The Age Of Plastic

I have it on very good authority that Rangers CEO Charles Green is apoplectic with rage over the behaviour of the fans who let the club down by singing inappropriate songs at Berwick yesterday.

It isn’t so much what happened as the media reaction to it that is so galling. Frankly, Rangers fans should know better in this day and age where any infraction will be amplified by a media all too ready to knock the club.

My understanding is that any fan found guilty of damaging the club’s reputation will have to do their supporting outside of football grounds and Green is all too aware that any season ticket holder foolish enough to risk his/her seat will be readily replaced by someone who isn’t and doesn’t.

Sadly, the Rangers fans were divided over the issue, though the overwhelming majority of decent Rangers supporters were appalled by the PR own goal inflicted on the club from those who deem it their right to shout and sing whatever they want.

I have always stated my own conviction that it is fine for Rangers to stand for values cherished by the Protestant, Unionist and Loyalist community, just as Celtic embody the values of Roman Catholicism and Irish Republicanism.

The problem is when both sides resort to hate and bigotry rather than support and identification. And it has to be faced that any songs or chants expressed by either side in favour of paramilitary groups is both offensive and antagonistic to the other side. A strong argument, it could be suggested, for leaving this vocal support out of football, particularly since it offends and appals wider society.

The Protestant-Catholic thing is, as I have stated previously, a phony war. Show me the Protestants and Catholics. I don’t see any debates breaking out on social media over the doctrines of Calvin and Luther or over issues like penance and transubstantiation between Rangers and Celtic fans.

While most Celtic fans who are Catholic are maybe likely to visit a chapel once in a while, actual practising adherents of the Protestant Christian faith are rarer than hens teeth in the Rangers support. I’m not talking about somebody who occasionally goes to church but genuine Christian believers.

There aren’t a lot of Protestants and Catholics but there are plenty of proddies and kafflicks – people who have a tribal affinity rather than a living faith connection.

People who think they are Protestant should maybe read this definition of Protestant taken from an online dictionary and work out which one applies to them:

1. A member of a Western Christian church whose faith and practice are founded on the principles of the Reformation, especially in the acceptance of the Bible as the sole source of revelation, in justification by faith alone, and in the universal priesthood of all the believers.

2. A member of a Western Christian church adhering to the theologies of Luther, Calvin, or Zwingli.

3. One of the German princes and cities that supported the doctrines of Luther and protested against the decision of the second Diet of Speyer (1529) to enforce the Edict of Worms (1521) and deny toleration to Lutherans.  

How many Rangers supporters screaming abuse at the pope do so because of their opposition to the Edict of Worms?

Or because they want to be in the priesthood?

Or because they are thoroughly versed in the doctrines of Luther, Calvin and Zwingli?

From a theological viewpoint, the Protestant faith is based on a personal witness (the root of the word Protestant is teste which means “witness”) of Jesus Christ. In other words, true Protestants are practising Christians.

If Rangers fans want to identify as Protestants and sing Protestant songs, there are some churches I could recommend and there are hundreds of hymns to sing.

Tribal Protestantism is not true Protestantism, which is Bible Protestantism.

Many Celtic fans have an affinity with Ireland which is frankly laughed at by those who actually ARE Irish – it is a mythical and nonsensical concept of Irishness which bears no relation to the modern European nation.

For this reason Rangers fans and not a few real Irish people  like to call these deluded folks “plastic Paddies” as they have no grasp of reality when it comes to what Ireland is actually like. Many of these plastic Paddies have never even been across the Irish Sea but identify more with dear old Oireland than their own nation of birth.

However, there are also more than a few plastic Proddies out there who “contend for the faith” when they don’t practise it or could even tell you the first thing about it.

As some Rangers fans shout the odds about their right to sing what they want and the Green Brigade across the city leaflet the Celtic support to say virtually the same thing, the question can truly be asked:

How much is plastic and how much is real in the ideologies of both sets of fans?

It seems to me that certain Rangers fans and certain Celtic fans want exactly the same thing – the right to hate and express their hate.

How sad they have to hide behind causes and faiths to mask their hatred.

Scottish football and wider society would be a whole lot better without plastic Paddies and plastic Proddies abusing civil liberties which they have nothing but contempt for anyway to continue their selfish, bigoted campaigns.

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  2. I think Delahunt should be chapping the door of the Glesca Jap as members of his staff show their support for terroism ……if he is all bent out of shape about such a trival act as singing songs.. If they can make allowances over there for the minority surely they can do the same for us , as it is the minority involved but we are all being dragged into this.
    Songs ….get a life . Did anyone die .
    The whole thing is pathetic.
    I listened to Odious Creep blasting us on BBC about the Billy Boys ……..what is wrong with the re-written lyrics ..

  3. As a previous poster said, this is a propaganga war between Rangers and Celtic. Celtic are winning it by a country mile. It is costing Rangers money and will delay Rangers return to the top. What is our strategy Charles? How do we get through to the young supporters who were at Berwick? Maybe you could go and speak to ESPN instead of going to Dubai and Australia?

  4. This was an orchestrated attempt by Celtic to turn the tables on their fallout with the IRA Green Bigrade,turn the heat on Rangers,so the songs sung were out of order no defence,Why were there senior PR Celtic Employee’s sent to Berwick?????????????????????Ansewer the plot thickens,ESPN turned up the voluome,Why?????? IF they are offended they got the publicity they wanted,plants in the crowd come to mind,just sing along,i got it from a reputible source and the amount of idiots that have jumped on the story is un believable,meaninig there is IRA mongols in the Rangers end starting these songs to deflect from their hatred,lets pick them out and photograph them,you’ll see they are GREEN BRIGADE

    • Green Brigade get it in the neck,lets turn the table’s believe me that mob are well financed by Celtic,work it out,they sing their sick songs but the volumes are turned down,and let’s see what comes from the poof standing down

    • Actually quite impressed with your writing Bill then I come to this clown, words fail me, surely he’s at the wind up???? Nobody can be that thick

    • It doesnt matter if the volume was turned off, now this is getting stupid a conspiracy because they obviously knew the blue fookin order could do as asked and told about songs.

      There is no excuse “no the tims did it first or the volume button was up or the employee was a tim or now the conspiracy theory.” The simple fact is the Blue Order are delusional in the fact they are the rangers voice, With stupid banners telling investors to fook off and now taking advice form jail house lawyers that said “we canny get done were doon in england”

      It does not matter who the fuck likes hearing the songs or what your feeling about them are the authorities like it or not banned them. That means that any clampit that sings them is breaking the law is that simple enough. Not only that it damages the club your supposed to support as they get fined or sanctions placed on them, they get potential investors turning their backs with cries of they have not changed one bit

      You get bloggers and the biased media jumping for joy at the bad wee rangers and all the traffic once again is negative on twitter. But again who gives a fook about that probably because half if not all cant string a sentence together. its and age where if you step out of line its all over the planet in seconds.

      I hope that RFC does get the video gets stills of those doing the chanting and relieves them of their season books if they have them, go down the pub join the rest of those excluded from civilised society on match days and scream yer abuse at the TV doing anything your freedom of association and speech allows you to but stay the fuck away from Ibrox

      If you need any evidence of the welcome your lot will get wait till next home game

      • What makes yous think that yous are the majority who are against singing No Pope Of Rome,is it because theres a few dozen people agree on a blog site.I bet you if the blue order start singing it at ibrox on sat the majority will join in.Can someone please point out the sectarian line in that song please

        • Gary are you really being serious ??? This may come as a big surprise its not just this blogg Every forum and every blogg bar the blue orders and Vanguard Bears is against the display on Saturday.

