Lies, Damned Lies And Made-up Statistics

Recently the Daily Record ran a story highlighting the massive gap in attendance figures at Celtic between those actually attending and the club’s claimed amount.

The problem was that the Record tried to make out that Rangers were doing the same thing. Those who have been at Ibrox this season for Rangers’ home games will testify how full the ground has been at times.

Some of the Record’s figures just didn’t add up.

And there has definitely been no Blue Seat phenomenon to equal the rise of the Green Seat Brigade at Parkhead. Now it appears that the Record have been caught out massaging some figures of their own.

According to this article, the attendance for the Rangers v Queens Park fixture in October 2012 was 34,481.

Thanks to a diligent Rangers fan, this figure by the Record looks to be the figment of a Celtic-appeasing imagination. A Freedom Of Information request to Strathclyde Police resulted in an official response and confirmation that the actual attendance figure was 46,622.

It’s such a great pity that a golden opportunity for the Record to expose the lies emanating from Parkhead over attendance figures has been used by them to write more lies about Rangers instead.

Recently the Record lambasted First Minister Alex Salmond over what it called his plans for “draconian” censorship laws governing the media in Scotland, citing the paper’s right to “speak truth to power” as well as holding governments to account.

Perhaps the Record could follow this philosophy in relation to  Peter Lawwell and advise the Celtic CEO it will no longer be publishing figures computed on that big calculator on his desk – the one with “Made In Seville” stamped on the back.

You know, the one that adds 15,000 to Celtic’s crowd and detracts 15,000 from crowds at Ibrox.


To be fair to the Record, however, it is certainly not covering up the scandal surrounding disgraced Cardinal Keith O’Brien.

The latest revelations concern an alleged sexual assault on a priest at an event the night O’Brien was made a cardinal.

According to the Record’s piece, the priest claims he was groped by Cardinal O’Brien at an event in Scots College in Rome on October 21, 2003. The priest was among a party of clerics who had travelled to the Vatican to see O’Brien’s elevation.

Scarlet may be the colour of the princes of the Roman Catholic church but it is also descriptive of sin in the Bible.

How sad that the transgressions of Keith O’Brien will be what many remember him for after the lurid revelations of recent times.

For those who revel in bad publicity for Roman Catholicism, the O’Brien Scandal is the story that keeps on giving.

However, for Scotland’s Catholics, every further revelation is a hammer blow to their confidence in their religion.

Curiously, times like this are a great opportunity for people to find fresh new levels of faith if they allow themselves to be open and honest.

Roman Catholicism calls for great trust from the laity in the clergy, something that Protestants find uncomfortable and even abhorrent.

Maybe Catholics disillusioned with their spiritual leaders could find a much more vibrant faith by relying less on the mediatoral role of their clergy and seek a more direct relationship with God.

That’s a Protestant concept which I hope doesn’t alarm my Catholic readers!

As always, Scripture says it best and here’s a good one for us all at this time but especially those who feel let down by those in religious authority:-

Put not your trust in princes, nor in the son of man, in whom there is no help.           PSALM 146:3


A great result yesterday for St Mirren in the League Cup Final.

I was pleased for ex-Ranger Steven Thompson, who was a favourite of mine when he was at Ibrox.

The victory for the Buddies also proves that a manager called Lennon can win at Hampden!

56 thoughts on “Lies, Damned Lies And Made-up Statistics

  1. Last nights BBC news and newsnight scotland was proof if ever proof were neaded that the beeb is bent suddenly it’s the old firm fans who are up in arms over the police tactics hold on here how many Rangers fans were on the mhanky little parade to the breezeblock palace and how many of us were arrested beeb take us and our good name out of your sordid little story and tell it like it was they broke every rule in the book and the police are there to uphold the law you see in the UK when a decision is made by the powers that be that a parade does not have right or sanction then in a reasonable thinking persons mind said parade does not go ahead now the cellick loveing glasgow council instructed the police to put a stop to any unlawful parade or demonstration about to take place on their patch there were no Rangers fans anywhere near this so tell me who broke the law or attempted to break the law and when you beeb answer that leave the Blue half out of your sordid little story because it was nothing to do with the OLD FIRM it was the bheasts from the east how dare you drag us into it.

