We Are All The People

A poster called Pharez, Zarah and Judah has certainly ignited interest among posters on this blog and on Rangers forums with his revelations about Celtic’s “secret” financial dealings.

I thought my readers may like to know the story behind these three biblical names and their significance for Scots living in the 21st century.

The story comes from Genesis 38. Pharez and Zarah were twin boys born to Tamar and their father was Judah.

The story is that Zarah’s hand came through his mother’s womb and the midwife tied a scarlet cord around it. The tiny babe then pulled his hand back in. Pharez then came through and breached his brother (Pharez means “breach”).

Judah was the sceptre tribe in Israel, meaning that the kingly line would come from Judah. This monarchy did indeed come from Judah as David was a descendant of Pharez.

There was obvious tension between descendants of Zarah and Pharez because, although Pharez was the firstborn, Zarahites believed they had a prior claim because of Zarah’s outstretched hand from the womb.

When it became clear that the Israelite monarchy was to come through Pharez, many of the sub-tribe of Zarah-Judah joined those wanderers of the tribe of Dan and began to migrate away from the nation of Israel.

Descendants of Zarah known as Milesians travelled to and set up colonies in the Iberian peninsula, eventually settling in Ireland where, as the royal sceptre race, they set up their own kingdom. Known as the Knights of the Scarlet Thread, their symbol became the red hand with a ribbon tied around the wrist, depicting their ancestor Zarah.

It was also a symbol of YHWH, the God of Israel.

Once their kingdom was established, Jeremiah the prophet brought two Hebrew princesses who were descended from the kingly line of David along with the Stone of Destiny, the Ark of the Covenant and David’s harp to Ireland.

These princesses had survived the massacre of the royal house by the Babylonians who invaded Judah and carried its people away as captives.

The two maids married into the Milesian dynasty. Tea Tephi married the Heremon, High King Eochaidh of Ireland and they are direct ancestors of the British Royal Family!

This marriage united the lines of Pharez (the Davidic line) and Zarah (the Milesian line).

The Throne of David was thus continued in the British Isles. Successive High Kings of Ireland were crowned upon the Stone of Dynasty. This Stone was brought to Scotland by Fergus the Great who is the ancestor of the Scottish line of monarchs.

The succession came from Ireland into Scotland and finally to what is now the British monarchy.

The great irony of Irish nationalism is that those who adhere to it are actually opposing their own ancient God-ordained monarchy when they oppose the British Throne!

Another great irony is that the original Fenians were Milesian warriors who were special forces bodyguards to the High King. Interestingly, warrior knights of the Red Branch called themselves craunnogs meaning “the crowned” to define their own royal bloodline and their allegiance to the High King.

Symbols of Judah

The Dalriadic Kingdom in Scotland came into being via a migration of Irish descended from Milesians, many of whom became the Highland clans, known as the Royal Race of Scots.

These people, descended from Tea Tephi and the Heremon through the kingly line in Ireland, have the royal blood of David in their veins!

Peter Bereford Ellis, the renowned Celtic scholar, highlighted the royal descent of virtually every Irish clan in his awesome book Erin’s Blood Royal.

This means that the Scots and Irish are of royal Davidic blood and, by centuries of intermarriage between Scots, Irish and English, the entire indigenous population of the British Isles can claim this descent.

This means we are all the people in that we are all of Israelite descent. Both Ireland and Scotland are Judah, hence the Judahite symbols in our heraldry.

These things were once much more widely known in Britain. In recent years the internet has brought a massive resurgence of the teaching.

It’s all exciting stuff and gives powerful credence to the notion that Scotland is the land of destiny.

It also explains the massive impact that the Scots and Irish peoples have had on world history. There are many books out which highlight the fact that the Scots invented the modern world.

Wha’s like us, indeed.

It should be pointed out that this is no argument for independence. Scotland’s strength comes from unity with all the peoples in the British Isles.

As a good friend of mine says, Scotland is not part of Britain; Scotland IS Britain.

The Union is not a partnership; it is a marriage.

Scotland and England (and later Ireland) did not join Britain by the Act of Union.

They became Britain by uniting as one nation and one kingdom.