          It matters not one bit what you think about the song/chant its is not you that made the laws or the decision to ban the song. Sing the song in your head then look up the word bigot. you”ll get answer to your own question.

          If you think that being rebellious towards the laws of the land then the true home for rebels is across the city.

          Accept the fact that carrying on with this sort of thing whether you like it or not or whether you think its right or not matters not a jot its illegal end of and if it persists it damages the club your supposed to be a fan of and support look that one up too.

          • Listen a wish everybody thought like the vanguards,people like you are really starting to piss me off thinking that you support the club better than me for having a different opinion to you.I’ve watched the gers since the 70s,just like my dad and grandad going as far back as the 1920s,so i don’t need to look up any words,if supporters like you keep attacking other gers fans for singing songs there will be a riot at ibrox very soon.I would love to see someone try tell me or the dozens of guys who sit around me,who also have the same opinion as me,to shut up singing.

            • Gary i also have supported RFC from the 70’s and my great grandfather was honoured by the club for his support by Mr Waddell so don’t come the I’ve been there longer attitude.

              You just dont get it, it does not matter what you me or the fookin bus driver in Deli thinks about this not one bit. The simple fact is that the songs sung on Saturday were proscribed that means outlawed illegal subject to the laws of the land, end of story.

              By singing these songs, which we all did in the 80’s and 90’s, in today’s climate shows utter disregard to the law and the damage it does to the club we are supposedly supporting.

              Its not about supporting anything better than anyone, its about toeing the line and acting like a fooking sensible human being, and if that pisses you of well tough.

              On top of all the outlawed chants what the fok did craig burleys wife have to do with rangers or was that just a wee bit of banter or the chants about celtic boys club again banter as the ground was full of celtic supporters to taunt with it???

              You seem to be missing the whole point, Go read leggo today (Tuesday) yet another one thats came out to try to tell you what was wrong about saturday, or go to follow follow or bouncy bouncy or the rangers supporters trust or the rangers standard and chris graham, try d’targan or the daily ranger. Its not just people like me who want the best for the club that will piss you off its every other fooker that does not sit in BF1. VB and TBO are not the voice of rangers, they dont speak for 90% of us.

              Having an opinion that stealing is fine or that thuggery is acceptable does not make it right in the eyes of society or the law. Its not a defence when charged , “well m’lud i think i was entilted to steal that bag of crisps from the co-op cause all me mates do it and in my opinion its right”

              Thats what this boils down to What happened on Saturday was unlawful and it has done untold harm to our club, BF1 might not care but most of us do !!

  5. Good stuff Bill. If people want to protest against a flawed system of dictatorship, then they should start by believing,repenting, and spreading the gospel. There is but one mediator who intercedes for us, and he doesnt live in Rome. ‘I am the way the truth and the life, no one comes to the father except through me’. Then they will start to act like civilized human beings , and behave at football games. Rangers are to be commended for their swift reaction to this, as well as most of our fans. Responsibility however is anathema to Lawwell when you consider his response to a st mirren tannoy announcer under similar cirumstances, he condemned the whistleblower! ‘A dark side that lacks accountability’. Where else did i read that today,….

  6. Absolutely spot on as usual Bill. I was disgusted when I heard about those so called fans letting the club down again !! I also felt that Radio Clyde showed its pro-Cellic/anti Rangers bias again last night when Jim Dellahunt stated on air that Charles Greene should come out and make a public apology for those morons behavior. I have never once heard him say on air that Blofield Lawell should come out and apologise for the bile that is spewed by the Green Brigade which happens on a weekly basis !!

  7. I was at Berwick and thought it was a good game, had Ian Black as my MOM. Heard a few inappropriate songs, don’t think there were any or many arrest? Northumberland Police are superb though, they handle crowds well.

    A wee piece of advice for the young guns, rap it in you’re bringing trouble to the club, they don’t need it.

    Great weekend , couldn’t hear any songs over the noise of the tills ringing. As one Berwick landlord said to me “like Berwick Rangers your Rangers are an English club playing in a Scottish league, trouble is you are far more successful than us, that’s your problem”

    We’re welcome back any time he said.

  8. The incident yesterday was the inevitable result of a misguided attempt to turn the clock back and retain the tune of the “Billy Boys” with new words. At the time I wrote to another blog that, however innocuous the new words, our enemies would still brand the song as “The Billy Boys” and use it as a stick to beat us with : I also observed that, in away games, a minority of our support would find the temptation to revert to the old words too great to resist. This is exactly what has happened. When will we ever learn?

  9. I think football fans should be able to “belt it oot”. I have no objections to the tims with their ira shit, as long as we can give it the “Billy Boys” etc. I enjoyed hearing the singing on RangersTV so take that PC brigade.

  10. Yet again Bill. You are going to have to stop all this ‘common sense’ nonsense. You are going to lose a lot of your target market if you insist on telling the truth.
    We need more like you on either side of the divide.
    Well done.

  11. Deal with this issue with a sense of proportion and reality! In an International context, what took place at Berwick yesterday was relatively insignificant but in a local, small minded way is damaging to our club. The police, law officers and the Rangers Board will deal with the matter appropriately. Those who stepped out of line do not tend to acknowledge normal rules of behaviour in their daily lives anyway and must be dealt with accordingly! Returning to the word International – football and politics are linked whether we admit it or not! I use the word ‘politics’ to cover pseudo religious,sectarian and bigoted views held by many millions world wide! The Balkans,the old Soviet Union and South America are only a few examples of where serious outbreaks of lawbreaking at football matches have occurred recently and I do not mean being out of key singing pathetic arias, as was the case in England yesterday!

    • Good point Roon. I wonder though how many prospective investors may be put off by our very noisy bigot boys, up to their knees in ignorance and blind till the day they die.

  12. Oh c’mon. Who do you know in the Rangers support who ’embodies Protestant values’? Most Bears I know could barely date the Reformation. It’s a banner to march under, nothing more, nothing less. It’s the same with the conflict in NI. Most Rangers/Celtic fans are mindlessly partisan while having scant knowledge. ‘Traditions’ are well and good, but only if you underdstand what you’re on about.

  13. While we’re on the subject of plastic there seems to be an abundance on show right now at the Glitterdome……

    The Seville Calculator being prepped for action as we speak, no doubt.

    I reckon 98,000 will be the official number.

  14. Is this the same Bill McMurdo? Previously I would generally finish reading an article of Bill’s with a feeling of confusion and despair – the constant resort to deflection and whataboutery so often peddled amongst RM, FF and whatever else – to be honest, FF is home to an increasingly warped and deluded mindset these-days and the pitance it takes in ‘advertising hits’ surely can’t be enough to keep Mr Dingwall in twixes for more than a couple of days even – but it continues to distort reality for many of the clubs fans nonetheless – so many just want to be told what they want to hear, that’s the problem.

    Of course Celtic have issues with their fans relating to political chanting and songs about organisations that others find extremely offensive – this is mainly the away support as it seems to be with Rangers too – no excuses for anyone here but probably boozed up clowns on the traveling buses doesnt help – but as Scots, Protestant or Catholic, we should be aspiring to better than being subjected to being labelled backward bigots and terrorist sympathisers.