  2. Just hearing on the radio an mp in Scotland is asking PM to consider if the Police were heavy handed. This is how rooted this is in Scotland its a disgrace that an MP here should be asking this kind of question. I looked at the vids and to me the Police did no wrong read Leggos and your blog here its clear these so called GB broke the law and even tried to be above it and lost only to start a political war, just what they wanted. We need to stand together and get rid of these rodents that mask themselves as Celtic fans. So big are they hide their faces WHY????.

    @ Pat take yourself of this blog and do us a fav as your views are not welcomed on this forum they are just pish (would sum it up for me). It people like you that bring this country of ours down with your republican views that make no sense and certainly not welcomed

    • Yes, the MP in question is Glasgow MP,George Ryan and it would be interesting to get him in front of the cameras to ask his take on events. “eh eh eh eh eh eh eh well it went like this, eh eh what I heard was” Shut the f*** up srings to mind!

      I would be frightened if I walked down a street anywhere and this mob or anyone like them walked towards me, tell me who wouldn’t, okay maybe Bruce Willis, Rambo or Arnie wouldn’t, but seriously who wouldn’t? Good on the Glasgow Police for their actions and keeping the public safe.

      Once the evidence is provided by Strathclyde Police, then I trust George Ryan will resign and if any police officer has been out of order then they should be disciplined but George Ryan should still resign………….you ask why? He asks Mr Salmond, today, to investigate this incident, yet, I have never heard him question anything that happened to Rangers over the past year or am I wrong? Theres more for Mr salmond to do, like getting this country back on its feet, creating jobs, housing etc than investigating this Green Brigade Mr Ryan, your not fit for purpose being on the Glasgow council if this is what your standards are and what you propose, thats what the police and the independant bodies are there for.

      I notice on the Green Brigade supporting Celtic website that they are aware Septic/Liewell are trying to finish them of and dont want them at Septic Park so good on Septic for this, Im sure Liewell is now aware it is damaging his club and Scottish football. I also notice, allegedly, Liewell has gone through CCTV evidence during Celtic games and is aware of the ringleaders and problem people of this group so I hope he hands the dosier over to Strathclyde police in their investigations.

  3. I was somewhat baffled by the crowd figure of 34k as reported for the Annan game. That.s 16k down on capacity or the equivalent of both Copland and Broomloan stands being empty. I couldn’t see 16 thousand empty seats. 44k yes, 34k no danger. Crowd figure wasn’t announced during the game.

  4. No matter which attendance figures are used ,it appears that Rangers have a larger home league crowd than Celtic to date this season. The fans will continue to turn up in similar numbers till the end of this campaign and make history once again ! On a completely different point, does anyone know if any under 18 player has been signed since the inception of the transfer embargo ? Surely 2 or 3 British or Foreign exceptional talents could be tempted to play at Ibrox, given the size of the home support etc etc Was this not supposed to be allowed.during this illegal transfer ban ? Does the number of registered players per team in the SFL prohibit this move ?

  5. A couple of facts here,

    Celtic have less than 30,000 season ticket holders, and these 30K purchased their season tickets believing that Rangers would still be in the league.

    We know this because Celtic offered each season ticket holder an extra brief for the Juventus game. therefore 30K x 2 =60K and that is without the UEFA, sponsors and Fat Cat tickets

    Next season that will be substantially lower as they know there will be no Rangers.

    Sadly, The attendances at Ibrox will drop too as the football played under McCoist is brutal and terrible to watch

    • not much will change though until the transfer embargo is lifted and we can sign players but then when things pick up again hopefully numbers will start taking up season tickets again once it’s ‘business as usual’ on the park.
      the dhims are really going to struggle. once those “superstars” move on for figures like £3/4million and not the projected £20million, then when they bomb out of Europe and it finally sinks in that it’s another meaningless tainted league without Scotland’s number 1 club to compete against they will be looking for every excuse under the sun as why they can’t go and instead gifted their season ticket to their plastic paddy seat ;)

  6. Bill you missed the bigger scandal in this. The Photo’s they used to show an empty Ibrox, were taken at the Scottish cup game against Dundee United last season. The Club should be taking them to task for this disgraceful story.