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  1. The reason why Scotland will NEVER see independence and why so many sad deluded Scottish fools and shills support the shitty little jewish zionist masonic state in the middle east – and a certain shitty hate filled, deluded, recently relegated red white and blue bigoted football team
    Mostly I’m ashamed of Scotland and its traitorous acts upon its own Celtic and British people and other vunerable decent common people throughout recent history by selling out to the jewish masonic colonial cabal since the days of the sick jew satanist Oliver Cromwell. We ARE definitely NOT “The people”. What we are – is a sold out traitorous non entity, of useful idiots and clueless cannon fodder for the Jewish masonic zionist criminal mafia cabal that have had a stranglehold over Briton and the British and European nations for centuries. Its true what the rabbinical teachers say – Protestantism is judaism for the goy. The reformation and the so called “glorious revolution” was in fact a jewish coup de tat take over of Britain and its culture and institutions ,- a supplanting of the last true British royalty , and an implanting of the judaification of what was once a christian faith in the Western world and the start of modern central banking and the eternal debt enslavement and poision of jewish usury.
    In essence rangers fans are clueless deluded fools who serve blindly and completely ignorantly the jewish masonic overlords and their puppet royalty and whore shill politicians. Thankfully – we are waking up to what “We arra peeple” means – and just what kind of people you are! pitiful masonic – anti christian low grade scum . Yes – Interesting deluded supremist views Mr McMurdo – I will be sure to share your views – far and wide. Like most of the self satisfied , middle class , psuedo protestant “thinkers” here and on such similar forums , barely hiding your hatred for decent Irish and Scottish working people , who happen not to share your narrow , blighted hate filled views – under a cover or your cockamamie biblical bullshit nonsense – Shamefull stuff – as ever from Scotland’s shame!

    • When you talk of this Jewish cabal manipulating Scottish history do you mean that they are ‘Jews’ by either their practicing religion or blood (secular or crypto)? Or both?

      Was not Christ Jewish? In fact Christianity originally started out as a Jewish faction or pressure group. John The Baptist came before Christ. Likewise after him the early Syrian, Gnostic, and Eastern Orthodox even came before the Roman Catholic Church not after. So it could be argued that Christianity too is yet another Jewish conspiracy? Or Roman Catholicism is just a way of keeping The Roman Empire functioning? Just following the logic here.

      The Catholic Knights Templar fleeing from their Pope (after yet another intolerant Inquisition of his Church of all non- Roman Catholics), feared his self same Knights huge power and influence brought about Masonry to Scotland. Bonnie Prince Charlie The Young Pretender was, (true British royalty?), yes, a Mason too. I suppose these people are all secret Jews too? What of the Knights of St Columba (to the layman the Catholic Masons), some of whom are to be found in the Masonic Christian Royal Arch Order? A non- Jewish order in as much as they do not accept those who reject Christ as the Savior and so are barred. Secular or Crypto Jews who profess to accept Christ withstanding here of course.

      I’m pointing all this out as you seem confused over whether to term Jews as a ‘race’ or religion’. In so doing you just fall into the old cliched stereotypical Anti-Semite trap.

    • no not at all. that would mean their carrying forward losses, instead of carrying over losses from previous years, and would ultimately mean in their use of utilising tax losses, that they are evading rather than avoiding corporation tax. you cant assume that your going to make losses and print them in accounts for the current year. all accounts are for the current year, not future.

      • the key is in their accounts, in the use of utilising corporation tax liability. the losses have been carried over from previous years. simply put the losses have already occured. they have not yet paid players and staff their future money as yet, though their contracts mean they have to be honoured, but that can only appear after they have been paid. you cant include say, 2014 losses in 2013 accounts. 2014 losses will appear soon enough my friend!!

    • in any accounts rab, the loss has to occur, before you put them in your accounts. the 2013 accounts show clearly actual losses, not future losses or losses still to happen. thats why we have the tax year, and all your business dealings have to be submited for the current year up to date. celtic have future liabilities, but they have not yet occured, so you cant put them in current year. please refer to the pic i sent of celtic 2001, and see clearly their net liabilities and debts CURRENT

    • based on that assumption also rab, no company would ever pay tax as they could say, we have to honour our employee’s future contracts, so we can carry that liability forward every year or years, use the current year as well and claim we are not making money based on the fact of future liabilities which have not yet occured. think of the chaos my friend and how you could ever work out current tax liabilities. no all their debts have already occured, my guess is from dec 2012 it has already increased, end of this month will tell the story.

