct you to anything except the destruction of our National game, how can you promote football at International level when the blofelds of the game are only concerned for one team,[HAVE A GUESS ]. We don’t even have a sponsor for our top league [ ha-ha fucking ha]. that shows how GOOD these morons are at running our game, mis-management more like ,it is nothing short of a disgrace that these idiots are being allowed to get away with this without questions being asked of them, but that is exactly why the opus dei are in control.

    the daily rhag, cesspit of a place, snakes,reptiles, and just in case you didn’t understand FUCKING SCUM.

    As for the cbbc sco, see last sentence.

    • Hi Vamp…..never like to miss your ‘to the point’ blogs … About 70% of Opus Dei members live in their private homes , leading traditional catholic family lives with secular careers , while the other 30% are celibate ( don’t laugh) of whom the majority live in Opus Dei centres. Opus dei organizes training in Catholic spiirituallity applied to daily life . Aside from personal charity and social work Opus Dei memebers are involved in running universities, university residencies,schools , publishing houses,technical centres,agricultural centres and the fukin SFA. So there Vamp for you in a nut shell. as we say WATP…GSTQ.

      • Table Tennis, hi, the insidious way that these people co-op themselves into positions to fend off any sort of challenge to them in everything, as you point out they are sitting waiting for the word to push on, a guy has a website called ” THE MAN THE BHEASTS CAN’T TAME “. this gives an insight into how the ” cult ” have infiltrated society, it is scary as to the positions of these people that have an agenda, it’s like the “spy cell laying in wait for the call !! ” SCARY !!!!. have a look if you have the time. Yes, as you say- – – – W.A.T.P. and G.S.T.Q..

  20. O’turdo; I do irony and coppery and also goldy – I’m a metallurgical engineer.

    Btw; what are you doing here – go help those poor souls that were ignored by your inhumane football club. Those less fortunate than A.Brazil – and no doubt had their life ruined by those accomplices within cfc.

      • GFL – there’s nothing more dispicable than a club overlooking horrendous attrocities to young kids, for their own financial gain. But, unlike any other institution, that’s what this club has done.

  21. The worst thing about last night’s game happened before the kick-off in Reporting Scotland. The BBC reporter (rather follicly challenged) who was interviewing the Scottish Manager asked Strachan how he thought CELTIC would get on against Belgium. He got a look from Strachan that only he can do. Baldy quickly mumbled something about he was going back a few years and tried to laugh it off. They can’t even disguise their allegiance on air now!

    • TOM ! Billy McNeil mentioned the performances of quote” THE THREE CELTIC LADS” unquote . Billy like the rest of them ! 1 eye on ROI! N 1 ON the 3Amigos!! W—–A—–T—–P

  22. Football aside,I don’t but nor do I read this rag but Its a wonder the day-late-rebel does not run exclusives on the continual cover up of child abuse within the RC church which is world wide,plenty of stories and would keep people in a job for a very long time or simply maybe that is not what their bosses want the gullible folk who still buy it,want them to read.

    • I noticed today in the mhedia today, a story of…..wait for it……RC priest sexually assaults boy with learning difficulties. Then behold, I recognised the victim – he stayed for a short time, next door to my parents house, several years ago. Very quiet person who kept to himself to himself, now we know why.

      When will this ever end?

      Every day some new revelation comes out in the mhedia about Priests and their paedophile past. Whilst it is not exclusively an RC Church problem, the amount of cases coming to light is something beyond a joke. Yet again, it is all quiet from the vhatican, they covered it up originally by sending the priest to Canada for ‘special treatment’ (?????) before returning him back to Ayrshire.

      Once again, the RC Church and their ‘dirty little secret’ is exposed – yet it’s all quiet from the Vhatican!

  23. The report highlights how ignorant the daily record is to Christianity. As part of our faith, it is incumbent on us to tell the gospel to the world. A direct instruction from Christ Jesus.. The great commission. What is so abhorrent about trying to bring people to a faith which has a messsge of love, selflessness, responsibility and which DEMANDS accountability? A moral code preached in a country that is fast becoming a moral vacuum, where just about anything goes, apart from evangelical christianity! The church may well be over zealous who knows, the record is definitely putting an awful spin on it that’s for sure. A spiritual attack if ever there was one. If you are doing something right in this corrupt world, by jings you’re gonna get it. The Bible is right. The ‘fiery darts’ are flying thick and fast at those people. When I think of the record I am reminded of Ephesians 2. The prince and power of the air is at work in those who are disobedient. The concept of spiritual warfare may seem leftfield to some folk, but as a born again Christian you know all about it alright. It is no surprise the rag in question is attacking the evangelical church in such an aggressive fashion, true Christianity is to be scorned at, whilst the false doctrine children have been brought up in whilst attending rc schools goes on unhindered. Plain and simple it is my opinion the report is a form of BIGOTRY against a church free from the Church of Rome. ‘A dangerous sect’, ‘sheep stealing rapacious wolves’ , no, not the record this time, but the pope, when referring to the evangelical church in South America. We see the similarities. The rc church don’t want people to know Christ for themselves (nor do the record it seems), but to be part of a system of control and false doctrine, Evangelism is about bringing people to Christ. Galatians 5.’The fruit of the spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self control’. Everything the frenzied hate filled reporting of the daily record is not. An utterly shameful attack.