  7. If you look back over history there were plenty of reasons for leaving the Catholic Church if you concentrate on personalities; Pope Alexander VI and Pope Julius II, to name but two. Many Protestants hardly covered themselves in glory either; Luther’s anti-Jewish pronouncements, Calvin’s treatment of Anabaptists, Knox’s alienation of Elizabeth I and the witch trials in different countries. Contrary to what many nowadays believe, the Reformation was not about personalities or corruption in the Church; it was about fundamental beliefs. It is these beliefs that are important, not the leaders of the churches at any one time. I would consider myself agnostic but I find abhorrent the idea that God has already selected those that are going to be saved. To me, such a God is uncaring, capricious and evil. Unfortunately, this is the God that Protestant churches believe in!

    • You actually make a good point there, Pat……..well, you don’t actually, you’re just tedious……and nobody likes a tedious b(h)oy !!!


    • OMG ……….what planet are you on this is 2013 but thanks for your history lesson or your bold attempt to turn the spotlight . Dragged away as an infant to a sepratist ideology has its misgivings later in life .
      So do us a favour Pat read the paper , watch the tv and stay off of this blog.

    • Anyone who gives their heart and life to Jesus will be saved ,even in their dying breath ,hardly uncaring .The promise is there

      • Not strictly true, James…..salvation can come only through the roman church, don’t you know !
        [ref: Pope ratfink’s document ‘Dominus Iesus’]

    • As usual Pat, you seem rooted in the mistaken belief that all Bible believing christians are calvinists, there are calvinists I believe, who, incidently would want nothing to do with me or many other christians, and indeed brand our belief as “arminianism,” The word protestant means nothing to me, as I believe that it is a negative word, probably dreamed up by some Jesuit at the time of the reformation to discredit the “reformers” by re-branding them as “protestants”
      It’s very kind of you to point out the failings of Martin Luther and John Knox, but thankfully it is not them who I follow, but Jesus Christ, As far as I can see from the Bible, there are no catholics, protestants, lutheranians, methodists, calvinists,arminianist, etc etc, but only believers, or unbelievers, and agnostic is just another fancy term for athiest or unbeliever.

      • All I can take from the above is that folk in Protestant churches know as little about their religion as Catholics do about theirs! If ‘Protestant’ is a derogatory term, then why do people use it about themselves? My point is that pointing to individuals in a church does not mean that the fundamental beliefs of that church is at fault. Bill was saying that Catholics should come over to Protestantism but I was saying that it has nothing to do with what anyone has done, or hasn’t done, it’s about the different beliefs of the churches. I only use the word ‘Protestant’ because that’s what others on here have described themselves as, even though there are major differences between Calvinism, Anglicanism, Lutheranism etc. The fundamental belief of Calvinism, the dominant religion in this country, is the predestined salvation of the Elect. Just because members of the Church don’t know about this does not mean that it is not the case!

        • Oh, and Jim, the word ‘Protestant’ was originally applied to a Christian group in a part of the Holy Roman Empire (can’t remember where) who protested against some kind of religious test put in place for people holding office; only Catholics and Lutherans were allowed. How the word ended up being used the way it is today I have no idea!

  8. The record are completely devoid of any credibility now. There’s more truth in The Viz than there is in that rag. Even more of a concern is the growing support among shameful public figures for the hate Britain brigade at Celtic park. An article well written by Chris graham over at The Rangers Standard on this. Liked the Psalm passage Bill and so true! They need to read the good book for themselves. It’s why Rome never wanted the people to read it in the first place. God bless William Tyndale for the stand he took against the tyranny.

  9. I understand your point Bill, but I fail to understand everyone’s point in raising the concerns about our attendance, or theirs with anyone at all? What does this achieve? What changes if bodies stop going to CP, and more go to Ibrox? I just don’t get it, why its even an issue. Simply put, who cares? Nothing changes for us regardless if people go to CP or not.