    Our clubs have a big enough disadvantage in relation to the corrupt systems of UEFA/FIFA and also the ££ situation in comparison with others – we will only go further backwards if we don’t learn quickly and as far as religion goes? As far as i am aware – both the CoS and the Catholic Church have suffered massive drops in attendance over the past few decades, where are all these so-called religious believers on a Sunday??

    And as far as the political stuff goes, most couldn’t even point to Ireland on a map – never mind understand and appreciate the various problems within the place.

    Bill, I take my hat off to you. I know the bileous, angry and just plain mental stuff you will no-doubt recieve after this but when you look into the exact origins – you will see it’s from these very same people that – despite all their talk and claims – still couldnt point to N.I on a map and neither could tell you where there nearest church is yet will bang on about ‘tradition and values’ till their blue in the face (no pun intended..)

    Well done Sir.

    • The whataboutery on Follow Follow and Rangers Media? perhaps if obsessive dicks like you didn’t spend your every waking moment trolling Rangers Message Boards, it would be a start. I would never consider going on a Celtic board, perhaps because I love Rangers more than I hate Celtic.

    • Tommy. You put your point well and I agree with you, it is important that the lunatic fringe are not allowed to hijack the game. Keep fighting the irreligious bigotry from your end.

      • sorry for the grammatical errors, david (see..i did it again…ooh i am awful:) but i think you’re missing the point somewhat…and by the way, the remark about smoking?? You stole that from a post of mine ya patter thief! And algy, i don’t read said rubbish…i only see the odd snippet, which is more than enough for anyone with normal rational to witness…it’s nutcases only i’m afraid in thar places…

        • Tommy, I think we missed each others point,something which can happen when discussing politics,football and religion or at least a perception of such subjects.My post was purely in respect of events at Berwick and how it may play out in the hands of certain Journalists.Drink may have been a factor,not an excuse and i think we let ourselves down. Your post would appear to have covered a broader canvas. Please your patter is safe,and so it would appear is your sense of humour.

          • Cheers David – and apologies for the rant – but you’re right – though I havent seen anything of the Berwick game itself – I aint one of those that scrutinise every song sung by Rangers fans – I attend a lot of Celtic away matches, the songbook at these games is fairly ‘colourful’ itself at times – but looking at the state half of the clowns are usually in, i do think booze plays it’s part – But it is no excuse.

            It might be a bit controversial saying this – but compared to the outrageous racist abuse that some eastern european leagues (and also spanish, italian…) have throughout some of the clubs supports – We have to keep things in perspective – I have very good pals, close mates here – but will be wherever Rangers are are knowing one in particular – the big b will be singing all sorts about the holy father!

            But he will later come to my house perhaps and spend a night with various other celtic fans and likewise – in said european countries however, it’s a completely different story. Point i’m trying to make is despite the facade – there are many fans of both Glasgow clubs that share common ground and purpose.

            And my patter is truly pish – just ask any wummin thats met me!

  15. The people who enjoyed the events at Berwick the most,was our enemies within the media. By the actions of some we wrote the negative headlines and articles ourselves. If yesterdays actions can be perceived as upholding tradition then spout it in the same fashion at your workplace or George Square and see what happens. In a propaganda war because that is what some in the media are waging against us ,we have to realise the pen is indeed mightier than the sword.Our day will come and we will put people like Cosgrove,Spence,Spiers to mention only some firmly in their place, Yesterdays events put that day a bit further into the future. If nobody believes or cares the damage yesterday has inflicted on our club,then dont listen to the overwhelming opinion within Bill Mcmurdos blog listen to our manager who felt the need to issue a verbal apology and our club who issued a written one. Four Men Had A Dream


  17. There’s nothing like the start of a great theological debate to deflect us away from the problem at hand, is there?. Rangers FC need to close down that section for a week or two, just to show they mean business, and if that fails to impress the minority in there, make them PERSONA NON GRATA and print the list of names to shame them, and get them out, even if Rangers can’t replace the season tickets lost to that area. The majority of supporters want an end to the silly songs that wound us, and as we are true democrats the MAJORITY should win the argument. Time to get the Mr muscle out Mr Green, cleanse us of this grimy unruly bunch of human beings, show them who really controls and runs the biggest and greatest football club in Scotland that is THE GLASGOW RANGERS FC.

    • I doubt they wouldn’t be able to replace them…if they stuck to normal rangers banter then there wouldn’t be an issue cause I actually enjoy the atmosphere they can create when they aren’t displaying that kind of contempt for the game and dare I say the Club too.

  18. Bill

    This is my first time commenting.

    This is a superbly focused piece. I am firmly of the opinion however that we must continue to tolerate this sort of behavior. The prospect of making even the most ill-thought reactionary opinion illegal will ultimately do more harm than good. It can be tackled in different more effective ways, perhaps by abolishing State-run faith schools.

    Anyway, keep up the good work. Your blog is quickly becoming as indispensable as Leggo’s.


    • With a bit of luck it will be your last.
      It is not illegal to hold an opinion in this country but it is illegal for a drunken idiot to spew his bigoted bile in front of a tv audience which included my children. Ban every one of them. I am sick of this nest of vipers ruin my enjoyment.

  19. Great piece again Bill. Totally agree with you. I posted this on a gers forum half way through the game yesterday. I hardly got any replies except for a couple of idiots that there is no point in trying to reason with. Most agreed though. There is a silent majority who are getting soick of these people thinking they represent RFC.

    No-one likes us we dont care?
    Sitting watching the game in the house for a wee change today. But within 30 seconds of the coverage there were songs getting sung by the small section in the covered area that can get us into trouble with the authorities and have the potential to hurt our club. When will you people learn? To be honest you are dong my nut in.

    You give Rangers haters who are trying to bring our club down the ammunition to do it!
    You give the people who we are fighting on a daily basis like BBC Scotland and the Daily Record the chance to point the finger at us and call us a sectarian club.
    Get it into your heads that you dont help the club or the difficult PR task they have.

    This kind of stuff will not be tolerated in the wider football world…..waken up to that!
    You are speirs and cosgroves script writers. They tune in every week with the obsesses to pick out the slightest negative thing.

    And as the banner the other night about Mike Ashley? For goodness sake, what planet are you on? I tell you this…..You do not represent me or the marority supporters in my view, you are just he loudest.
    You don’t have a right to tell investors where to go and potentially hurt the club financially.
    You dont have the right to put our club in a comprimising position with the authorities who are looking for an opportunity to punish us.
    I love Rangers, and I do care who likes us! ……..You either don’t want to see our club progress in world football like we have the potential to do, or you are just not very intelligent! You tell me!

    • Although I agree with you on the chants, IMHO you are bang out of order saying you speak for the silent majority on the banner!
      You only might, I for one disagree with the banner, but also disagree with renaming Ibrox!
      The one thing I do agree with is their right to display their feelings over Mike Ashley’s proposals, If the majority of fans agreed with renaming the stadium there would be “we love” banners in abundance at Ibrox!

      • Don’t talk nonsense – there’s an official method to objecting to the renaming – & it certainly isn’t having offensive, disrespectful banners hoisted during a football match – which those banners are not representative or/& have not been voted to by RFC supporters.