    • Pzj you really need to put this on a blog and try and get it into the mainstream, head scratching stuff!

      • marky my friend, this is public knowledge, every msm should have spotted this as I am not stating anything that is not on their accounts. they have hid 2001 company, from the public glare, but as I have stated if you can see from their accounts, which I presume all these msm read as they were able to see the 14.9 million brought in, how did they miss net liabilities of 37 odd million? one question from them would have revealed the whole illusion my friend.
        these are facts, not fantasy, and all in the public domain.

        • The MSM are not interested, really needs to go on a blog
          Personally I’ve been shouting about this since last year when I first came across it, to anyone who’d listen
          Interestingly most stick their head in the sand.
          Maybe we should take a leaf out of the tims book and write to UEFA, afterall they clearly fail
          the new Fair Play rules :-)

  2. If this conjecture about Celtic’s finance is true, or even partly true, I wonder what impact the state of the Cooperative banks financial circumstances will have on this “debt”? The Coop bank is ina perilous situation financially so if they need money…… who knows wher they will call the debt in from…

    • the debt my friend is not conjecture, feb accounts bear out what I am saying, im only quoting from their accounts. its there my friend

  3. BLX-bnMCAAAJAca.jpg (file://ABIGAIL-PC/Users/Abigail/Pictures/BLX-bnMCAAAJAca.jpg)
    positive proof that celticfc ltd are bankrupt.
    fellow bears, lets crack this optical illusion once and for all.
    why can 2001 send accounts on its own merits or demerits would be a better term to companies house and 1897 have to use 2001 in theirs?
    simple 1897 have no income or expenditure the 2001 co. are the trading company. that is the reason for inclusion, there would be no accounts for them without it. 1897 terms itself the plc.
    now, please refer to their latest accounts, http://announce.ft.com/Detail/?DocKey=1323-11485796-21SDMLIN4TB2RQ5JULU35NTUF8, under net liabilities, dec 11 35,646 (millions) june 2012 43,446 (millions) dec 2012 37,664 (millions). these are all 2001 co. debts. if the plc includes the trading co, to show income it must also show the debt, though it all seems so incidental.
    now we know, that 1897 had a bank overdraft of 9 million and this was claimed, that they were debt free. which was true, but not the full picture.
    in any company the trading company who receive all the incomes and pay the employee’s should be the main accounts. celtic have reversed this, to keep the debt away from 1897. is this ethical? its legal of course but in doing this they have produced an optical illusion that when one company cleared its overdraft, because this is the main company it appears that their debt is gone. the optical illusion that every msm fell for. celtic are complicit in this as they know the truth.
    another thing of note with regards to corporation tax, celtic 1897 should only have assets, (there are charges now) as they are not the trading co. no income or expenditure. that would mean that every player they have sold since 2001 would be 1897 co. trading profit with no apparent expenses. by bringing in the optical illusion, 2001 they have been able to save on this tax since the inception of 2001 co. they have AVOIDED paying this by reversing the optical illusion, by using a company they separated from, but own, and then incorporating them and their losses to avoid the tax liability.
    one question will bring this optical illusion right down, and its simple. what are the net liabilities on your accounts mr lawell. over to you peter.

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  5. Interesting. A lot of this I knew of already but by a generally different route and specifically by reference to more recent history. Especially the. influence of the Celtic Church behind Hadrians Wall and later scholarly works by the Victorians into the lost tribes of Israel. King Arthur of The Britons legends too. Possibly Monty Python and The Holy Grail too! Then The Knights Templars later on.