    I do understand and fully support you correcting any lies spouted by that excuse of a newspaper, but I can’t help feel they picked up this story on the back of bears pointing at the lack of bodies going to CP….again who cares, what does it change, what does it achieve? If anything it may encourage them to return and pump more money into their club by renewing Season Tickets….if thought through every bear should remain quiet and let them find themselves in a financial mess instead of giving them the heads up at the warnings signs.

    Congratulations to St Mirren! Well deserved win!

  10. BILL,
    why the furore’ over the daily rhebel telling lies, this shower of mhanks have distorted news items for years, i was a coal miner and the reports of the day at that time were always distorted, they supported the miners[ ha-ha]. then they stabbed us in the back, [ normal for a roman organisation] the tie-up with the mhanks is not surprising surely, negative stories about the scum has to be balanced by the same toward us.i’ve never bought this rag for 39 years or that other vatican driven sunday liam. the sexpest o’brian story , they could’nt be seen to ignore that story even although they wanted to.when you see who runs this rag in sco, are you really surprised that traynor got out, or was he pushed ???.
    what i’m surprised about this ira mob disguised as scum supporters is that they are feeling the weight of the law,because after all mulholland the chief law officer is a fan and supporter of the gb,they talk about supporters not attending games where are the st midden support for normal games, depending on who you believe they had 15,000 at the cup final yesterday.?? do you think it would be fair that countries pick our players for forthcoming internationals, we have a transfer imbargo[illegal] so if a player gets injured,how do we replace them, we are further dis-advantaged by this scenario. it is not fair, but then again this is sco football. someone said in an earlier blog about yellowteeth wearing tri-colour on his gear, this showing of these colours have got distinctly larger since rangers were dispatched to the lower leagues, the plastic paddies seem to enjoy this sort of thing, of course this oirish love affair is like everything else these people follow false icon’s, false idol’s, false faith. i was unfortunate to pass through the barra’s area on saturday, this area is disgraceful with the flying of southern oirish flags, i thought i was in a foreign country, fucking scandalous, this is SCOTLAND if you want to celebrate another false icon go to where it originates, of course they prefer the oirish flag to the country in which they reside[ for the tims reading this reside means where you live] . just wonder how many goals wales will score, i’m for a wee tenner on them, i hope scotland get’s pumped and whilst the cabal led by o’rhegan is in charge and chesney as well i’ll not be supporting them.


    • Amazing thing is, whenever the plastic paddies have money, where do they fly off to… got it, Tenerife, Santa Ponsa, Florida etc etc, anywhere but oireland beghorra!

  11. Hi Bill. Surely if we want an attendance competition between Rangers and Celtic then we wait until the season ticket renewals are in for next season? Rangers will certainly have to put prices up substantially to reduce the operating losses and Celtic are having to deal with supporter apathy. It will be interesting to see how the clubs do.

    I fully agree that our RC brethren should focus on a more direct relationship with God. If I am not mistaken, that is precisely what Pope Francis has said. A church for the poor and for creation, a church of humility, God resides in everyone’s heart and He is present in every church. That sounds to me like a call for people to regard their relationship with God as direct and personal. Who knows what changes lie ahead for the church.

    • your pope does not accept christianity, your religion is no more than a brainwashing exercise, this cult you support is guilty of the most heniious acts of depravity. god is most certainly no part of your so-called faith.

      • Hi Vamper
        I don’t know if you are anti-religious or just anti-Roman Catholic. In any case, you might know that Pope Francis was in the Jesuit Order. The Jesuit order founded hundreds of universities throughout the world which are now recognized as centre’s of excellence in science and medicine as well as theology; the student and teaching bodies are largely secular. That isn’t a brainwashing cult?
        Yes the terrible child abuse perpetrated disproportionately by Catholic clergy is a disgrace and an open wound that will take time to heal (through proper, if belated, care being given to the victims and full disclosure of the crimes). The church has implemented stringent child Protection procedures just as other denominations have done. These were the sins of fallible human beings and not the church as a whole. Let’s not get onto the historical crimes – I haven’t got the knowledge or the energy to discuss those (I’m sure the church has apologized for the Inquisition).
        You may abhor the ceremonies, the vestments, the confessional, the iconography etc but we are a diverse society now. I live down the road from Strathclyde Mosque and these Scottish Muslims are such a credit to modern Scotland because they are aspirational and entrepreneurial people who are law abiding and pay their taxes. I look forward to seeing a young Muslim boy playing for Scotland at Hampden.
        Thanks for reading this and, as the great Dave Allen used to say: “May your God go with you”.