      • You’re having a laugh, George. This isn’t Ashley’s proposals it is Charles Greens. As for renaming Ibrox I am a season ticket holder in the Copland Road end and I have not spoken to one person who is against it, as it will always be known as Ibrox to all of us no matter what it is called. We have to get real and move into the 21st century. Again we as Rangers fans continue to shoot ourselves in the foot because of OUR in-fighting and stupid distrust of change that Charles Green is trying to bring to the club. We have got to stand UNITED in this to prove to the Rangers-haters that we can drag ourselves back from what has happened to us in the last 18 months.

  20. bill how right you are hopefully this is the spur that will gee them up to sanity,and for burleys remark that it wasn’t penalty he deserved stick not his wife that’s a disgrace she has nothing to do with it

  21. I’m not attempting to deny what happened yesterday by any means but why did ESPN feel the need to bring Rangers fans singing to the attention of the police when we have often heard the full Celtic repertoire on the same channel without any such action being taken by the broadcaster?
    Don’t forget also that Sky have chosen in the past to turn the mikes off during a minutes silence at Celtic games for Remembrance Day.
    Add this to the BBC and R Clyde’s selective hearing and seeing policies and you start to wonder.
    We scored an own goal yesterday on and off the park and gave the above mentioned some new ammunition to fire at us but until the day it is highlighted at every game at every club I’m afraid for me it’s a bit of a non story for me.
    I’m not dismissing it or condoning it but until I see fair coverage of it I won’t lose any sleep.

    • Once again Celtic have beaten us in the propaganda stakes, not a surprise really seeing as the IRA were masters at it. It was them that lodged a complaint with the broadcaster, either directly through the club (their media man was there yesterday) or their fans phoning up the station to complain.

      We’ve got a lot of catching up to do on the propaganda front.

      • They have been waiting all season for this to happen, they are constantly monitoring our fans/club – especially at away games.

        Some of our fans ‘walked right into it with eyes wide open’ and presented those who are trying to destabilise our club with the perfect opportunity to lambast us.

        It’s simple – don’t give the people who are trying to destroy us any ammunition. It’s self-defeating.

          • I get the general drift of you’re saying, purpolaris – but being that you’re basically a moron, i’ll explain what’s so wrong with you’re post. IRA, Propaganda, War…shall i go on? What planet are you on?? This is Scotland and it’s the year 2013 – it seems you are a couple of hundred years out of date, purplepenis.

            • No Tommy Twat you’ve just proven that you didn’t get the general idea. I’m talking about Celtic’s propaganda machine. Are you going to tell me they don’t have one?

              Seems to me you’ve got a track record of name calling when you don’t agree with what’s being said. I’m guessing people skills isn’t high on your list of priorities.

              I’m not going to comment on anything else you say on this matter as I really don’t want to be dragged down to your level as it’s one arguement I’ll never win.

              Like I said, you’re thicker than pig shit.

      • What? This is utter nonsense, it had nothing to do with Celtic. This fantasy mindset, Peter Lawwell runs the SPL etc does you no credit.

          • Ok – apologies for the sillyness – and onto a more serious theme…purpolaris, the stuff you’re talking about is tinged with elements of division and battle. For goodness sakes, Celtic’s PR machine is nothing to do with whatever happened at Berwick or the running of you’re club, in any way whatsoever nor does it guide any media outlet – if it did, why does no celtic fans buy any of the rag red-tops?

            Celtic – the club – it’s fans and even it’s staff have had all sorts of junk written about them, true or not, for years – you’re club has enjoyed the toadying of the likes of Jim Traynor and Keith Jackson – and by association – the Daily Record – for years (floating hover pitches??) yet you still don’t see it – and thanks to those clowns, the mismanagement of you’re club has gone unreported – if Celtic PR machine is ‘winning propaganda wars’ then it’s maybe just because Celtic’s chairman doesn’t do the kind of stuff that creates enemies – like employing a DR journo – who stupdly starts slagging of other reporters – barely 2mins into the job!

            But you might be surprised to hear this. Celtic don’t actually employ media PR to that extent anyway – they never have – and in fact it’s Rangers who have paid hundreds of thousands of pounds to Media House and Mr Jack Irvine himself to do exactly that. Yes, Propaganda!! But the underlying problem with you’re view is basicaly this; Tell me one single ‘propagandist’ statement from Celtic. I bet you can’t find one – but from Charlie?? Why do you think the ‘propaganda’ war is being lost, as you put it? Think about it – but the answers in this paragraph anyway.

  22. Scotland a nation obsessed by religion, where nobody goes to Church. Singing No Pope of Rome is a crime? Can somebody tell me why the World is better because we have/had an ex Hitler Youth anti aircraft gunner covering up an International Child Abuse Scandal? Why is the World a better place because a very well educated man in a position of power lies to unsophisticated African Catholics about condoms causing AIDs? Wind your collective necks in, a bunch of daft boys singing songs merits national media coverage, yet a full scale riot by drug crazed Celtic Fans in Dundee rates barely a mention. Don’t give me any of your “whataboutery” pish when we receive parity of treatment in the media I’ll take things like this seriously, till then ram your sanctimonious shite.

    • The above is why you are part of the problem and not part of the solution.

      Rangers fans code of behaviour should not be based on anything linked to Celtic, Catholicism, The Pope, The Republic of Ireland or even Northern Irish politics. We should concentrate on being what we are. We don’t need to indulge in the activities of yesterday to demonstrate our support of Rangers.

      No harm in being proud of our Scottishness, our Britishness, our Protestantism or our support for the Union, no harm at all. However certain factions amongst our support need to update their methodology for the 21st century. Failure so to do will hurt nobody more than ourselves.

      • I’m part of the problem am I? Why because I recognise the Catholic Churches End Game? When we are given parity of treatment in the media I’ll believe the criticism of our fans comes with best intentions from a good place. Till that happens I’ll treat it as the witch hunt it really is. I realise we have to copy Celtic and box clever in these matters but don’t give me anymore of your condescending crap.

        • Aye, what’s you’re end game – to provide sufficient food to those that are beating us down. Wake up man, this is a battle, a propoganda battle, & the most cunning will win, not the most stupit.

        • The reason that you are part of the problem is because you refuse to differentiate between supporting Rangers and your paranoia surrounding the catholic church. Supporting Rangers is about celebrating and encouraging, it’s a positive thing, it represents love for one’s team and harmony with your fellow supporters. Supporting Rangers is about ensuring that your words and actions do not cause harm to the club or offence to the wider public, which includes your fellow supporters. Anti Catholic paranoia is about fighting against a 2000 year old institution that claims the religious wellbeing of millions of you fellow hum beings. The history of the catholic church is long and complex and beset with many controversial issues, it is not my church of choice but your unhealthy preoccupation with this institution seems to represent all that is negative in human nature. I am reminded of the preacher who bangs on about the evils of the flesh, only to be revealed as a pornography addict. You and those like you are a threat to my Rangers because you are either too stubborn or too stupid to realise that the biggest threat to the development, if not the survival, of the club is the continuation of the myth that we are an anti Catholic institution. I am sorry that you thought I was being condescending but your paranoia is second only to your stupidity..

          • watp forever – tell me this; Who exactly is the propaganda war between?? Tell us all who the individuals are, on either side. Go on, raise the thread on FF or whatever pathetic place your mindset develops from.

            What a nutter!