  6. the light shinneth in the darkness and the darkness comprehended it not
    before I begin, let me make clear some of my post will be conjecture and some facts quoted directly from their source. another thing I will afford our foes something they never afforded us, which is innocence until proven beyond all reasonably doubt guilt.
    1st, we all know (now) celtic have 3 companies running them, or basically 2, as 1994 co, we don’t know much about. but it begs the question why in 2001 did 1897 co. separate and create a trading co. 2001?
    in life timing is everything, in fact there is a cause behind every affect. so this was not done without a purpose, and please keep in mind that the business acumen behind certain influential celtic minded people. well the year is significant, in fact it was one year after celtic under mon, had spent very heavily on their ambitions to keep up with rangers. now also bear in mind, that 7 years previously celtic were 60 minutes away for bankruptcy, and now in 2001 were about to embark on a massive spending spree. what do they do at this point?
    they separate club (ground and players and all other assets) from trading company. why? celtic were ensuring even then, that should another bankruptcy threaten, that no creditor could touch the entirety of their assets. nothing wrong with that I hear some say. but lets examine more. now bear in mind that in 2001 celtic now have 1 co. with assets separate, from another co which they will trade with. 2 separate entities, which although one owned by the other, stand or fall on their own merits. now was it possible, that celtic trading co. 2001 could run up say 50 million debts, bankrupt the co at this stage, without affecting 1897 co the holding co, walk away without one creditor being able to claim one penny, and the 1897 co, able to trade and play away as if nothing happened? the answer is an emphatic yes. bear in mind the business acumen behind this little group. keep in remembrance that not one single media outlet or anybody else knew that celtic had separated their companies in this fashion. in fact they could have bankrupted the 2001 co. and not one person been any the wiser who or what they were. genius ingenuity.
    so it begs the question, was this the intention of the celtic minded people? what went wrong then I hear people ask as you keep saying celtic are hiding debt but its there.
    well at this stage let me state that celticfc ltd are already bankrupt, these figure on companies house accurately bear out my statement and I will quote in full, cash at bank 880,000 net liabilities £37,520,000, assets £5,984,000 giving a net liability of £31,657,000. this is the 2001 trading company. so how is the company trading? no one would lend any company with these liabilities and debts one single penny. this I conjecture is were it all went pete tong for them.
    one thing that puzzled me after reading their feb accounts, was were had this debt come from. bear in mind that celtic plc are the 1897 co. backed up by the accounts themselves.Celtic plc Registered number SC3487. that’s 1897 co. now on their accounts published on their website is the same statement. on the feb accounts the net liabilities spring out of nowhere, and I raked my brain to find out exactly what had happened. remember that I have claimed that they are hiding the 2001 debt from the 1897 co. I have to be consistent. I cant say on one hand its being shown and the other hand being hid. don’t worry I will prove my consistency. I did not know at this stage were or what or how they had these figures of loss, they were incidental. even a glance at their website accounts which I viewed in march I could not find the answer. I knew they were there, from statements from their accounts but not how they got there, as reading from them all that was revealed was this, No provision for corporation tax is required in respect
    of the year ended 30 June 2012. The provisional tax
    computation for accounts purposes provides tax losses
    carried forward of approximately £33m (2011: £27m)
    there was this incidental figure again. boom right out of nowhere with no explanation from the accounts were from.
    what was I missing? the apostrophe!! the Financial Statements give a true and fair view of the
    state of the Group’s and the parent Company’s affairs as
    at 30 June 2012 and of the Group’s loss for the year then ended
    group’s plural!. this is when I found the gallus pioneer’s blog and the midday sun shone so brightly.
    now as I stated, the 2001 co. is already bankrupt, how then are they continuing to trade? with a little bit of help from the mother co. you see the borrowings of 37 million would not be allowed on any viable company, with an asset of 5 odd million. its not good business sense, that’s self explanatory. in borrowing’s you have secured and unsecured. take for example a personal loan, most lenders only go up to about 10k of unsecured for the simple reason if you default their chances of recovering the debt are slim. now if you had 37 mill borrowings as opposed to 5 mill assets you realise your chances of recovering your total losses are impossible!!. at this stage, did say a beak, above have a word with the lower, possible celtic friendly beak, who received free corporate days, and match tickets, that he was putting his bank or lenders in a perilous position? conjecture now. at this stage was it demanded that the lenders wanted more security for their money, besides a co. who claimed they had 5 mill assets?
    did the ceo reluctantly agree to put up celtic park as security for the debts and then the 7 charges against celtic park make sense? follow the trail. at this point and after celticfc ltd could not bankrupt and have no affect on celtic 1897 as their security was 1897. oh dear. remember if celticfc ltd go bankrupt the creditors have the authority to seize celtic park and the players. now does everyone see how they hide the debt?
    you see although the losses are in the 2001 co. which should not be trading as its bankrupt, its being allowed to trade simply because 1897 has become its guarantor, and if it defaults then 1897 now goes down with it!!
    so you see 1897 uses the income from 2001 to explain its income, although 1897 receives none, and brings in as incidental, 2001 liabilities as if from no where, because the liabilities are very likely secured against the ground. not the original intention I may add for obvious reasons. this is a corporate structure that planned long before craig whyte was even heard off, to ensure in the event of a bankruptcy they could walk away without a creditor getting a penny, and the club operating as if nothing happened!!
    but was their original plan to run up the debts, and then bankrupt the 2001 co. and walk away? remember the business acumen of their people. I would conjecture that their arm was proverbially put behind their backs by someone who forced them to secure the debts against their biggest assets. don’t worry celtic fans I hear the Aviva stadium will welcome you with open arms.
    which now begs another question, is neil lennon’s self fulfilling prophecy that the third biggest team in Scotland are a champion’s league failure to reach the group stage’s away from bankruptcy?