      • couldn’t have put it better myself Vamper. yet, they have the cheek to say Rangers fans have their heads in the sand half the time. there’s is probably up some poor boy.

  12. Pure dead brulliant article Billy. It is time to give the record there just desserts and boycot the rag,

    As for the peodo priest it seams too me that the record wants this story to go away as there kafflik paymasters dont want too talk about it, just look at watt that south african cardinal said about peado`s being sycologically disturbed.

    Wanted the buddies to win the cup as i hate hearts but not as much as the mhanky mob

  13. When papers get the facts wrong in other areas, they are regularly made to make an official retraction…even if they then hide it away in the small print. Surely there must be some means, given the irrefutable online police document, to make the DR print one?…that would certainly go down their throat sideways..!

  14. I gave up buying this paper years ago, and I am glad I did, it is worth spending that bit extra for andrex, it is far kinder to your skin, believe me, try it….

    All newspapers have no choice, but to report on the O’Brien thing, it would be far to obvious of selective journalism otherwise….in the record’s case it is probably reluctant reporting.

    Perhaps any catholic reading this blog should take your advice Bill, and indeed, the advice of their very own, St. Jerome from the 5th century (but still spot on today)

    “ignorance of the scriptures is ignorance of Christ”

    but alas I think most will be happy to just listen to what they are told from the priest and believe it is true without as much as a check.

    “Now the Berean Jews were of more noble character than those in Thessalonica, for they received the message with great eagerness and examined the Scriptures every day to see if what Paul said was true”
    Acts 17:11

  15. Looking at the Press in Scotland and in particular the Daily Record and BBC Scotland, I think the new laws regarding their standards and behaviour can only be a good thing. I believe in a free press but a free press that is available to everyone and not just the whomever the Scottish press, Record and the BBC deem who they think is entitled to that freedom.

    With their lies and agenda over the last year the so called “free press” the have in my opinion forfeited the right to be trusted unconditionally with the truth, they must be continually monitored and regulated by a impartial complaints committee with the power to fine or take away the press’s license should they continue with their agenda’s and lying to the public.

    One of the first things any complaints committee must do is look into the business relationship between the Daily Record and Celtic Football club, surely this business relationship brings into question a conflict of interest by the Record in publishing ‘the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth’ when it comes to them reporting the facts about Celtic FC and the behaviour of their Fascist Republican Green Brigade masquerading as ordinary football supporters.

    Again any Complaints Committee should look into the bias reporting by the BBC where everything Celtic FC is regarded as good and beyond reproach and everything Rangers FC is regarded as bad and deemed in need of investigation. Their mockumentary “The men who sold the Jersey’s” was a blatant piece of agenda driven, lies ridden account that went on during Rangers administration event.

  16. It appears that english clubs (e.g. Millwall as last match attended) publish attendance figures split between home and away supporters attending. (e.g vs Aston Villa FA cup 15,007 (1609)).
    Perhaps SFA,SPL, SFL should take note. I am uncertain of how gates are divided in Scotland but it would appear that away clubs might have cause to complain to plod.

  17. [Just thought i’d provide this reply to Vamper, from yesterday’s post, here also.
    Note, Bill mentions draconian in regards to media and i regards football laws.
    Remember, this is what you will be supporting if voting for the Scottish Nose Pickers’ (oops, maybe giving away my age, a bit, there) separatist vote, next year.]

    Ferr fuck’s sake, Vamper, you have internet and Google [Lol !].

    Step 1. A concept is born…..say a football club whose fan-base have a ‘tradition’.

    Step 2. Another football team is born or changes/modifies…..say, to have an ‘opposite tradition’ to said football team from step 1.
    Therafter, conflict arises.