          • I agree we are perceived as an Anti-Catholic institution and some of what was sung yesterday would have reinforced this, however the disparity of treatment in the Scottish Media should indicate, to even a smug cunt like you, that something bigger is at stake here. I’ll give it a miss today as I’ve had a guts full of Rangers Fans attacking their own.

            • Something bigger? The death of owr club perhaps? Wise up. Think positive. Your hate will feed your paranoia until there’s no room for rational thought. God bless you.

            • watpforever – ok, fair enough and pardon the sillyness, wasn’t being nasty, just daft..anyways…it’s odd because Celtic fans share exactly the same thoughts about all the org’s you state and Doncaster in particular – the guys a shambles and so are his organisation. Like i said to others – who think as you do – is that the idea of a ‘propaganda war’ is a bit mad.

              The press and media will stab anyone in the back for sales and have proven that with Celtic over the years – and the RC church too! Look at the recent press!!

              But i keep banging on about this and it’s very relevant; Rangers actually paid a lot of ££ for PR and still do – Celtic don’t – and neither does Peter Lawell or anyone else at Celtic have links with the Iluminati or Opus Dei, or any other sinster, dark secret orgs! Nor do they have any over-influence within Scottish football either. It was ALL the clubs, via their fans orgs, that voted against the SPL and SFL1 parachute arrangement! Not Peter Lawell, not Celtic nor any other individual.

              That is the main issue at present and the one thing thats fuelling so much resentment, yet it’s all utter fantasy. You have to look at whats happened over the past few years at Ibrox and then you’ll realise it was so-called Rangers men themselves that have caused so much damage. Not anyone else.

    • Thats the best comment i’ve heard all day,its a sad day when it’s mostly rangers fans that are complaining about other gers fans singing

  23. A brilliant piece Bill. However I don’t think the chanting people will sit up and take notice. They have been doing it for years even though it hurts the club so much.Time and again we have been rightly hammered by the authorities home and abroad but they still carry on relentlessly despite all the good work and mearures put in by the old regime in trying to eradicate it. ( I honestly believe that the behaviour and actions of this type of ‘fan’ dampened then destroyed SDM enthusiasm and love for the club). Do not kid ourselves, from the very first game of the season this bile has been spewed. For me this was always going to be the biggest battle for CG and I hope that he has it in him to go after them and rids us of them once and for all. If not, we’re FKD as a club.

  24. And well said Bill. As I wish to promote myself, your Love of Rangers supersedes the challenges from non-Protestants.
    As a Bear, each person’s support for our club, and wherever possible turning up for games, home and away is sufficient proof of your feelings for Rangers. Singing sectarian, bigoted songs – does not prove your love of Rangers. It only proves your hatred of kaffliks. It has nothing to do with Rangers.
    What happened yesterday only provides work for the polis, gives your enemy (the kaffliks) justification to complain, and gain further support. And provides succulent food for our biased media, to publish & promote disgust against our club.
    Who wins – the media do – and your enemy does (I detest seeing a ginger bigot with an irregular grin on his face).
    Who loses – Rangers Football Club – and all those decent RFC supporters that toe the line.
    Is our enemy in a fragile position – No, they become stronger every day.
    Is Rangers Football Club in a fragile position – Yes, more than ever in its 140 year history.
    We are off the floor financially recovering from scunners such as craig whyte, but we are now right back on it, by so-called supporters whose personal priority is to demonstrate hatred of kaffliks, and not prioritising their support of Rangers.
    RFC cannot tolerate being drawn into religion and politics – get them tae f*** Mr Green – and jildy – Btw; I’m sure that’s the death of any consideration by our club of approving any new TBB’s lyrics.
    Sad sad day for RFC yesterday – this will set us back big time, far far more than our chairman’s personal drinking habit.

    • Unfortunately we’re damned if we do and damned if we dont! on the score of “hullo,hullo” as we have seen with “Four men had a dream” It will still be classed as TBB! JUst as the later is still spouted out as the “famine song”!

      The reintroduction of “Hullo,Hullo” would be seen by many as just trying to cover up those who do and you’ll get no argument from over whether they would continue to sing TBB!

      The fact that so few people actually sung the offensive line shows how few were actually singing this and it was actually counterproductive to not sing this line!

      Not being from the west coast it was only when the sectarian laws were introduced that I actually discovered that Billy boys (in a glasgow sense) refered to a razor gang, until then we’d always sing “we are the c-den billy boys” where it simply meant a rangers fan from in my case c/den. Until then i never even knew where Brigton was in Glasgow!

      That too is part of the problems we face now!

  25. Some Rangers “fans” just cant help themselves . They really do have to stop making a mockery of Rangers Football Club with these stupid songs .Chanting about the pope or loyalist gangs should be a thing of the past .Lets move on lads , its a showing up !

  26. Bill, as a Celtic fan I often view your blog for nothing more than sheer entertainment as you spot bile and hatred against Celtic fans (IMHO) and tell your fans that everyone who criticises The Rangers must be a Rangers Hater. I used to get wound up, now I just laugh at you.


    I agree with every word you have posted here in this blog. There is no need to the bile and hatred from either side or indeed any of the other clubs fans who like to align themselves with a false impression of the old firm – we’ve all heard the singing when our cubs visit other parts of the country – one week they’ll be anti Catholic and the next week the same fans will be anti Protestent.

    This is not whataboutery, this is the truth and we all know it.

    It’s far worse in Glasgow of course and we all need to do as much as we can to eradicate it. There should be a proper, working partnership (not just statements) between Celtic and Rangers to eradicate this filth from our stadiums.

    Everyone is entitled to their political and religious expression but football stadiums on match days are not the places to air it.

    Apologies there for agreeing with you Bill, normal service will resume tomorrow !!

  27. Well said Bill. I truly believe as a support we can celebrate our Protestant and Loyalist heritage without being anti-Catholic.

  28. Great piece there Bill.There is a time and place for a sash bash but it has been made clear the match is no longer it.I mean how hard can it be not to sing songs deemed offensive for ninety minutes?

    • Offensive songs like The Sash? Or Derrys Walls? Or perhaps you mean Penny Arcade which according to many Celtic fans celebrates a catholic being killed in an amusement arcade, or the Bouncy which the monobrowed muppets reckon is a re enactment of the Death of a catholic in Portadown ( despite the fact we were doing it at least a decade before the murder) Perhaps the Team should stop wearing Black socks with Red Tops because it symbolises being up to our knees in Fenian Blood. What we sing does not cause them offence, what causes the MOPEs offence is our existence no matter what we sing or don’t sing that will never change. No you must excuse me I’m off to cut my lawn like an Orange Sash, so the kids can do the Hokey Pokey on it, they just love taking the pish out of the Latin Mass.

  29. Hear hear Bill,

    Sadly these neanderthals do not realise that the people they offend the most are the genuine Rangers fans who just want to go along to the game, behave themselves, and give their heart and soul to supporting their great club.

    Such is the state of today’s Scottish media that we are all going to get slated and tarred with the same brush. That offends me. I don’t want to read it or listen to it.

    Just when you think you are making progress, along come the mentally challenged fringe to piss on yer chips.

    Surfing RM and FF last night I was dismayed by the number of people trying to convince us there was nothing wrong in what occurred yesterday at Berwick. “Our rights”, “we’ll sing what we like”, “it’s not illegal, it was in England” and all the “whataboutery” merchants were out in force. Thankfully there were many also prepared to stand up to them and try to point out the damage being caused to Rangers.