    • PZ&J,

      Looks like you need to get in tow with Gallus Pioneer to get this info into a form suitable for better reading and understanding.
      Replies to Bill’s blog doesn’t do much for a clear understanding (i take it’s a first ‘draft’ of this ?) and, ahem, your grammar needs a review and brush up, if i’m not being too rude.

      But good work……..and a bit more emphasis needed on the evasion of corporation tax required perhaps ??


      • joe soap, i think the way P.Z.J.has laid this out is the way he is reading it,as you can see ,if this is an accurate copy of facts it’s been designed to confuse and deflect from actuality of the business. i don’t know mate it’s just my take on it, very ,very interesting it is, illuminating to the point of seeing light behind it all.

      • joe, apologies for my grammar, but in my defence I am typing very quickly, and my thought process, is trying to catch up! what I have put in is accurate, and if you bring the information from their feb accounts, and the ones they post on their website, along with the information on the 2001 company to any accountant, they will verify that this is true.
        to me this is the most duplicitous bit of financial illusion in the history of football. celtic as a corporate entity are bankrupt. but with a bit of smoke and a lot of illusion, have created a genuine smokescreen. how can a corporate structure allow a company to receive all the money, a bankrupt company I may add, and trade separate from the original company? uefa’s ffp would certainly not allow for this. how have they got away with it?
        as for the corporation tax, I hope to post more on that, and will verify first that they have not paid corporation tax from the inception of the trading company they set up in 2001. they have certainly used 2001 to ensure they dont or ever will.
        again, sorry for my grammar joe, but if this can get out and be made known, my grammar on a post is secondary

        • PZ&J,

          Sorry for the facetious take on your grammar…..it is indeed secondary to what you put forward.

          My main point was regards an improved presentation / layout – on a web-site/page – so that (The) people can understand it all……that is, as much as it can be understood taking into account the deviousness behind the tangled web of the good ship (HMS 402 Ltd) – ‘The Black Pig’.


          • i know what you mean joe. thanks mate. but my intention is to make sure that it is known, I might just get it all up on a blog, and in a proper presentation, though as I said that was never my intention.
            my intention was to give these facts to bill, and hopefully he can take this to the proper people who can really make this known.
            but really joe, its all there, they have made it all look incidental. in all seriousness if someone can pick up their accounts from feb, and see the 14.9 million brought in, how can they fail to see 37,644 millions net liabilities? what accounts are presented to the s.f.a. every year? are the s.f.a. aware that their trading company is bankrupt? how compliant with s.f.a. regulations is all this?
            as I said, before the only explanation for a bankrupt company trading is that the 1897 co. have put up their ground as security for this debt. remember according to companies house 2001 celticfc ltd risk score was amended on 18/02/2013. in layman’s language that means their credit rating has been affected.
            this is all there joe, all that remains is for it to be made known and questions asked now.

      • andy p, the same rules that applied to rangers, did rangers break any rules,what scum lot took the moral high ground, is it a case of or they were hoping that” i can see clearly now the gers are gone” or so they hoped, we ain’t going nowhere.

      • This all sounds to good to be true VAMPER but by fuck if it is i’m gonny have some PAYBACK BIGTIME wae the dhims.WATP

        • RD66, i’m with you on that one,i’ve taken a lot of shit,and i’ll not miss any one of those fuckers that were doing all the gubbing about the mighty gers, if you dish it out, be prepared to get more than you gave.

  7. My knowledge is a bit fragmented on British Israelism (as it was called for us), so this has filled me in nicely, much appreciated.