    • I agree that the. Record did not mention any of the ” good” parts of evangelical teaching , such as having good morals and tolerance. However it is disturbing that children are tought that the world is only 6,000 years old( if this type of creationism is tought) and that homosexuality is an abomination. This is not what I would class as toleration.

      • God hates the sin not the sinner, but In case you missed it, homosexuality is classed as a sin in Scripture. Does that mean God hates PEOPLE who sin? No, quite the opposite- ‘While we were yet sinners, Christ died for us’. Greater love hath no man…. As for young earth theory-‘disturbing’? get a grip! Teaching primary school kids sex education is disturbing, or telling them sodomy is normal, that’s disturbing. The sexualization of our children, is disturbing. The fact the daily record is waging an appalling campaign against christians who want to PRESERVE our childrens’ innocence, is disturbing. The said paper’s smear campaign against christians in a paisley school recently, for making older pupils more aware of the dangers of a promiscuous lifestyle, is disturbing. Get with the programme sir.

        • And what proggramme is that? A programme that demonises someone and classes them as an unrepentant sinner because of their sexuality. No thanks I will pass on that particular proggrame.

          Whilst I agree that the sexualisation of children is disturbing I do believe that there is a pklace for sex and relationship education in schools , yes even primary schools at a late age.

          • The only people being demonized here are evangelical christians, and the record has previous for it, thats the programme. If it was just a case the paper is against kids being ‘brainwashed’, why never a word against the state funded rc education system where kids have been indoctrinated from the age of 5 for the best part of a century? But evangelists going into a school are subjected to the most appalling attacks. I’ll tell you why, it’s because they are christians who stick to the scriptures, they don’t add superstition and rituals. The paper is inciting religious hatred as far as I’m concerned and I will be taking the matter further through legal advice and also through rhe political channels. I know an msp who is a Christian and will be contacting their office tomorrow.

      • is it not the catholic church that regards homosexuality as an abomination ,yet time and time again its priests are caught out practising sexual acts of a homosexual nature to each other and perpetrating the most disgusting sexual practices towards children of both sexes ,then when reported to their church the cover up of said crimes begins in earnest.

  24. Bill I respect your views and won’t criticise you for your believe in God, even I do believe that any such belief is flawed and outdated, it is your right, and the right of the congregation of the church in East Kilbride to follow whatever faith they choose. Even such spurious “pseudo” religions as scientology have that basic right.

    I however come here for the footy and as for the bold lionfarts getting soundly skelped by Belgium I can only say good riddance. I am ashamed of our national team and have been for years thanks mostly to the actions of the power brokers at hampdump. As for a British team, I am indifferent to that proposition after all as Psycho Pearce proved during the Olympics a British team would consist of predominantly English players with token Scots, Welsh and Ulstermen. At least the Rugby team uses a better more even mix and players get in on merit.

    The daily rhebel for years has only been suitable for lining the bottom of a cat’s litter tray, and to be honest I don’t see that changing anytime soon. I think it’s been years since I actually bought a newspaper, I believe them all to be a vast waste of trees.

  25. Aye but Scottish Football is booming, sure it was only the other day after Peter Lawwell elected himself on to the Sfa Board that he said there are a lot of positives in the game.

    • Read wee shugs piece in the Roman Record sister act paper, talk about head stuck up some ones erse, there is actual belief from some! he is there for the good of Scottish Football.

  26. Could we not just leave religion out of schools .
    Ok , a bit of teaching on the various faiths etc is fair enough , but as a long term critic of faith based schools I’m not sure about this .
    RC schools preach a set of values as well , their abolition and state funding actually being once under great threat . Jack McConnell being the man that gave in to the RC church and commited vast sums of Scottish money to perpetuate this apartheid .
    Religious intolerance will not go away while we seperate kids from the age of 5 .

    • It is not the schools that preach intolerance. This comes from parents , and society to a lesser extent , who advocate that if a parent decides to a send their children to a religious school then somehow this is treasonous . How pathetic and discriminatory is this? Whatever happened to freedom of choice.

      • turdo we have perfectly good state schools but your cult was scared that the hold that they have on you might be lost and demanded catholic schools.
        What happened to freedom of choice you ask? Well as I help fund them through my taxes I surely have the right to object.
        If you want freedom of choice then pay for it yourself. Apartheid and indoctrination of children and you support that. Good on you as all you do is perpetuate bigotry.

        • Why oh why is it that it is only in Scotland and the North of Ireland that Catholic schools are such a contenscious issue?

          I really dont`t understand it, in England the Catholic Church and the Church of England contribute towards the cost of schools that are religious by nature and you never get any political debate about so called religious and educational aparthied.

          Thank f..k I left that immature, bigoted wee country years ago and used my freedom of choice to choose my childrens school. I choose the school based on academic reasons and was not influenced by any bigot who would criticise my choice because it was a faith school.

          Scotland is a nasty wee country , full of nasty wee bigots with their superiority complex and silly wee songs and walks, and the sooner it leaves the UK the better it will be for all of us sane people in England.