    Unfortunately, the trouble in arguing with idiots is that they can often reduce you to their level and then beat you with their experience. Or so they think. Will we ever be rid of them?

  30. do you go to church bill dont just mean for a death or a funeral you can be religious minded and protestant without having to go to church and be beside hypocrites thats goes there my poor old gran never went to church in her life but she could teach you anything you wanted to know about it

    • TrueBlue – Very much the same as my Mother, although my Father was an avid Church goer. You do not necessarily need to go a Church building, but the Bible does say you need to meet with fellow believers: Hebrews 10:25.

    • True. But you can’t be a Protestant if you harbour hate. What is very annoying is that if we can’t understand this to be an irreligious problem rather than a religious problem the evil will continue.

  31. Not a fan of either side and most of my exposure to Scottish football is radio but took opportunity to take in 3 champions league games at Celtic Park this season. Not one song which could offend anyone. My impression from radio and tv is that The Billy Boys has been sung at all or most Rangers games this season without comment.

    • Maybe not one song which offends you but plenty of songs which offend others. They were probably just singing Ooh Aah Samaras again which makes it ok. For you to come on this page and indicate that there is nothing wrong with the Celtic support says it all about you really.

      Rangers have done really well eradicating the sectarian side of things from the club and we have moved on.

      One of the main reasons that the BB is creeping back is because nothing is being done about the songs that Celtic sing. NOTHING. This country has a one way sectarian policy that is only too plain to see and until we have parity on that front things will only get worse.

      • I can assure you that there was absolutely nothing at which anyone could have taken offence at those three games – and that is all that I am claiming. I am amazed that people would claim that what can be heard time and again on Radio Scotland on a Saturday or Sunday simply does not exist. The Famine Song and Billy Boys are sung regularly. If you oppose it then, as a Rangers fan, all you can do is admit it, condemn it and stop it.

        • John, we (Ranger supporters) do not monitor cfc games. Cfc do monitor RFC games, & report any offensive chants. Unfortunately, such as events that happened a few weeks ago in dundee by drunk/drugged cfc supporters. Do not get reported consistently in Scotland. Although all probable offensive songs or events are reported & many are exagerated when Rangers are the culprits.
          Lastly, if you have read Bills blog (who is a staunch Gers supporter) and follwing replies, you’ll clearly see that the vast majority of Gers fans condemn bigoted songs at football matches. Which is more than can be said of cfc – they’re still looking for people from years ago who caused offense, even tho’ they have their names, addresses & photo’s.

        • Absolute more bullshit from you. The BB has been sung at possibly 5 games and I’m giving you the benefit of the doubt here as I’ve heard it at 2 games (I haven’t seen every game this season). The famine song hasn’t been sung, you’ve been hearing 4 men had a dream.

          Open your eyes and ears before coming on here and accusing. The fact you still think the Celtic fans are saints says it all.

          Why don’t you list the games you heard these songs being sung at, just check your notebook, I’m sure you’ve got it all written down with the dates and times.

    • Your impression is wrong. No club has taken greater strides than Rangers to eradicate the sectarian element from their support.

  32. Hi Bill,
    not surprised at the scottish mhedia ignoring the Keith O’Brien scandal but all over the Rangers’ fans choice of songs.
    Michael, but not the same Michael as was noising everybody up previously

  33. Green, with his demonising of all and sundry, Traynor, with his tirades against the Scottish press, and Leggat, with his thinly-veiled anti-Catholic and anti-Irish rhetoric all fuel this sort of behaviour. Although many are condemning the behaviour at Berwick they appear to support the feelings behind it. This is what needs to be erradicated: this superiority complex and seeing the whole world as a conspiracy.

    • I am Rangers supporter and am neither anti Irish or anti catholic, what I am is anti people who seem to think that this is what myself and the majority of British fans are. What I am is proudly British and Scottish and make no apologies for being so. What I find hard to accept that this is interpreted as being anti anyone else. I also am puzzled why people born and bred in this country are so obsessed by a foreign country, The Irish Republic. I don’t hate anyone, but see no relevance to me or modern British culture. Leave it in the past where it belongs.

    • Pat,
      Much of this “No one likes us, we don’t care” attitrude is being fed by the media’s obsession with all things Rangers. There has been a tedency lately for the misdimeanors of other clubs to be ignored ie. Aberdeen fans on the Ibrox disaster and recently some Celtic fans on Paul Gascoigne. Whilst the media continues its “Rangers bashing” it feeds the sense of resentment and anger leading to a warped sense of justification in the singing of these songs at Berwick. I, as a youth, many years ago I may I add, may have indulged in singing some of the songs which are now, quite rightly, considered arcane and unacceptable. One day it dawned on me as the son of an Irish Catholic mother who attends Mass every Sunday that I was being disrespectful to her and a bloody hypocrite in the extreme. I then started visiting my relatives in The deep south of Ireland and was completely blown away by their generosity, hospitality and complete general disinterest on all the things that seem to matter so much to people in the Central belt of Scotland. I was warned before we first went out to the pub with my cousins “We don’t talk about politics or religion, we’re out for the craic”. I then had the time of my life with great people whom I never had the slightest bit of bother with. I stood in a pub with about 200 Celtic fans and me wearing a Rangers top that my cousin had manage to procure for me and watched Rangers beat Celtic 2-0. I remember Jonas Thern scored one of the goals. I was bought so many drinks, that they almost killed me with kindness and not one person gave me any grief.
      I think the problem lies with Education, or the lack of it. I know after visiting Ireland I felt a little ashamed of some of the songs I had sung and I wish I had visited earlier in my life. Perhaps a good start would be an exchange programme between non-Denominational schools in Scotland with Schools in Ireland to let each other see that we don’t spend all day singing about The Billy Boys or The Boys of the Old Brigade. Broadening the next generations horizons would be a great start in eradicating the scourge of Sectarianism and showing that there is a great big world out there other than what’s on our doorsteps.

    • Pat,

      I assume from your reply that you are both a Celtic fan and a kafflik….forgive me on that assumption, if i’m wrong ?

      However your pontificating at Rangers’/Protestant so-called superiority complex seriously falls down at the current Pope’s(In Administration) ecumenical document ‘Dominus Jesu’ (issued Sept 5th 2000).
      Take a look at said document and come back and tell us who has the real superiority complex.


      • I’m not a Catholic, although I was brought up one. I also attended C of S Sunday School, was a member of the Boys’ Brigade and was a teacher in ND schools. To give you an example of the ‘superiority complex’ I’m talking about, we constantly here that denominational schools are the biggest cause of bigotry in Scotland. Many children these days are just sent to the nearest school by their parents, Protestants to RC schools and RCs to ND schools. In one school I worked at the auxiliary complained vociferously about Catholics being allowed into this ‘Protestant’ school. She said they should stick to their own schools! I reported her to the head teacher, who gave me a row and told me that the auxiliary was correct! So Catholics are not to have their own schools but are not wanted at the ‘Protestant’ schools! I take it they’re just supposed to die or something!

        • Pat,
          You’ve gone a bit off message here. The 1918 Education act was designed to allow State funding of Catholic schools to allow them to offer the same level of Education as State funded schools. As equality has been achieved and in some cases surpassed surely the need for separate funding of faith education is now ended. State funded schools should remain secular and if you want a faith based school you should pay for it yourself. If you allow the “status quo” to continue it is inevitable that other faiths will demand State funding using the 1918 act as a precedent.