    Just a thought. The Stone of Destiny is broken into two pieces. Could that be prophetic, and could part (the smaller part?) be demanded to return to Scotland should Scotland become “independent”?

    I don’t want to be ruled by Salmond and his National Socialists, nor do I want to give Westminster a vote of confidence: all I care about on this issue is if the Queen remains head of state or not. And although the future looks bleak with blithering idiot Charlie boy next in line, it’s good to remember Ephraim never at any point seemed to have a good king anyway.

    • Just recently someone pointed out to me that the Stone is broken because it is a symbol of Christ, who was broken

  8. Enjoyable historical piece. History is also now as well as the past.
    Any chance of a similarily elegant piece on the current information from Charlotte? (readily available on The Scottish Football Monitor blog).
    Someone has to give the Rangers supporters more of the truth than they have had up to now.
    The dam is bursting and many could be swept away without some sort of pre-warning.

  9. Well done sir. I have for the past 30years been convinced of this truth since I came to believe the British people were the descendents of the lost tribes of israel being the ten tribes conquered by the assyrians in 721bc, indeed if you read the scottish decaration of arbroath of 1320 how the scots came through Scythia and travelled west eventually into ireland it shows that the people of fourteenth century Scotland knew a lot more about there origins than we do today. How ever the tribe of dan has more complex history. The dannites mixed there seed with cannanite peoples who dwelt on the coast near ancient israel. Some of this tribe did migrate across Europe and found there way to hibernia. Remember the Lord warned them not to have any union with the cannanites because of there idol worship. This portion of the tribe of dan that arrived in Ireland have never been able to divorce themselves from idols and break from that church as the rest of the british people have. Hence the reason for animosity and hatred of the british people. Yet again the proof of the truth of the Bible and yes our People are about to come under the Lords wrath for rejecting the truth. Nothing our enemies love more than an athiest claiming to be protestant.

    • The Picts,(tribe of Dan) were defeated by our people(gaels) in Hibernia long before the Romans described our lands as Caledonia/Hibernia.Scottia major=Ireland,Scottia minor=Scotland.

  10. The river Tamar runs between the boundary of the counties of Cornwall and Devon.
    A short trip away is Brixham……the landing place of William of Orange in 1688 with his, mainly, mercenary army that resulted in the near bloodless overthrow of the (roman) catholic king, James.

    Nice anthem for Brixham BTW….. http://www.devonperspectives.co.uk/brixham.html


    • I hope you are not forgetting the Pope himself funded King William,those soldiers were paid for by the anti King Louis/King James POPE! The Dutch blue guard is a famous Catholic regiment.

  11. Refer also to ‘The Uplifted Red Right Hand’ by Isabel Hill Elder……and check out her other short works.

    The Lions of Judah: Refer to the emblems, at least, of The Rangers [Ready], Scotland [Lion Rampant] team, Aston Villa [Prepared] and Middlesbrough.
    Some may want to research and reply with others…….

    Yes, all the same to an extent but you forget the play/battles of the ‘terrible twins’ – Dan and Gad.
    Danny boy is sung so much……but what about the Gatti [Gad] – 13th Tribe ??????
    The 12 through to the thirteenth……the next octave…….the resurrection/reincarnation/apocalypse.


    • Robert the Bruce had Gaelic royal blood via hi Roman Catholics O’Neill mother,this is where the Davidian bloodline came into British Royalty.Her father was an O’Neill High King of Ireland(Ard-Ri)

  12. So where does that place “The Romans” ( as our friend vampire refers to the Indigenous catholoic population) within history of Scots and Irish?

    • well,well,well, msm, i am not your friend nor am i a vampire, but, what can you expect from an immigrant, you’ve been too long in the fields because your spelling is atrocious, but then again you’re an immigrant. the catholic [ note the spelling ] sectarian,segregated education system is in tatters going by your efforts. fucking nitwit. one more thing ,do you know what a vamper is ???.

      • I believe that your name is very apt my feind as you come on here and seduce with your anti catholic vitriolic outburst and shameless use of child abuse as some sort of weapon against anyone who follows a catholic doctrine. There are no spelling mistakes on this post.

