Showing Bigotry The Red Card

A few new entires in the Scottish Football Hall of Shame today.

Celtic’s on-loan Bulgarian player Aleksandar Tonev has been banned for seven matches for using “offensive, insulting and abusive language of a racist nature”. The ban is in relation to an incident with Aberdeen’s Shay Logan. Tonev clearly is unaware of the inclusive culture at Parkhead so lauded by the faithful through and through…

… and so wondeffully exemplified by the seven Green Brigade members who are to stand trial next month charged with singing a pro-IRA song.

They are alleged to have behaved in a way “likely to incite public disorder” by singing Roll of Honour at Celtic Park.

Paul Duke, 38, Ross Gallagher, 30, Christopher Bateman, 29, David Gallacher, 23, Sean Cowden, 22, Kieran Duffy, 19, and Greg Robertson, 29, are  all charged with the offence which took place at several games involving the Parkhead club.

For a club which prides itself on being multi-cultural and inclusive, racist, sectarian and terrorist glorifying behaviour is surely unacceptable. The very least decent people could expect is life bans for any fan found guilty of such appalling conduct and the immediate removal of Tonev back to Aston Villa.

Rangers fans and other respectable people will not be shocked to see that Dundee United fans are not lagging behind when it comes to despicable behaviour. Today’s media is carrying the sickening story of Grant Bell, a Dundee United fan who has allegedly posted sick tweets on his Twitter account which poke fun at the Ibrox Disaster.

Bell is an apprentice at Michelin Tyre factory in Dundee and the firm has received dozens of calls asking for him to be axed. Police are also investigating the matter.

This is Scotland 2014 – a narrow-minded, bigoted and racist backwater. So much for all the bright new society the separatists were trumpeting during the referendum. It appears that what passes for inclusion, multi-culturalism and openness is really a cover for traitorous sentiments, racial and religious hate and republican sympathies.

This embracing and accepting of all seemingly only applies if you are not a Protestant, Unionist, Loyalist or supporter of the Glasgow Rangers.

I see that Jim Murphy has thrown his hat into the ring for the leadership of the Scottish Labour Party. Murphy claims he wants to bring Labour together and improve the country. He might make a start by addressing the anti-British sentiments raging in the breasts of many of his fellow Celtic fans – especially after he did such a grand job championing the British state during the referendum campaign. Tackling rampant republicanism and the sectarian hatred shown towards Scotland’s biggest and most successful football team would be the perfect way for Mr Murphy to bring unity.

His own extremely uncharitable remarks directed at the Orange Order during the referendum battle have not helped his healer of nations status. And he may also take note that those Orange men and women he slighted – many of whom are supporters of Rangers FC, as well as Labour supporters  – have not held his churlishness against him and commended his work on behalf of the Union, as well as pledging to vote for him at the next election.

The SNP’s so-called vision of a juster, fairer Scotland masked deep-seated racist and religious bigotry.

Perhaps Jim Murphy’s Labour Party can deliver such a Scotland by stamping out pro-republican terror glorification and the relentless hatred shown towards Rangers Football Club.

The reward just might be a Labour landslide – delivered by the hundreds of thousands of Rangers supporters.

One thing is for sure – ignoring the seething hatred and bigotry at Scotland’s rotten heart will not improve anything.