        • Well, Pat, sorry if i got it partly wrong regards your upbringing and continuing faith choice,,,,,though it is nice to see that you don’t regard the catholic (Roman ?) faith as a relevance in your life nowadays.

          Your opinions are, still, all one-sided (taken from the recent comments you have noted in Bill’s post here) regards this bee-in-your-bonnet that you have with another facet of the catholic (in terms of the universal christian) faith – Protestantism…….not exactly a balanced view – agree ??

          Now take a look at said document referred to earlier and tell me who has the ‘real’ superiority complex.


  34. Will ITV apologise for the “songs” being sung during a recent European tie in Glasgow? Unfortunately in Scotland the media are continuing to paint the the picture Green = Good, Blue = Bad. Until there is parity in the the reporting, I cannot see it improving. However we should not be giving the ammunition to use against us. We should strive to give them nothing, this will increase their ire.

    • I was at all three of the group stage games and can assure you there were no songs that anyone would regard as offensive. Why, when there is poor behaviour amongst football fans of all hues, people should misrepresent and lie, is beyond me, All I can say is that Bill is correct in suggesting Rangers should get their own house in order. There is much work to be done.

  35. Look bill I am 48 years old and do not need you or anyone else to tell me what’s right or wrong ,,I served ten years in hm forces in several conflicts starting in 1982 ,it really pisses me off when I have the pompous attitude of the doo gooding Romans getting easy ammunition by the totall arseholes in our support!, sorry for swearing bill but that is what they are, I was ok watching until I heard the burley wife nonsense…!,,!!!! Are these people really so fuk kin stupid?? Or is it a deliberate act by outsiders?? Fuk king hang them bill and I truly mean that bill hang them ! There cavemen!! And before the Romans come on all sanctimonious forget it. Ur gb are worse trust me its just irish terrorist songs not so well known ,but my point is not who’s worst there both fuk kin idiots and jail the whole fuk kin lot of them it’s a football match FFs,,,I as a loyal rangers fan are telling all you cave men FUCK OFF and let my football team move on….same goes for the selling….get a grip of your cavemen too because they feed off each other,,,,I’m sick to death of you all

    • Calm down mate. Your heart is in the right place and you are very definitely in the vast vast majority. We are all sick of this degenerate minority.

    • I agree with you Ron31…..I really hope CG and the security people at Ibrox identify these stupid fuckin morons, and report them to the police, ……there even arguing about who startred such songs on RM…..sad sad Assholes we can do well without

  36. Thank you Bill, for writing a powerful piece that hopefully will dent a few heads today. Sadly, I think it will flow through the empty space, between the ears of those who chanted and cried inedible filth for all on TV.

    It was like an orchestrated suicide, when Tony Hamilton saw to it that the microphones were turned up at this game, and there were our own version of the Green Brigade, ready to oblige him and his ESPN paymasters.

    Surely they were the only Rangers supporters in the world, that realised that a trap has lay un-sprung all season, purely for us to fall into. It really is a case of one step forwards , two steps back with our fans.

    It’s precisely this type of stunt these morons, (and that’s the only way I can describe them, Bill), that has made me stock against reintroducing the Billy Boys. Not because I don’t think it’s a great song, because it is when edited to be non-sectarian; but because of these elements among us.

    I sincerely hope that Charles Green, is deadly serious in weeding this lot out of , not only Rangers games, but of every football match in Scotland. If he has the guts he will go hard on this, and maybe then, just maybe, the other lot will finally be shamed into dealing with their rogue squad.

    This week Rangers must fully address these clowns in their own way. Bring them into the stadium, tell them they are not welcome, circulate their identities throughout away grounds, and ban them for life.

    Life bans worked largely in England, where it had a dramatic effect, and should be enforced here. If Celtic wont lead the way, then that says more about their morals and standards. It has always been left to this club to lead the way, and we must do so again.

    I’m impressed with your historical grasp of theology, and sympathise with true Christians, who live their life for their faith. No, I’m not a Christian myself, but was brought up by a mother and father who were regular church -goers in their youth. Indeed, my Dad was very serious about his faith, before the death of his young cousin.

    This shook him to his core, and he lost faith in God. I have grown up respecting people for their faith, but have never wavered from my belief in the elegance of science, and the fundamental laws of physics.

    So no, I’m not a believer – but am a human being who has a sense of identity and belonging.

    Rangers is my identity, and Ibrox is where I belong.

    • It doesn’t matter that the volume was turned up. It matters that a group of own support would behave in such a manner and hurt my Rangers. They are scum and will do more harm than all the green brigade bloggers and tax men put together. See the real problem before it kills us.

      • I do see the real problem, and I condemned them for it forcefully. It’s above, in black and white.

        I was merely pointing out the bleedin’ obvious, which those who sung their hymns of hate can’t grasp – that there are shadows in media organisations ready to take advantage at every turn.

        This whole episode highlighted two things. One, that we have issues to address in our support with reference to certain songs and chants, that have nothing to do with football whatsoever. Secondly, despite us winning the FTTT, and the Rangers family rallying around the club, we are still in the sights, of a few deranged individuals working in the media. The issues go hand in hand, but they needn’t if we see the link beforehand.

        Firstly, we need to address those on Saturday, and ensure it doesn’t happen again. There is no point us burying this anymore, because it must be nipped in the bud by the club; but we must also attack this with a plan to be aware of every person in the media, who would seek to take advantage of this behaviour.

        These supporters think they are untouchable, or they don’t care. They are our achilles heel, and our enemies know it. There is no point in saying only one thing matters, because it doesn’t make the other exist.

  37. Well,thank you for the lesson on faith.
    It has always stuck in my craw when non believers try to drum into the rest that THEY are non believers. In my own Kirk are many who faithfully follow The Rangers and I certainly resent being told by anyone that to go to Ibrox and to follow our team and our hearts equals being a plastic proddy.
    Generalisations are rarely a valid form of evidence of a fact,but I believe that my own wee Kirk will not be the only one which plays host to followers of our team and I do know for a fact that I meet and greet many fellow Protestants at grounds all over while Follow,Following on.
    Reading your insulting words only made me feel sick to the pit of my stomach and all they did was to give our enemies another tool with which to damage our reputation.
    Have a wee word with yourself Bill.
    Thank you.

    • You have clearly misinterpreted my words – hopefully by mistake

      It is the non church-going “defenders” of the Protestant faith – the “Prodestants” – I am talking about

      A true Protestant is an adherent of the Protestant faith

      Not a plastic Proddie

  38. Excellent Bill, A spokesperson for Northumbria Police did say that the majority of fans did behave impeccably and a minority did not. That minority has not only let down our club but also their fellow Rangers fans. We are all aware of our recent trials and tribulations,with more to come and up to recently i was more than happy that we were united in the fight together.

    What you have said above needed saying and hopefully will be taken on board. I am a Protestant and a Unionist. But when at the game i wish to hear songs in support of my teams triumphs past and present players past and present. I am not an apologist nor a coward but if i felt the need to bear arms you would not hear me singing about it. We do not have freedom of speech we have freedom of expression through political channels.

  39. Well, if the Police are doing their job properly, there should be a few of those idiots getting the door chapped in the coming day, imagine the shame of losing your season book and perhaps your job, for singing something that you don’t really believe in………….. bonkers.