        • msm, you still coming on here with the p~sh talk, the shameless abuse of which you refer is only my confirmation to you of the SHAMELESS way that the scum fc allowed paedo’s to operate with impunity toward children, this is not a weapon ,it’s to remind you of your vile HISTORY,no children were abused writing this,but you remember the biggest % of child abuse is connected to the cult, ratz the ex-icon you followed is in hiding in the vatican along with that other luminary o’brian,ratz CANNOT LEAVE the vatican because he would be arrested for crimes against humanity.

          • Och Vamp – he was expecting that that dilemma lay firmly under the carpet. The term ‘if you know the history’ – is the history that they are attempting to re-write – much the same as their recent support for the extermination of the Jewish race – and historically their attempt to annihilate the Protestant faith. (never forget the Huguenots).

            We Are The People – & they are the dross.

            • Try and define the word jew,it is very open-ended.See Benjamin Freedman on youtube concerning this very modern and tricky word.The so called jews of today are definitely not the Hebrew/Israelites of the Bible and Freedman will prove this and also the FACT that our saviour Jesus Christ WAS NOT A JEW.We truly are Israel the Catholic/Protestant Gaels of Ireland and Scotland.

          • The Vatican two council allowed our church to be infiltrated by gays,peds,playboys and the Satanic Kabbalah of Freemasonry.Most Protestant churches were actually created by masons to destroy Rome and they have done just that.Christ wants us to COME OUT OF THE CHURCHES and I have .

          • The masonic kabbalah within the Vatican is the evil that Christ will destroy.Rothschild’s NWO Israhell included.The Catholic church in a matter of speaking ended in 1965.John xxiii was a Freemason and all since have been in error,Francis however is an apostate.The Christian world will see his evil in Israel next year.

        • And btw; isn’t msm a disfunctional chemical found in primitive plants………..

          Actually sounds a lot like neil lennon…………

  13. later on to day bill I will try and show or possibly prove that a certain football club’s moral’s in their financial schemes and thinking would be very questionable, to say the very least

  14. bill, what a great and excellent blog. brilliant read, and superbly put across. thank you bill that in the dark days, you were a light, a light that will and could not be put out.

  15. Bill, I’m against the monarchy because I don’t believe in it. I believe in a republic, a country that belongs to the people within it, not second to any sovereign. Nothing to do with being against Protestant or anything like that I just don’t acknowledge the royal family in any shape or form. Pzj has put the cat amongst the pigeons here, interesting stuff.

    • I’m againgst kaffliks – because I believe in a free, unhindered, transparent, child friendly, innocent-till-proven-guilty country.
      Like it was after reformation – right up to the point of accepting people with a potato problem.

      • See this is the thing that sticks in your throat and the “problems” will always remain, we are ingrained in the fabric of Scotland and we are here to stay!! Until you and your kind learn to accept that then this little country of ours will always be tarred with a bigoted, racist brush! Just like yourself. We are here, and we’ve been here for over a hundred years and we’re here to stay! Move on and educate yourself and your kids…

        • i think our rivalry you will find that that if you read bill’s excellent blog, he is saying very clearly that we are the same race, and it is only religion that seperates. the title of the blog incorporates all the peoples of the british isles including the emerald one

        • Yes, come on, WATPforever and Vamper, ‘Move on and educate yourself and your kids…’ like Ourivalry’s religion does…..that is by cocooning themselves within their own schools and ingratiating themselves into the fabric of Scottish society in a parasiitic fashion……’come on !’

        • The only thing that sticks in my throat, is 1). double (duplicity) standards – and 2). attempting to secure the innocence of a football club whilst they condone and encourage paedoism.
          You can answer me whether that is a reflection of kaffliks.

        • Until you and your kind, sorry but that statement in itself is sectarian, we understand the obvious ” we are ingrained ” in the fabric of Scotland shows that the Roman and Romanism is indeed alien to the history and traditions of this land, and it is the Roman who educates with a need to maintain a separate identity within the land of the Scots.

          On a note of learning, yes the free thinking Christian has learned, that there is one evil that blights Christianity the world over, and that evil is headed by the Anti Christ, and the Anti Christ if the one who calls himself,
          “The Vicar Of Christ”, head of Romanism.

          • Catthars; their cult. When in rome do what the romans do – when out of rome, f*** the repsect for the local culture and religion, and do what the romans do.