    Step3. An outside agency – separate to the two football teams noted in steps 1 and 2 – thereafter moves in to put forward a ‘solution’ (should, in fact, be a higher truth…..but in this case not !).

    From the above, i hope you can determine the move(s) of the Scottish Government to implement their new, and upcoming, football-related laws…..some may even call them draconian.

    But, in essence the ‘Big’ move (outwith football in and in the wider public sense) is, as i mentioned in the first comment, the loss of national identity that the European Union is implementing ‘drip-by-drip’.


    • joe, had already replied to your blog yesterday, but here it is again, i was too fucking lazy to look for it. lol . so as to justify my laziness i had got some home improvements done, and was’nt on the internet that much. so much so, i replied to you today about yesterday’s blog.thanks for your replies.

      • Apologies accepted…heh, heh !!

        But, yes, the hegalian dialectic process……it’s what Governments have used for centuries in order to apply their own governance solutions (between two ‘tribes’) and, thus, give themselves an easy time from the revolting citizens.
        And it’ll be all Scottish football fans that will feel the effect of the SNP’s laws…..and they (SNP) say they work for us……aye, right !

        And, note, i don’t capitalise “COMMON PURPOSE” for nothing….go Google !
        Just another of the Government’s sleekit schemes to hold down the people….and the worst thing is is that the scheme is employed with the people themselves. Now, where have we heard that type of action recently…..oh, yes, Mr Green’s proclamations on banning supporters if they don’t snitch on fellow fans..(remember, employ your schemes with the very folk who you want to subdue). This is why Mr Green’s statement wasn’t taken to too kindly by many.

        Right, i’ll get off my high horse now !


  18. Good morning Bill
    There were 13 green brigade members arrested on Saturday, the story was hidden under “Glasgow news” on the BBC website. Astonishing really! If this was Rangers fans the red tops would screaming hysterically about it. The cover up is blatant. BIAS BIAS BIAS

  19. Green should be telling them to print the correct attendances and apoligise profusly,if he does nothing they will continue to print shite like they always do.

  20. Scotland 2013 – You tube a more reliable “source” of the truth than our so called national newspaper!
    The rise of social media! Further evidence of why JT was correct to get out of the propaganda rhag when he did!

  21. Bill, I agree that the story in the daily record is nonsense, however to be fair to them I have seen FOI requests for the Queens Park games with 3 different figures quoted – 24k, 41k and 46k.

    Surely something is wrong with the police figures when they quote 3 differnet attendances for the same game?

  22. I am really disappointed that there is no official comment from the club on lies like these and others from our media and politicians. It is left to fans like yourself, Bill, to defend the club. And even though you are doing an excellent job we need the club to launch an official fusillade against our enemies and detractors in Scotland today. If we don’t get that soon then I fear we are sliding back to the days of the “dignified” silence and this time we will not survive the torrent of lies and vilification which will be coming our way.

    • The club really needs to go on the attack, already the same figures have been quoted in several other Sunday newspapers.

      You say a lie often enough and it becomes a fact!!!

      You still hear mentions of free tickets and cheap tickets at Ibrox all over the internet, yet Rangers have bever come out to deny this.

    • Maybe once a new press regulation kicks in up there in Scotland as it is down here in England, I dont knowall the ins and outs, then the record will be exposed for its lies, beware Mansi and Jackson and others like Spiers. Just as well Mansi and jackson are not writing the story on Keith O’Brien or you wouldn’t here anything apart from maybe O’Brien weeding out the poppies in his garden. Yes good result for St.Mirren but what a poor standard of football especially after watching Barcelona, Chelsea and Arsenal during the week in the champions league. A cup final with the 10th and 11th team in our top league out of 12 !!! Im sure Rangers are gathering evidence as we type and debate, looks to me our haters are providing enough rope to hang themselves. We all know whats going on, it just needs the hard evidence and exposure then the record, which I never would buy, could write a decent story. Theres more to come like the guy who leaked info from HMRC, who to, why, what was it used for and by who etc etc etc???. Im sure there will be a few court cases and sentences to come.