  40. Great article Bill, long may you continue. However I disagree with your main tenet. There is nothing ‘plastic’ about what the morons sang today. Your analysis of the tribalism would be beyond most of them, they are neanderthals, and sorry to stereotype, but as a Glaswegian born and bred, who worked in the NHS for 35 years I have met many who harbour the sentiments expressed yesterday at the match. I have no answer except to say that, those people have always been narrow minded and bigoted. I am convinced that attitude will remain for a further generation. But until the people who believe they have a right to flout the law, sing bigoted songs and put the club, they profess to support, to shame begin to accept that viewpoint is no longer acceptable the club will continue to be tarnished by them. Banning those who participated would be a start, but can they be identified? Would giving a ban to every supporter who attended from buying future tickets be acceptable if individual identification isn’t possible? I don’t know, but we do know this type of ‘nedish’ behaviour has to stop.
    Keep up the good work

      • Read below i am a Rangers season ticket holder but i am a realist bring back the billy boys but sing the words as they where i keep reading that the press will display Rangers in a negative way aren’t and haven’t they already been doing that for a number of years. These songs have never done us any harm this is just propoganda by the media in our troubles over the last 3-4 years other clubs have shown us support for example Hamburg love us and when we play a German team we are forever doing the dambuster song and imitating the aeroplanes do you here the Germans complaining about it?. Galatasaray supporters where calling us their brothers and wished us well there was plenty of support from England and the continent the only country offended by Rangers is this sad little back water country called Scotland and the media have a lot to do with that.

    • “frankie” this is not about one song
      this is about add ons to various songs
      so get lost and leave the billy boys alone
      – next –
      you`ll be targeting our follow follow anthem due to its add ons

      we need to eradicate the morons not ban songs which are mis – used

      • I am a Rangers season ticket holder GF6 and i think if the billy boys is brought back the add ons will be sung and i couldn’t care less its a song and only sad people with an agenda against Rangers would have a problem with it.

  41. For this reason Rangers fans and not a few real Irish people like to call these deluded folks “plastic Paddies” as they have no grasp of reality when it comes to what Ireland is actually like. Many of these plastic Paddies have never even been across the Irish Sea but identify more with dear old Oireland than their own nation of birth.

    However, there are also more than a few plastic Proddies out there who “contend for the faith” when they don’t practise it or could even tell you the first thing about it.

    How TRUE these words truly are !

    Most of these bafoons getting our Club into trouble or at the VERY LEAST giving US bad headlines know little or nothing about ANYTHING to do with protestantism…………… I even asked a few who had attacked myself on Rangers Media as to WHAT it meant to be protestant…. they didn’t know…. how SAD is that ???????????

    Such sad days we now live in…… a so called Gers fan who doesn’t even know what a protestant even IS….. I however was banned from same forum for sating what I felt…. too many hand-shakers I guess ? As opposed to Rangers Fans.

  42. Ban The Bigots………… THAT’S what the mission SHOULD be…. Ban The Idiots who draaaaaaaaaaaag our good name (built up over MANY a year) through the mire of this mhedia !

    as you NEVER EVER were real fans to begin with………….
    just bigots !

    • Sectarian bigots at that…………… shame on you as MANY will never even step inside ‘a church’ outwith a marriage,death or christening (which is another man – made thing) ….. shame on you ! Yet WANT to be called Protestant….. yer just heathen tbh.

  44. Bill
    Thanks for posting this as it really needs to be said and repeated until the message gets across to the numbnut Rangers supporters who sing that rubbish. Anyone who was at Berwick on Saturday and thought it was acceptable and being a Ranger to sing about Soldiers and the UDA and chanting that the ESPN co-commentator’s wife was a whore during a football match needs to take a long hard look at themselves. Do they have wives and/or daughters? Do they have any self respect. When it gets to the point where a national broadcaster like ESPN has to issue multiple apologies to their viewers about the foul language they may have heard it really is a very sad day. When our manager is confronted in a post match interview directly after the final whistle and is told about this and has to,very nobly, issue an apology for some of the supporters of his team’s behaviour it is time those who sang and chanted that garbage just stayed away.
    By doing that you will clear the way for respectable fans who know how to behave in public to take their place as real Rangers fans. Were those who were guilty of this rubbish not aware that they blacken the Rangers name by their behaviour? This was broadcast at lunch time on a Saturday when families around the country tuned in to watch The Rangers.
    No wonder Charles Green is disgusted having bust a gut to sell the good stuff about The Rangers since becoming Chairman. I have supported this club since 1959 and I desperately want our club to be respected and welcomed wherever we play. What happened today has set that back and the sizeable minority at Berwick on Saturday just need to realise that what they are doing is not supporting The Rangers.

    • Well said sir :)

      I like you was absolutely stunned and appalled. When a national broadcaster as you rightly say has to apologise to its viewers about the content of its broadcast due to areas beyond its control, not once but multiple times, its sad.

      This is not free speech or the right to express your self, its not about literal meanings of words either.

      Its about the context they were used in and the aim of the chant.

      I am not going to be a hypocrite in any way but saying i have never sung no pope of Rome or what’s that uniform or any other songs that reared their head yesterday. I did. but when they were proscribed and if i sung them in public i would be damaging the club i have followed from childhood. A club my family supported back to the turn of the century I left them behind as true followers of our club should. Who will these chants be directed at if we ever break from the Scottish league ???

      When support from certain areas turns into damage to the club do us a favour stay away rent a room in a pub get pissed and shout all you like at the tele.

      I Just cant fathom this or the way TBO and VB seem to think they have the right to make banners expressing obviously the head buck eejits views on banners.

      If i was CG I would find out who had tickets and refund their season ticket and advised them they are no longer welcome

      Put them in contact with the GB and they can set up a wee 5 a side league and snarl and chat their hatred to their hearts content

  45. very strong words indeed, aimed at the people who thoroughly deserve it. It is time, as a support, we grew up. Bigotry, Racism or any kind on intolerance, is no longer acceptable. Especially at a public venue. We all have our thoughts about the way things are going, it is better if we voice them in the appropriate places, a football stadium is not an appropriate place. I totally support your is time for all real Ranger’s supporters to stand up and be counted..

  46. Mr Green should be angered at what happened today and if he comes out and makes a statement to demonise those who were at it today all fair and well, but he must also come out and and defend those who are dragged through the press not just when his share option is taking a hit.

    • I HOPE he IS angered by the ‘diddies’ and their sad and bad and somewhat evil chanting…. they are NOT true Rangers fans…. this is our scum element that MUST be eradicated…. I HOPE Mr Green bans this lot for good !

    • Russ I understand your last point but until we can put our own house in order first, in this I include the boardroom fallout and any doubts we have in Charles Green, disagreement amongst our own fans as regarding Mike Ashley, etc., and standing together as a united support, only then can we go on the offensive against other teams and bodies in the Scottish Football Association.

    • Hi Russ, sorry but I have to defend Charles Green here. I attended a welcomed Fan’s Forum here in Melbourne last week, where Charles Green did in fact defend Ally McCoist when certain “so called Rangers fans wanted him sacked” I would also like to say that I am one of the Rangers Supporters who doubted Charles Green’s motives in buying The Rangers. But have to say that after last week, I am in no doubt whatsoever that Charles Green has deffinately been bitten by the Rangers bug, and has great intensions for our great club “watch this space”

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