          • This is now very possible.It seems that Pope Francis has more of an interest in building the third temple than any other .His BS attempt to clean the Vatican(now masonic) bank up is a joke.If he was a genuine Pope surely he would bring Gods intervention into St Peters with the special prayers he can conduct to rid us of the evil within.Malachi Martin said the order of Jesuits became Communist in the sixties and he should know.

          • That may be so and I am a Catholic family man but I will never again call myself a Roman Catholic.This Jesuit bastard (excuse the lingo bill) is no Pope but an apostate. The man will play a huge roll in the Priesthood of the third temple,his visit to Israhell next year will prove his unholiness.

    • Now Brains maybe you would like to present us with a republic which has been given the OR stamp of approval.
      PS…..I dont want to burst out laughing when you do choose to reply.
      Incidentally , it is thanks to our Royal Family and the stability it brings our nation we are supporters of the Crown.
      Now OR go dig out your Republic as I am waiting but make sure for your sake it disnae start withn an E.

    • So our rivalry do you feel the same about the Catholic religions royalty I.e the corrupt cabal the Vatican,,at least the royalty serve the country the Vatican drains it ……pppfffttt

      • It is of note, there is only one “Absolute Monarchy” the world over, and this “Absolute Monarch” rules from the Vatican as the Anti Christ!

        Yes indeed a Roman who is a true Republican?

      • The jews have all but destroyed Christian Royal houses of Europe through their control of freemasonry and a number of other lodges/the Jesuits/Zionism/Marxism/Bolshevism and the support and arms running to the ANC/IRA etc etcIt’s time we all woke up to this evil.

    • You wouldn’t have lasted long in the good ‘ol Irish Kingship era with that republican attitude OR…….and they (the Kings) were here well before your religion ever was.

      • JoeSoap,is it right that OR gets a free history lesson everytime he makes ridiculous comments, he must be the same as “pat” the failed teacher, he’s a nitwit as well. they only need to remember one thing, W.A.T.P.

        • Vamps,

          It’s what i used to comment on in previous replies to these posts…..the (roman) catholic church is ruled by ego – as in they deem themselves to be the only route to salvation (refer to Ratzinger’s document).
          However, the final destination for the EGO is eventual death.


      • Joe my people have always had God in their lives.The Torah-celtic orthodoxy-Catholicism and the Protestantism.Saint Augustine (when Pope) told St Bede the Gaels have always had God through the Torah.We arrived in Ireland 1015 BC

  16. Very interesting, having lived in Israel, I have heard all the stories about the Scots, Irish, Welsh, English, being the lost tribes of Israel. Being a Bear and Bluenose for 60 years , I have always believed ‘ We are the people ‘ . But remember, as the good book says that when the Angels celebrated the destruction of the Egyptian Pharaoh’s army at the Red Sea , G – d rebuked them , he said ” they are my people to ” .

  17. Magic Bill – i did not relate your Lion image to Judah – and although i sensed that Scots may not be the chosen people, as you have blogged, we are certainly close to it.
    And a big hand to our pal, PZJ – be alert, keep vigilant – liewells got eyes at the back of your heid.

  18. A real eye opener regarding our religious,& regency heritage.I have always had an inkling that the Scottish people were that wee bit special,with regards to the amount of gifts that our religious,scientific,industrial,&exploring giants have given the world as we know it today.I also feel that this will continue to be the case as long as Scotland continues to stand beside her brothers Northern Ireland,England,& Wales.I am extremely proud to be a Scot,but no less proud to be British.

  19. Very interesting read bill when hungover on this fine Saturday morning,,lololol I feel another pint coming on lolol

  20. Interesting stuff Bill. My friend is a big proponent of british isrealism ‘ i will make you a great company of nations’ and ‘ a great maritime people’ etc but it’s not something I’m too familiar with – yet. At a service once the minister referred to us as gentiles and said friend muttered under his breath ‘no we’re not’ :-) God has certainly batted for Britain in it’s darkest hours before. Britain as a nation is rebelling against God however, big time is it, and I fear the nation may be subject to God’s wrath as in Romans 1, 18. As for PZJ, compelling stuff yesterday and I was gonna throw in ‘the man of LAWlessness’ from 2 thessalonians but he did so at the end, and good for him! So celtic are 37 mill in debt and engaging in tax avoidance schemes. Where’s tommo when you need him :-)

  21. A very interesting History lesson David and which I knew completely nothing about and is an eye opener.

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