      • Ben I’ve been banging the drum on the leak from HMRC for the last 18 months you are spot on start at the source of this whole criminal activity who leaked to whom did they leak and the what did they do with the info and I speak as a retired civil servant I know the rules with regards to a persons tax details being private they will tell you if you ever enquire about another persons tax affairs that they do not discus these details with a third party. So where is the criminal action HMRC

  23. Did’nt the Rhecord also ‘report’ that the empty green seats club received 7mill from Swansea! for Ki ? Yet several weeks later Swansea stated that they paid a club record fee of 5 mill for another player. Swansea according to their spokesman paid 3.5 mill for Ki. No wonder the sales of this scum loving rag are plummenting! The RANGERS support is the success story this season home and away thats why there is still global interest. The beeling mhanky mhob were claiming we would get crowds of 15,000 at the start of the season and then, that would fall even lower as the cold weather progressed well I guess that they must have had a touch(sorry thats a touchy….oops word)to much oirish moonshine and got IBROX mixed up with the saVILEdhome.
    Absolute disgrace Wallace is not in the Scotland squad, the sfa really do want to isolate the RANGERS support don’t they. OH well after a couple of games they will realise wee chesney was yet again the wrong choice.
    Have to say some of the senior players are continuing to let Coisty’s Cubs down the performance on Saturday was poor yet again. I have no idea what the coach’s see in some of these players and Fauvre for me looks to be at least 4 stone overweight the way he was plodding around the Elgin pitch. Where is the urgency,intensity and enthusiasm ?it seems to be replaced with lethargy and just a bit of could’nt care less attitude from some! PUT IN THE SAME EFFORT THAT THE SUPPORT DOES LADS!!!
    NO SPL 2 ! NO TV DEAL !!!
    54 and more to FOLLOW FOLLOW….


  25. Good Blog again Bill, the Daylate Rhebel has to be the most hypocritical Rhag in the World “Speak Truth to Power” is a very nice catchphrase, unfortunately when it is printed by the Rhebel, it has a decidedly empty ring to it.

    I think that Big calculator on Liewell’s desk probably should read ” Made in Savile” rather than Seville

  26. In a moment of weakness yesterday, I bought a Sunday Mail and Post. Both papers published a nearly 47,000 crowd at the BJ Knew camp, which was as incredible as it was lazy and cowardly journalism.
    The Post even tried to tell us that Celtic were 4/7 to take ten titles in a row, which must mean that there is a bet out there with say odds of 6/4 for them not achieving this goal. Could someone find this bookie with balls like ten bob tomatoes. I would like a safer investment since my cypriot offshore portfolio is not looking good in the futures market.

    • We never know what is going to happen in the eurozone and how many years in the future countries and people are going to suffer. Savers in other countries like Spain and Italy must be concerned 10% of their savings being taken if they require a further bailout. Is this not the same eorozone Mr Salmond wants to join? I can understand Germany saying enough is enough to these countries now when they have looked after their own econamy and not overspent. Im sure a few years ago if we had a referendum, got independance and joined the euro we would be in the same situation. There would have been no bravehearts but broken hearts so anyone still wanting to vote Independance in 2014 be warned, Willaim Wallace was a leader Salmond is definitely not.

  27. Morning Bill, I am glad you have highlighted the attendance over the season I have been to every home game and cant remember a game that had more that 8k empty seats. I found the Queens Park game in particular was wrong I though maybe the figure obtained was when we visited them at Hampden Park the attenance for that game was around 34K, the one at Ibrox I never seen much empty seats but to say 14k less than stated as it would have made ibrox look empty and it certainly wasnt as the crowd that day was bril and electric.

    Yip was glad to see Steven Thomson on the score sheet was one of my fav players when he was at Ibrox.

  28. Hello Bill, Could you please tell me what has James Traynor been doing to combat the lies emanating from the Daily Record. Quite frankly, the silence has been deafining from Jim, or have I missed something here. I thought he was the man to get the Rangers side of things to the media ? I have not read, or heard a thing from him… In fact you give more info, and topics, in a week, than I have heard from him since he took his position at Ibrox ..
    If I am wrong here Bill, please put me to rights .

  29. I wonder how many pundits Stevie Thompson caught out by having a vocabulary and the ability to use it correctly!

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