          • Turdo you’ve failed to answer my question.
            When the irish catholics fleeing from the famine arrived in Scotland they were met with kindness by the CoS who operated ‘soup kitchens’ but the catholic church didn’t want them mixing with protestants and set up their own.
            This apartheid thinking also manifested itself in other areas such as football. Catholic clubs were set up in Dundee, Edinburgh and Glasgow. The ‘first’ Hibs in Edinburgh had it written into their constitution that only catholics could play for them. This was dropped for the ‘second’ Hibs, the first team being destroyed when Celtic were formed and nicked their best players and they realised only signing catholics was too limited a market.
            We also saw catholic function rooms set up so that catholics needn’t attend the protestant ones as the catholic church saw them. There were no protestant ones only non-religious ones lol.
            So again why do you support apartheid.

          • You’re not an educated man (wumin) are you o’turdo. Step back from your indoctrinated upbringing. Northern Ireland & Scotland is the ONLY countries in the world that has to contend with the oirish. There is no such confrontation in England for example, because the oirish, for the majority has taken on the English culture/identity. Not like in Scotland for example, whereafter >180 years the offspring of those (+/- 50 generations ago) that were helped, still degrade the Nation that assisted you’s while exalting a terrorist loving nation that you’s had to leave.

            And that is what the indigenous/Presbyterian Scots & N.Irish has to contend with.

  27. You shouldn’t mention Ireland in the same blog as the home nations. Our brothers in the East end will not like that!

    A British cup is a great idea in my opinion. A regionalised British league incorporating end of season play offs would be good too.

  28. Bill: No way in hell should there be a British team I am proud to be both a proud Scot and a proud Brit and although the tartan army put me off going to support and the new criminal act should be used against some of them, I will not change my mind on that.

    There will be no chance of a British league unless it is done through the court on restriction of trade laws as who in England would want us down there getting a piece of there pie and I predict in another few years our club football will go the way of the Republic of Ireland unless the youth systems are drastically changed.

    Even now and although out-with Rangers and the second biggest team in Scotland the attendances over there are better than some of the SPFL games.

    Was there as Big an outcry when Tony Blair converted to Catholicism ?

    • Why should there have been an outcry when Tony Blair converted, doesn’t everyone have a god given right to practice and observe their faith in whichever way they choose?

      Some of the anti catholic rantings on this blog beggar belief and really lower the tone to what is, for the most part, a sensible blog but each to their own.

      As for Tanya, don’t hold your breath, with Mr Lawwell guiding Celtic and now in a position of power at the top table at Hamden, it’ll be quite some time before anyone comes remotely close to challenging us in any way, shape or form.

      With years of champions league money to come we are disappearing over the horizon at pace!

      • I certainly did not interpret the reference to Blair as an anti=Catholic statement; it was a reference to an example of conversion.

        As for Lawwell, are you admitting his position of power gives you an unfair competitive advantage?

        So that’s what you mean by a level playing field?

      • FM: It was a simple point that there was no great problem with his conversion but convert the other way and according to the record it’s ” disturbing reading ” this is so called impartial journalism in Scotland.

        As for the anti catholic rants I can assure you none have come from me but if you asked me if historic and current paedophilia in the catholic church and the historic cover ups are a concern then yes they are !

        When it is actually more accurate to describe the Record’s actual reporting on this matter as disturbing reading.

      • FM,
        “With years of champions league money to come we are disappearing over the horizon at pace!”

        What a statement.What a fuckin’ statement.

      • Aye the way your team won their last tainted title with the lowest points total in spl history certainly shows how fast you are disappearing over the horizon.

      • After conversion, you have the devious, lying war-mongerer in your church……well, you’re welcome to him. He’ll be at home, I’m sure.

  29. Just read the article on line. It never fails to astound me how reporters can coax the most ridiculous quotes from parents. One lady stated the she was disgusted with the books her son had been given and had thrown them in the bin. She further stated she had been baptised a Catholic and her husband was a Protestant but she wanted her son to make up his own mind on religion. How will he achieve this? By only reading books that she approves of presumably. Irony is alive and flourishing in East Kilbride.

  30. Bill,yesterday`s story in a down market tabloid saddened me greatly.That a headmistress is being castigated for encouraging Gospel teaching underlines the spiritual desert our country is fast becoming.Remember,Scotland gave the world great Christians like David Livingstone and Eric Liddell.The young man in question does other voluntary work to help the needy,and is a genuine good guy.What a shame a newspaper thinks it proper to denigrate his efforts.

  31. The rhecord is dying a slow and painful death(reader wise)so i don’t think it will be long before there’s no record any more,i for one can’t wait for that day.

    • MDW 1872
      Totally agree the Scotland’s msm circulation is dropping dramatically. The internet and social media has been their downfall. We no longer have to read of these fairytale “Exclusives” written purely to sell papers and deflect. We can simply go online and check for ourselves.

  32. The way that comic sets itself up as some sort of ‘moral gaurdian’ is laughable . I stopped buying it years ago due to it being no more than the print version of the jeremy kyle show. ( no offence to jeremy ) .

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