Time To Walk Away

I want to clarify something for readers of this blog, regular and otherwise.

Lately I have been very outspoken against Dave King and his ridiculous proposals for taking control at Ibrox. I don’t apologise for this but I do want to say that it has nothing to do with any personal issue with Dave King.

More importantly, I am not taking the stance I am on behalf of the incumbent Rangers board. Yes, I support the board for various reasons but my position on Dave King is not based on that.

In a nutshell, like many other bluenoises, I feel let down by Dave King.

Don’t get me wrong, I never had King pegged as a messiah figure, unlike a lot of Rangers fans. But I accepted the perceived persona of “Rangers man” in respect of King. I reasoned that he would always do what he could to help the club if required.

Sadly, King the legend is not the King of reality.

The reality of Dave King is that he is either unwiling or unable to buy his way into overall control of Rangers. I get that and I see no shame in it, either way. If King doesn’t have the funds, there is nothing to be ashamed about. And if he does have deep enough pockets but doesn’t want to dip into them, he has nothing to apologise for.

I think that is the stark reality of the situation – he can’t or won’t pony up to buy the club from existing shareholders.

No Rangers fan should castigate Dave King for that, either way.

The problem is how Dave King has proceeded from there. Rather than walk away in a dignified way from the table, he has decided to play dirtyand be a chiseller. His season ticket fund is dirty poker and ungentlemanly. Which says a lot about King’s character and starts to make people think about Justice Southwood’s withering character analysys of him.

I think King’s antics are a last throw of the dice before he retreats back to his life in South Africa. But he will leave behind him thousands of fans whose opinion of him has changed dramatically and others like the Union of Fantasists who will be left holding the ball with no sugar daddy to follow.

King, like Paul Murray before him, represents a return to the David Murray years and their vision of Rangers could be deemed SDM Lite. Both men are associated with the Murray years and neither has fared well in many supporters’ thinking due to that association. In particular, King’s constant claim he dropped 20 million under a regime he held directorial office in has only helped remind fans how careless he is with money. Not the best sales pitch for a man who wants fans to trust THEIR money with him.

My beef with King is not personal but comes from being disappointed that a man who claims to be a bluenose could put his ego before the club.

Dave King could have walked away with dignity, openly saying he was unable or unwilling to oust the shareholders by normal means i.e. buying them out. Only the most petty-minded would have taken issue with that.

Instead, he chose a path that at least is a nuisance to the club and at worst a serious impediment to progress, possibly even threatening Rangers’ existence.

I don’t expect Dave King to buy out the present shareholders if he is unable or unwilling to. And I don’t expect him to give Rangers a soft loan to prove his Rangers credentials – certainly not to appease fans or anyone else.

But I do expect him to act like the real Rangers man he is supposed to be and walk away with dignity.

It might seem to Dave King that he is between a rock and a hard place. But if so, it’s because he put himself there.

To add a little to those famous words:

When it’s for the good of Rangers, we do do walking away.